Best RC Aircraft Landing Gear in 2020

EUDAX FPV Black Sponge Mat Landing Skid Pad Gear Anti-Vibration Shockproof Foam Sticky Tape for rc multirotor Quadcopter Racing Copter Drone Mini-Quad (60 Pcs) Review:

 I did not realize this was so many in the package haha, I used 8 so far (2 drones, 4 each) and they hold up in crashes. I think I'm set for a VERY LONG time with 60 lol.

YALOON Drone Landing Pad 21.65inch Portable Foldable Aircraft Launch Pad for RC Drones Helicopter, PVB Drones, DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 2/3/4/ Pro, Antel Robotic, 3DR Solo Landing Pad Review:

This launch pad works well enough the blue side didn't seem to work as well for precision landing however the orange side is great and my Mavic Air landing exactly at the take off point on it's own each time. I am unsure if the orange side is just more noticeable for the camera but I have not had any success thus far wit the blue side. It folds down very small so it will fit in a camera bag in addition to your gear. It is not small enough however to fit into the case that comes with the fly more combo for the mavic air and ill need to be carried separately. The material feels like nylon and it springs back out very easily when unfolded. My unit also came with reflective stickers and yellow spikes to pin it to the ground.

Arzroic DJI Mavic Air Landing Gear Leg Extensions Height Extender Accessories (1 Set) Review:

Don't think about flying your MA on the beach without these. While on vacation, I pushed a flight a little too far and had to do an emergency landing about 1000' away from the launch position. It landed safely, but in the sand. Soft, fluffy sand. A tiny grain of sand (or some debris) got into the camera gimbal and despite my best efforts, I was unable to get it out and the gimbal would not operate in one axis smoothly.

The drone was basically unusable for the remainder of my vacation. Was afraid I would have to sent it back to the factory but after I got home, I was able to dislodge the offending piece of sand and fortunately there was no permanent damage.

Now I won't fly anywhere without these legs. They're a little bit of a pain to put on and take off all the time, but with the gimbal so close to the ground on the MA, you really need protection in case you have to land somewhere unexpected.

Homga Drones Landing Pad Universal Waterproof D 75cm/30'' Portable Foldable Landing Pads for RC Drones Helicopter, PVB Drones, DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 2/3/4/ Pro, Antel Robotic, 3DR Solo (Landing pad) Review:

There are so many reasons to buy a portable landing pad for your drone. I'm not going to go into more than a couple here, just so you know why you need one.

First off, there's a lot of stuff that you don't want to get into your drone air intake or props: dirt, dust, debris, grass, leaves, you name it. Not everyone has the luxury of a clean take-off space, and sometimes, where you need to take off is the only option around.

Second, the downward facing cameras on modern drones will take pictures of the take-off point when it first ascends. If you want an accurate landing area, having a high-contrast pad is essential. Sometimes, certain patterns (grass, large low-contrast areas like pavement, parking lots, fields) can confuse these sensors, and throw off the RTH (return-to-home) landing point. If you're flying near water, do you really want your drone to accidentally land in the water? Probably not. This pad provides a little extra insurance, because the RTH is linked to the bright, high-contrast image of the pad itself and the "Circle-H" rather than a potentially-questionable surface otherwise. It also provides some leveling if it's a rocky or bumpy terrain. The underside of most drones these days have a whole assortment of sensitive instrumentation, not to mention props and motors that require a level surface for take-off, and a gimbal that requires space for its pre-flight range-of-motion checks.

So that's the "why" of it. But why should you buy this one?

Well, it's portable. I own a lot of photographic light reflectors of various sizes, and have used them for years. I've bought really expensive ones and really cheap ones. They usually get the job done. This is absolutely worth every penny quality-wise. They don't have to have a "reflector cover" because it's not a reflector, but it is reversible (orange on one side, blue on the other), and comes with the same style nylon case.

** Be careful opening the nylon case if this is your first time opening a pop-open reflector! **

I am fairly certain the first time I opened my first reflector years ago, the edge hit me in the face. Funny, yes, but please, avoid the carnage and mayhem. Take it carefully out, realizing that it will immediately unfold to three times the size in a split second. POP!

And that's the beauty of this take-off/landing pad: with a simple twist of your wrists, this folds back down into a very portable size, easy to throw in your bag, or the trunk of your car, but don't let the size of the packaging detract you: it's a very large pad.

In the pictures, they used a larger drone, and it somehow makes the pad look smaller in my eyes. IT'S NOT.

I own a Mavic Air, and it takes up a small fraction of the pad. Depending on the size of your SUAV, YMMV.

For surfaces like grass and dirt, there are three securing points around the pad, and the kit came with a trio of small, sturdy "tent peg" style pegs. You'll want to secure the pad in most cases, just because all copters produce wind when taking off, hovering and landing - it's just what they do.

So overall, I am very happy with this product, and in my testing, I'm very happy with having a large, high-contrast target for take-off, RTH visual location recording, and landing. Also, as an aside, if you're new to the hobby or a professional, it never hurts to practice your manual take-offs and landings. The new AI in these aircraft are awesome, but when something goes wrong - like a strong wind, or weird automated-guidance issues - sometimes you just need to take full manual control to safely fly back home and land. This pad provides a perfect "target" for practicing your landings. See if you can quickly center the craft and land in the center circle (or if your aircraft is larger, in the outer black ring).

