Best Permanent Coffee Filters in 2020

NRP Screen Basket (Taller) 12-cup Permanent Coffee Filter Universal for Drip Coffeemaker Fits KitchenAid | | Capresso | Salton & MORE Review:

This fits my Breville coffee maker perfectly and, as far as i can tell, is identical in size and every other way to the one that came with the machine. It took me a while to find on Amazon. The Breville-brand replacement is ~$56. Shame on Breville for gouging its customers because they know how non-standard these filters are and how difficult it is to find a cheaper replacement.

Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper, Size 01, Black Review:

OMG!!! I have been trying for YEARS to brew a good cup of coffee at home. Nothing would ever match the strong flavor of a cup of drip coffee bought at Starbucks or Peets.... I've tried ALOT of single cup coffee makers over the years... None produced a satisfying cup of coffee. I recently purchased a Hamilton Beach 1 cup coffee maker. Nice design, but mediocre coffee. But... When reading the reviews for the Hamilton Beach maker, someone had a similar lackluster experience and recommended a Hario. I just got it today and made my first cup. Absolutely DELICIOUS... Using about as much coffee in the Hario as you would use in a Kuerig K-cup (~0.5 ounces), actually produces a too strong cup of coffee, and I like strong coffee.. SUPER easy to brew.
Prep wasn't too bad:
<> bring a cup of water to a boil in the microwave
<> put the Hario funnel on top of your coffee cup
<> insert the 01 paper filter
<> add ground coffee
<> using a swirling motion pour just enough hot water over the grounds to get them all wet.
<> wait 30 seconds, then continue to add water, just never let the water level in the paper cone get higher than the grounds. I used the pour-wait, pour-wait technique rather than trying to keep a continuous light stream of water into the cup. This gradual soak thru of the added water naturally paces your water pouring. Adding water about every 15seconds worked well. Again, as the water is poured with the swirl pattern, just make sure the water level does not go higher than the level of the grounds.

After boiling the water the whole brewing process takes about 2-3 minutes. This is a acceptable ritual for such GREAT cup of coffee... HIGHLY recommend. Cleanup is super easy too. No messy coffee grounds to deal with, they all go out with the filter... (and best yet, VERY "green" waste.) Who would ever of thought the Japanese could nail coffee brewing...

Organic Cotton Cold Brew Coffee Bags (2 Pack) - Super Fine Filter & Smart Drawstring Free Design for No Grounds or Silt - Safe to Boil Teas or Wort - Food Strainer for Nut Milks, Yogurt, Juice & More Review:

I absolutely love, love, love these coffee filter bags. It's all about the loop. Okay, not ALL about the loop ... but the loop is what sets these bags apart and makes this particular "cold brew coffee sock" the one to buy.

I have been making cold brew coffee for years. I started with a mason jar of water and coffee, which I then filtered through cheese cloth. Messy and inconvenient. I later switched to the Toddy cold brew system, which is much neater but is bulky and (to be honest) uses a sponge filter that kind of grosses me out with the perceived icky factor even though I boiled it after every use and then air dried it. These bags bring me back to my cold brew mason jar roots, but without the mess and inconvenience.

Why are these bags so great? 1) They filter out almost 100% of the silt. I have used other metal filters that still leave silty dregs in the bottom of your container. 2) They are super convenient. Just fill with coffee, run water through the bag, loop the loop, and lid the container. 3) The loop -- My neighbor has a bag with a drawstring. The drawstring is a pain in the patootie. That's why I held off so long on buying my own bag. Then I found these. Love the loop. 4) The entire system is easy and portable. This is great for traveling AND takes up much less room than my Toddy. I've totally switched to the bags even when I am at home. 5) The bags are super easy to clean. I just dump the coffee, rinse the bag, and hang to dry. Every time I do a load of laundry, I run the bag through the washer and dryer. I probably don't even need to do that, but it just seems like the sanitary thing to do, right?

We just got back from a week long beach vacation with extended family. I packed my two coffee filter bags, two wide mouth mason jars (for brewing), and two regular mason jars for storing. The bags and the cold brew were a hit. I made a fresh batch of cold brew every day and we went through the coffee as soon as I could make it. My in-laws are big fans of cold brew (from coffee shops) and had no idea that it was so easy to make. In a severe lapse of judgment on my part, I gave away my supplies and came home empty handed. "No, don't worry about it," I said. "I can just order another set on Amazon." Wrong! They are sold out. I guess I must wait patiently for them to be back in stock.

