Best Specialty Spoons in 2020

Mixing Spoon Stainless Steel Set of 2 Professional Cocktail Bar Tool (12 Inches) Japanese Style Teardrop End Design Review:

Love these!! I cannot believe I only bought these in 2019. I cannot believe I waited until my mid 30s to buy these long bar spoons/ice tea spoons. These make stirring crystal light (or other beverages) in a 30-32 oz yeti VERY easy!! I've also used them for bigger pitchers and they're pretty too. Lovee!!!

Hiware LZS13B 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Spiral Pattern Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon Review:

I have been having great success on the Keto diet (30 pounds lost so far, and energy levels like I haven't seen in years) and one thing I did to support this was to start making my own coffee creamer out of heavy cream and sugar-free flavorings. Down side is they tend to separate and have to be mixed, iced tea spoons were a bit too short for the container I mix them in, and was a pain having to clean a spatula all the time.

Wife did a search and found these spoons, they are perfect for what I need and they are easy to clean. Very glad she found them!

Delove Stainless Steel Cocktail Stirrers Reusable Beverage Coffee Stir Sticks Stirring Tea Spoon,Set of 4 (Sliver, 7.8-Inch) Review:

No more missing out on latte foam because the coffee shop doesn’t have stirrers! We love having our own permanent stirrers that we can take wherever we go! They fit in my purse, never break like wooden stirrers, and are beautifully designed to encircle the cup and extract every last drop—a terrific product! Five stars out of five!

Stainless Steel Creative Flower Coffee Spoon Soup Spoons Sugar Spoons, Ice-Cream Tea Stirring Spoons 4.8 Inches Retro Dessert Demitasse Espresso Spoons Cutlery Kitchen Tableware-Set of 12 Review:

I originally purchased these spoons as a housewarming gift (I love to have a few gifts on the side, so I don’t have to rush around the last minute in search of a hostess gift), but after seeing them, I decided that I was going to gift this gift to myself! These 12 spoons are adorable – I chose the gold leaf design. Perfect size length (almost 5 inches) with a substantial spoon size. I’m not sure if I would use it for iced tea, unless the glass was short, but these are great for dessert, demitasse, espresso, coffee stirrers, and – my favorite – ice cream. These dedicated spoons will allow me to always have a dozen for entertainment purposes – no more different spoons for dessert. Twelve is a perfect number to have! Not sure if these are dishwasher safe, so I’ll be washing these ‘by hand.’ Pretty, versatile, matching set of 12. Great buy!

Fred 3-2-1 LUNCH! Kids' Rocket Utensils, 2 Piece Set, small fork/spoon - 321L Review:

The Snack Rabbit will be a gift to my Grand Daughter (expected arrival May 23rd, 2017) when starts eating real food and feeding herself - can't wait to see the look on her face when she meets Snack Rabbit the first time

Brewing SYNCHKG011311 Spoon, Stainless Steel, 21-Inch Spoon Review:

What can I say, It's a spoon?. It certainly did its job though. I was able to get my liquid malt extract completely stirred in with no trace malt burnt to the bottom of the pot using a high power turkey fryer burner. This is a restaurant utensil. It's sturdy enough, and long enough to reach from the bottom to about an inch over the top of a stainless steel turkey fryer pot for stirring homebrew wort. If I needed to buy another one, I'd probably go for the 24" version to keep the end of the handle out of the steam - it gets a little warm boiling over five gallons, but no too hot to handle. Definitely worth the money.

Stir Sticks,BURLIHOME Reusable Coffee Mixing Spoons Stainless Steel Spherical Swizzle Sticks For Beverages/Hot Drink/Tea,Kitchen Party Picnic Supply,Gold Review:

My first order came with one broken. Customer service was amazing and I had a new set at my door within 2 days.
These are my favorite coffee stirrers by far! Super cute and stirs my drinks perfectly.
I do wish they were slightly cheaper although I would pay this price again because I love them!