So, would I buy this again? Absolutely. I think you could even own one of these for a portable pad, and keep another one secured to a landing area like they have "heliports" on the top of buildings, if you have a class you're teaching, or you want a safe place for take-offs and landings at home.

I think a lot of flying is psychology - being mentally and physically prepared before, during and after the flight. Having a bright, high-contrast reminder of the responsibility is a great mental anchor to put you in the right frame of mind, keeping safety in the forefront of your awareness before you press the take-off button.

Hope this helps!

KUUQA 5 Pcs Accessories Kits Compatible with Spark, Including 2 in 1 Propeller Guard with Foldable Landing Gear, Gimbal Camera Guard, Lens Hood, Finger Guard Board, Joystick Protecto Review:

I am really pleased with the quality of all of the 5 items in this kit. The camera and gimbal protector fits perfectly, isn't a pain to slide on or off and does an excellent job of protecting the camera. The prop guard/landing gear assemblies are also excellent at their respective jobs, they are well made, easy to use, and a really welcome addition-these should be included with the Spark in my opinion. I haven't tried the lens shade but it does snap in place easily and I can see how it could stop lens flare. I don't have a transmitter yet so I really can't comment on the joystick guards. Thanks for making such a well thought out and nicely executed product. I forgot to say earlier that the finger guards were a mystery to figure mounting on until I looked at the home page again, and they snap in securely and work better than expected. I am really impressed with this package!!!

Anbee Upgrade Heighten Landing Gear Feet Pack (Elastic Cushioning Structure Shock Absorb) for DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Drone Review:

I really enjoy the look and that these do an excellent job of keeping my drone out of the dirt and high grass near me. The suspension is fantastic and really does a well to give me a soft landing. I do have to say that flying with these on significantly reduces my reception range and so I am only going to be using them for normal/shorter range flights. I am totally able to fold my drone with these installed but the feet are all on one side when folded so the drone sits lopsided when this is done. Would buy them again!

Anbee Bebop 2 Height Extension Rubber Landing Gear / Feet Pack, Fits Parrot Bebop 2 / Bebop 2 FPV / Bebop 2 Adventurer Review:

Very happy with these. They will pop off if you crash, but honestly that also helps absorb the impact anyway.

The good:
1. Adds enough height for short grass - if you haven't mowed in a week you might have problems.
2. One of the only options that actually absorbs some of the impact rather than just transferring it.
3. Easy to install and remove, and easy to tell when they're secured.
4. Very portable so they'll fit in whatever storage container you have.
5. Extremely lightweight compared to other options, so minimal impact on battery life.
6. Very high quality product, nice feel to them.

The bad:
1. As mentioned they do pop off if you touch ground while moving horizontally, so careful not to lose them.
2. This wasn't exactly what I wanted but it's the closest I could find. Vertical shock absorption improved less than I hoped.

Overall, very happy with these.

Drones Landing Pad with LED Light for DJI MAVIC/SPARK/Phantom 3/Phantom 4PRO/PRO(Diameter70cm/27.6inch) Review:

This is a must have for anyone with a drone. I am not too worried about find where I am to land more so having a clean, dust, dirt and debris free area to take off from and land. No matter where you are you have to take into account how much take off stirs up and cause material to get inside your motors and case premature failure. I did have this happen on my first DJI Phantom 1 that I had to replace the motors on. After investing in a Mavic Air and Mavic Pro 2 I decided it would be best to use a landing pad.

The added bonus of the LED lights would help if I didn't have all the other telemetry with my drones. But I guess it could help with other lower end drones that don't come with the telemetry readings.

I is built as sturdy as my neutral gray and gray balance / reflectors I use for my camera and folds up just the same way. It makes is easy to store a tuck into a back pack.

All round worth the investment.

Eagle Pro Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad - Complete Edition - Flashing LED Lights Installed - Suitable for RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Drones, Syma Helicopters Review:

In addition to being almost indestructible (I stepped on it full-force), this helipad is essential for "situation" games with your Syma helicopters (which, after all, is why one buys the military versions at age 34). Sticking a landing with one of these becomes a much bigger high-five moment than using books. The customizable stickers add a personal touch for whatever pad you want to simulate--civilian hospital, field hospital, oil rig, aircraft carrier, airfield--all can be realistically depicted. Ground effect (prop wash affecting maneuverability and lift at low levels) is as much an issue for miniature copters as it is for the big ones, and I would only remind the buyer that the "legs" on this pad allow for realistic "ground effect" on a simulated oil rig or building platform, but are not exactly the best simulation of a flat surface. If one is OK with not having lights, not having the 9V battery underneath (which lasts forever and is easy-on-of) allows for a flat-on-the-ground placement, and is a better way to depict a flat LZ, such as an airfield--just don't push the legs all the way in if you want to be able to get them off. Lastly, however, for those windless days where you can fly the more powerful choppers outside (such as the Chinook from Syma), the legs helpfully lift the pad to the level of the grass, thus providing a more realistic "flat" surface on the lawn. There is a great review by an enthusiastic individual of all the available Syma military/rescue choppers on several of the choppers' pages--very accurate, and well worth reading before you buy. I am planning to write a similar review, so look for that.

CamKix Propeller & Remote Control Locking Kit Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum - RC Protector Locks The Position of Both Joysticks - Prop Locks Keep Blades in Fixed Position Review:

while the rc joystick bar works good i have a hard time with the propellers while trying to put it in my DJI carrying bag and occasionally the RC joystick bar will pop out in the bag

I would still recommend this if you're worried about your joysticks getting messed up