Kq8 Filter Kit for Keurig B150, K150, B155, K155, B155P, K155P, B200, K200, B3000, B3000se, K4000 by PureWater Filters Review:

One thing about this device I did not fully understand before I bought it is how it mounts on the back of the Keurig. It mounts with 2 screws for a perfect custom fit. It really is a great design. I added it to my K155 along with the direct plumbing kit. It took me less than an hour to get everything installed and plumbed into the water line behind my refrigerator. The instruction are easy to follow. A self filling coffee pot is a wonderful thing... now I need a "smart" Keurig that can be controlled by Alexa or Siri like everything else in my house...

RECAPS Aluminum Foil Lids to Reuse Coffee Capsules Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine 100 Pcs 62mm Review:

 THESE WORK FANTASTIC! You must, however learn how to use them properly. This includes the degree to which the coffee is gound, how much/tightly it is packed into the pod, etc. Once you have mastered this (only takes a couple trial and error)- you will find that the coffee you make in the pods is 10000x better than that total cr** that is in the manufactured nesspresso ones. So PLEASE, give this a shot and a few tries if the coffee isn't to your liking at first. It is a WORLD of difference in quality and taste at a fraction of the cost, while also having the added benefit of selection and ethics (because.. fyi nestle is pure evil!)
I included a video of this product, so one can see by the color of the coffee that it is perfectly matched to the nespresso pods. I don't normally go through such efforts as to including a video for a review, however this product not only deserves high praise and an accurate review, but it becomes especially important once the dark realities of the nestle company are learned. ( I will not go into detail about nestle it in this review, however suffice it to say that Nestle (R) will not ever again get a dime from me.) As consumers, we vote with our dollar. As we learn new things (for example human rights abuses and child exploitation), we can't simply turn a blind eye. Fortunately, you needn't need to throw away the previously purchased Nespresso virtuo machine- (cause let's face it.. the product is amazing) once you have added nestle to your boycott list. I have been reusing my old nespresso pods for MONTHS over and over and they still hold up great.
1. Pick a good coffee. I am a total fan now of Trader Joes Guatemalan Dark Organic and Certified Fair Trade for the machine/pods. I never favor a dark roast like this for a drip machine, however found switching to dark for the Nespresso really works at a great balance with the froth from the machine. It's superb.
2.GRIND is Everything! I had lots of trial and error when learning to what consistency the coffee needs to be. If you still have an old Nespresso pod that is unemptied, look at it while dry to find the perfect grind. Do not over grind the beans too fine as the coffee will come out diluted. Same goes for should you not grind them enough. If you have your own grinder, mess with what works a bit. I set mine in-between espresso and drip (closer to espresso but not full espresso nor super fine/French press).
3. Pack them appropriately. Again, balance is key and trial and error reaches mastery. You want it full and pressed, but not super pressed like you would pack an actual espresso machine.
4. Learn about nestle, the importance of only purchasing fair-trade always, and reducing waste by reusing every instance you can.
5. Buy something fun (and ethical) with all the money you save from not buying from nespresso.

I love my nespresso machine, but if you haven't yet purchased one yet- I recommend looking into other options that aren't nestle. ;) There are some other good ones out there too. My sister has a great one, i'll update which it is once I find the name :)

Thanks for reading and Café Diem! ;) ;)

Humbree Ceramic Coffee Dripper | Non Electric Pour Over Coffee Maker | For No. 2 or 4 Filters | Simple & Easy To Use Brewer | Straight To Cup or Pot Drip Brew Coffee | 2.5" Inside Diameter Review:

Okay, I did not want to spend this much money on a dripper, but I'm not sorry I purchased this one. It really has some heft to it, which I like. This is no wimpy ceramic dripper. I like that it has a little handle. I like that it sits comfortably and securely on my mug. It seems to contribute to making an excellent cup of coffee. This is one of those items you'll have for a long time since it looks and feels like it's made to last. I like that #2 or #4 filters can be used with it. In addition to all that, it's rather pretty. Nice high sheen finish. Very pleased. I also want to add, there is something very satisfying in making coffee this way. It's a no brainer using an electric drip coffee maker and I've been doing that off and on for years, however, I'm enjoying taking a little extra time to boil water and do this pour over by hand method. I get whole beans and grind myself; the ground coffee gets more saturated this way and it makes for a more full bodied delicious brew. I got myself a small white pour over gooseneck kettle, also purchased on Amazon, and it makes for a wonderful set. A little pricey together, but quite frankly, the coffee is great and the process in making it gratifying. A good purchase for sure!

