Best Stage Monitors in 2020

Samson RSXM10A - 800W 2-Way Active Stage Monitor Review:

I purchased two of these stage monitors for a stereo setup with my Line 6 Helix and they are super impressive.

They are articulate and very warm. The top end is not harsh and is not fatiguing; this aspect I like most with these speakers as they remind me of a real guitar combo amp. The sound is NOT dampened under heavy or fast attack nor do they sound compressed. Lots of headroom as well.

Weight is 27.66 lbs and light enough to carry to gigs. It is diminutive in size but at 800 watts, it delivers a lot of power.

I really enjoy these speakers but I wish the retail price was a little bit better. But then again, maybe Samson knows they have a gem here and priced it accordingly.

Yamaha DSR115 Active Loudspeaker Review:

Was using computer speakers as monitor for e-drums in my living room. But I could barely hear the (supposedly 1000W) speakers over the sticks hitting plastic. So I got one of these, hoping I would be louder than the sticks hitting plastic. Might have gone overboard in the other direction. Don't think this speaker was made to be put in a living room--it is a bit louder than I need.

Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor Amplifier Review:

I need to listen to my drummer's click track for a few specific songs. I would run a line with a splitter to him (I think he uses his iPhone w/ a metronome app) and took a regular set of cheap earphones and cut the right plug off so that I have a single plug that I put in my ear for the 3 or 4 songs that I need to be in lock step with him (I play keyboard). I always have my powered floor monitor on my left and put the ear plug into my left ear. I found it disconcerting and a little hard to hear my playing on those songs as I was plugging the ear on the same side as the monitor.

So, I found this little gem with it's 2 channels (1 quarter inch, 1 XLR) and am now able to use the THRU jack on my powered monitor to put my monitor mix into the headphone WITH the click and adjust balance on both!! Problem solved!!

ONE THING TO NOTE: I had to purchase an attenuator due to the level coming out of the powered speaker being line level (JBL Eon 610). The input on the Rolls is mic level and would clip no matter how low you set it. I was able to pick up a -20db attenuator for cheap on Ebay from a seller located in England. I think it was under $7 shipped. Don't spend $35 on a Shure -50db attenuator. At least not in this case. The cheap one works great.

JBL JRX215 Portable 15" 2-way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System Review:

Ok, so I'm a small scale DJ. I have no shame to call myself that. I trust the JBL brand for many years, and other than the pre-installed 2005 Prius speakers, they have never disappointed me.
At first I was given a pair of JBL tower speakers that were meant for home theater. It had a tweeter and a 12" sub. I was looking for some thump, and they delivered. However for a large school cafeteria, I needed MORE!!! Plus, they were hell to travel with due to the lack of handles, but they were doable...and I dropped one head first and the sub rattled when playing (fixed), so that got me to worry about later gigs.
In come these babies! I want my town to KNOW I want their business! I even bought an 18" subwoofer earlier to complement the first towers, and I thought what if I can lighten the load and have something with TWO 15" subs together.
Upon delivery, the Amazon deliveryman were looking pissed off at me when I opened the door and I saw these 2 big a$$ boxes, but one obliged to help me get them in my home.
These jokers are HEAVY!! I just stood there staring at them wondering how the hell am I going to move them for every gig. I opened one of them and was astonished over the sheer, massive size of this beast. Compared to the home theater tower, the JRX225 was not only taller, but deeper. I couldn't move it alone.
I have a hand truck and truck bed ramps, so that worked out with some effort. But I really recommend a partner to help.

Okay, longwinded, how do they sound? SPECTACULAR!

They are not hard to power. My mixer is very old and powers 2000 watts. I use the RCA out to the powered sub, 2 rear 1/4" wired to two stage speakers and 2 more rear 1/4" wired to my 2 new family members. The music tested are "The Furies" by Really Slow Motion and "Mantra" by Phaleh. Bass is a 10, highs are a 10 (give a listen to test your sounds). I was in the school cafeteria and everything was heard from far back. I think the area was about 2000 sqft, I dunno, maybe more.
There is a rumbling drone from behind, but from the front, everything sounded clean. The drone is bearable being on stage. The stage with the metal framing for curtains, lighting, and air conditioning were shaking!
I performed for the school's open house and I had a lot of compliments. However, the BEST moment was when I performed for a huge outdoor class reunion gathering. There were other DJs, mostly using 12" and 15" subs portable powered speakers, but I went all in with 5 weapons of mass ear destruction!!!😈
I overpowered all of them. The Djs were not happy. Now I have 5 scheduled gigs coming next month $$$...and 7 numbers from the ladies😉!

You want to be heard, get 2. One is good, but a pair will look good for an even display. The look of these things will convince any client that they can trust you.
YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE THESE ALONE! Get a hand truck and/or another pair of hands to get them in and out of your vehicle. I can not stress this enough. I plan to purchase some corner casters and a handle for easier mobility. I work alone.
No need for a lot of power, but ALWAYS have an amp just in case. A good 2000 watt mixer will do.
If the size and weight are intimidating, I recommend a pair of JBL EON 615s as they are not only powered and have bluetooth, but they are portable. They too sound GREAT. One had a blown tweeter and owning 2 was too expensive at the time so I returned them. Still love them though. They came used from a brick and mortar store.

That's about it, sorry for the long story, but I am too excited to share. You can't go wrong with these.

Presonus Eris-E3.5 Studio Monitors (Pair) with Full-Sized Headphones, Knox Gear Isolation Pads and Breakout Cable Review:

I bought these for my husband's home computer. He did have another brand, that brand starts with a B and ends with an S. It's sounds 10 times better. In regards to the head phones, they sounded better than the studio grade one's he used when he plays his drums.

Galaxy Audio TQ-6 Quest 6" Battery Operated Portable PA Speaker System Review:

Great quality speaker and very durable. Use it all the time for outdoor events. Easy to connect via bluetooth with phone. Sound quality is amazing. Also able to connect a microphone is an added extra feature that my daughter uses to practice voice lessons.
Will be purchasing another.

Audio2000'S AWM6308U UHF 100 Selectable Frequency Wireless In-Ear Monitor System with a PVC Carrying Case Review:

Great quality speaker and very durable. Use it all the time for outdoor events. Easy to connect via bluetooth with phone. Sound quality is amazing. Also able to connect a microphone is an added extra feature that my daughter uses to practice voice lessons.
Will be purchasing another.

Nady PM-100 Personal Near Field Monitor Review:

Won't blow anyone's mind with volume or quality, but this is a very inexpensive monitor. It does a nice job for the money. It would be unfair to compare with more expensive hardware. If you're in a very loud rock band, these probably will not fit the bill. But, for small group use or a singer/songwriter type of performance, you should get all you need.

Xtuga RW2080 in Ear Monitor System 2 Channel 2/4/6/8/10 Bodypack Monitoring with in Earphone Wireless SR2050 Type! (only Transmitter) Review:

This was a replacement for the original transmitter that seemed to have a "hum" that would follow the strum of the guitars and the bass. There may have been some loose connections inside the unit. When I requested a return approval the company got back with me immediately and I do mean immediately. They asked what they could do to make this right. All I wanted was a good system so when they asked if I would be willing to try a different transmitter I agreed. Within days the new unit arrived and it works as promised. I was so impressed with their customer service that I felt I just had to write this review. For the price point - this is a very good product and the company is A-1 in my book. All sellers should treat their customers this way!