Best Straight Pins in 2020

SINGER 07051 Pearlized Head Straight Pins, Size 24, 120-Count, White Review:

These ARE the BEST straight pins I have ever owned/used! EVERY pin is perfect with NO flaws, no plastic/paint on needle, the needle tip is perfect/sharp on EVERY ONE! I am replacing ALL my straight pins with these! I have ordered 3 more packs! Thank you Singer! & Thank you Amazon for selling them!

Zealor 1000 Pieces Sewing Pins 38mm Glass Ball Head Pins for Dressmaking Jewelry Components Flower Decoration Review:

For this because I started sewing, kind of a hobby but a necessity to fix some of my scrubs that needed extra pockets.
• Needles: Plenty of them and good length. Downside, they are not the strongest needles. They easily bend but as I said, for the price and the amount, it’s still a great deal. Remember, needle tips get blunt after a while anyhow. It’s not like they are going to last you decades.
• Pin cushion: It’s a bit small but it will do.
• Measuring tape: It is actually well made. Numbers are legible and more than I expected.
• Seam ripper: Those are ok and sharp. It comes with two sizes. The metal part on the smaller one came off the plastic handle. It’s ok. Quick fix with super glue.

In summary:
It is a great but for the money. If you were to buy these at a local store you would probably pay 2 to 3 times more.

Pllieay 250 Pieces Sewing Pins 38mm Multicolor Glass Ball Head Pins Straight Quilting Pins Including Sewing Seam Ripper and Soft Tape Measure for Dressmaking Jewelry Components Flower Decoration Review:

The pin cushion is useless. It is so small. I do not know what a person would be able to do with it. I would suggest that a pin cushion not even be included in the kit because of my disappointment with the it. I would be happy with the rest of the kit and NO small useless pin cushion. One more thing, the pin cushion is small.

Color Scissor 250 Pieces Sewing Pins Ball Glass Head Pins Straight Quilting Pins For Dressmaker Jewelry Decoration Review:

Great sewing pins! Just like the ones I grew up learning how to sew with and the ones like my Grandma always used! They are very sharp..not full of tiny nicks like a lot of cheaper pins are. Not quite as long as a quilter's pin but longer than your usual sewing pins. They will work great for pinning patterns to fabric! I was very impressed with these pins and would definitely recommend them! They are of good quality & look like they will last a long time! I love to sew when I have good notions and these are good!❤

Sewing Pins - 1200-Piece Ball Head Pins, Straight Quilting Pins with Pearl Heads for Dressmaking, Jewelry, Sewing Projects, 100 Each of 12 Assorted Colors, 1.4 Inches Review:

I make diapers cakes and these were perfect for assembling items to the cake. I loved the colors to coordinate with the color schemes. I foolishly read the reviews AFTER purchasing and was very worried I would be disappointed, BUT they all came perfectly packaged and sharp enough to go through several layers of fabric (and diapers). Very pleased with the purchase and a steal for the price!

SINGER 07050 Pearlized Head Straight Pins, Size 20, 150-Count, Multicolor Review:

I got two packages of these pins and there were several flawed pins in each one. Some had no heads, some the head protruded through the pin so it was painful to try to insert them, and several were bent. Other than that they were just what I wanted for craft projects.

JoyFamily 200 Pieces Flat Button Head Pins Boxed for Sewing DIY Projects (Assorted Colors), Mixed Review:

These pins are awesome. My hands are somewhat crippled from arthritis. Using these pins allows me to sew and piece much more easily as I can flick them free from the fabric as opposed to having to unpin using fingers that don't cooperate! They are also much easier to spot on the floor when dropped.

Biging 600 Pieces 6 Color Sewing Pins 38mm Multicolor Glass Ball Head Pins with Sewing Seam Ripper and Soft Tape Measure for Dressmaking Jewelry Components Flower Decoration Review:

Just received this set today. Overall the price was decent but now that I have started opening items, I am not sure it is worth it. I had read reviews about the tomato and they were correct - the tomato is tiny (about the diameter of a half-dollar.... Looks like a bigger cherry tomato). I mainly ordered this for the pins. So far, I have only opened the dark blue but out of 100 pins, 4 were bent and 2 didn't have pointed tips! Not a good start! The set did not look like anyone else had opened it so I can only assume that they are poorly made and packaged. Other pins I have purchased always are straight and have nice, sharp points. Also most other pins I find in fabric stores are quite a bit longer. Sorry for the poor picture.