Best Photographic Storage Pages in 2022

Last update: January 6, 2023

BCW 2-Pocket Clear Protective Pages | Archival Safe Binder Pages 7-1/8" x 5-1/2" | 100-Count per Pack (1-Pack) Review:

These transparent protection papers are ideal for my needs. I needed to save over 100 ancient Victorian pictures of my family for future generations. I found these while I searched on Amazon for some acid-free, archival sheets. These sheets are strong and incredibly transparent. The papers fit neatly into a three-ring binder, and my cabinet photos fit perfectly on them. After inserting my images into the sleeves' pockets, I used a kitchen vacuum sealer to close them. Future generations should benefit from a careful preservation of these images. fantastic stuff

Print File 2x2-20B Archival Storage Page for 20 Slides - Pack of 25 - 050-0270 Review:

I bought two of these to store 800 slides after scanning and removing them from carousels. I couldn't be more content. Durable but light in weight. None of them tore as the slide was being inserted. The slides were rather simple to insert; all you had to do was start them off from one of their corners, straighten them up, and they would go in. Although I didn't test it, it doesn't appear like shaking the slides in the book would cause them to fall out. They are very much worth the money and will save you a ton of space if you're not going to utilize your carousels any longer (changing them to scanned photographs, for example). Significant space reductions You can reduce a box of carousals the size of a laundry basket to two enormous encyclopedia-sized books. Additionally, by holding the pages up to a light source, the slides may be seen in the pages. As I still need to go to the slides to find dates and other information, this will come in pretty handy.

Archival Photo Pages Holds Two 8 x 10" Prints, Pack of 25 Review:

Product is what it says it is. This was purchased for my 35mm prints, which I develop in a dark room. It keeps each print in place and prevents them from slipping out without making it difficult to insert them. Because plastic is so thick, it won't break if a corner of your prints gets stuck on the way in and will safeguard them. Very pleased overall and would order again when I run out!

Print File 120-4B Negative Preservers for 120 Film - 25 Pack Review:

The fact that these sleeves feature apertures on both the left and right side of the page makes them amazing. This is excellent if you have clipped part of your negatives and wish to scan them only for specific film images.The fact that the pages have various hole punches so they may fit into various albums is a minor bonus.The sole drawback is that they are only made to accommodate specific medium format negatives with dimensions of square 6x6 cm or larger. I had to use a conventional 4x6-inch print sleeve page to handle some of the larger negatives my grandparents had when organizing their medium format negatives because they were larger.Since I have already used this brand for 35mm film with the same advantages, I strongly suggest it for negatives.

BCW 2-Pocket Clear Protective Pages | Archival Safe Binder Pages 7-1/8" x 5-1/2" | 25-Count per Pack (1-Pack) Review:

strong plastic and sturdy seams. I'm happy I made this buy. When I purchase card sheets from Ultra Pro, I expect the kind of high-quality plastic that this is. I'm glad to see a different company upholding the same great standards.In order to construct an album for all the post cards, clipped advertisements, packaging, and other paper memorabilia I have in my Beauty and the Beast collection, I acquired a few different archival pages with varying sized pockets.View my other evaluations:10 pack of Avery Mixed Format Photo Pages that are acid-free (13401)Sheet protectors, heavy gauge, letter size, diamond clear, 25 per pack, Avery Secure Side-Load (76001)The 5x7 pockets are a good size, and the pieces of paper fit within without difficulty. However, I am a bit worried that if someone flips the book pages too quickly from the bottom, some objects in the top pocket might fall out. However, I would still purchase these.

Archival 120 Size Negative Pages Holds Three Strips of Four 6 x 6 Frames, Pack of 25 Review:

My Mamiya C220 TLR camera loads and shoots film in a way that causes the negatives to run down the film rather than across it (how it would be on a normal 35mm or rangefinder). When looking through my negative folders, these sheets let me quickly and easily see my slides and negatives in the right orientation. It also aids in producing contact sheets that are suitably aligned.The four negative cut produces negatives that will not fit in a conventional size film scanner, which is the only drawback when scanning your film. Although it's not a major issue, it is a minor inconvenience.However, these are fantastic. The drawbacks come and go as necessary.