Pour Over Coffee Dripper, Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Removable Dripper With Stand, Reusable Cone Dripper, 100% Paperless & Eco-Friendly, Works With Carafe Review:

I've been on the hunt for the best cup of coffee that finds the perfect balance between quality, flavor, time to brew, ease, and cost. Surprisingly, this pour over coffee dripper was the missing link I had been searching for and was the final piece to the puzzle for brewing my perfect cup of coffee every single day, quickly, easily and painlessly.

I'm the type of person that wakes up, takes a shower, and is out the door and on my way to work within 20 minutes of opening my eyes, 30 minutes if I'm moving a little slow that day. So, needles to say, making coffee in the morning ca be a bit of a struggle. Historically, I've settled for a pot of coffee set on a daily timer. While that has always worked well, it's never produced the flavorful cup of coffee I desire, and cleaning out the pot and tray in the evening while refilling it for the next mornings cup always felt like a chore.

With this metal pour over coffee dripper, combined with a decent coffee grinder and a quality electric kettle, all of my problems have been solved! Not only does this produce an absolutely delicious full-bodied cup of coffee, but it's so quick and easy to make, and even quicker and easier to clean. I simply decide how strong of a cup of coffee I want for the morning, toss it in the grinder, and then toss the grinds in to the filter. I turn on the water kettle and go take my morning shower. I usually turn the kettle back on as soon as I get out of the shower, which takes about 30 seconds to bring it back to a boil, and then I simply pour that over the filter, and next thing I know I've got the best cup of coffee in a matter of seconds! Not only that, but a quick 20 second rinse when I'm done is all it takes to clean the filter every day.

My one concern with this type of filter has been long term usage clogging it to the the point that it doesn't drip quick enough, but so far that hasn't been a problem (It's only been a month though). It did come with a cleaning brush, but I expect if it ever clogs from over-use, simply soaking it in vinegar overnight should solve the issue. Either way, for the price, if I can get 6 months to a year out of this, I will be absolutely thrilled. This really is a lovely cup of coffee and it really is so quick and easy that I won't even consider anything else at this point. I'll admit, there are other options that likely could produce an arguably "better" cup of coffee, but there's no way they can do so without a ton of effort, cleaning, or disposable supplies like paper filters or plastic keurig cups. This is the kind of simplicity but it certainly doesn't skimp on flavor!

If you are looking for a great cup of a coffee that is simple, easy, fast, and absolutely delicious, consider a reusable metal drip filter like this one, combined with a grinder, and a water kettle. That's really all you need!

NUOMI Flannel Cloth Coffee Filter Strainers with Steel Handle, 2 Pack Coffee Sock Review:

I take this filter whenever I'm traveling as I must have my cup of Joe every morning and I love to try the local coffees. This sock beats my grandmother's version, which is too long for a regular cup. I ended up giving away the second sock to my girlfriend who loved it too. An added value is that it's portable and reusable, therefore, I feel like I'm contributing a little bit to the local environmental footprint.

Stainless Steel Refillable Capsules Reusable Pods by RECAPS Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machine But Not All (1 Pod + 120 Seals) Review:

Product Used with Brevelle Creatista Plus Breville BNE800BSS Nespresso Creatista Plus, Silver
Coffee: World Market Amalfi Coast Espresso ground on espresso settings on my grinder.

I looked into the many varieties of refillable capsules, especially since the Nespresso brand is $.70+ each and I like to have two shots in my cappuccino. I chose this one because of the stainless steel capsules and the metal tamper. I did not trust the plastic ones, and from of the videos I have seen, you WANT the ones that use the stickers. I know you have to buy replacements, but the ones with reusable caps do not allow enough pressure to build up and you do not get as strong a coffee and do not get the nice creama.

I typically make cappuccinos, and the shot of espresso I receive tends to be as strong as the Nespresso brand with nice crema. I fill each capsule with about a scoop and a half of coffee, using the tamper to press it into the capsule. Do not overfill, you need to leave a little bit of space between the coffee and the lid. I then place one of the aluminum caps on the capsule and then tap it a few times to make sure it is not pressed in too tightly. So far, it produces nice espresso at a fraction of the cost with a brand I enjoy.

CONS: - You have to buy more lids when these run out.
- You have to prep your own coffee, cutting down on the convenience of the Nespresso machine.
- It takes a little bit to take the used lid off of the capsule, but it is easy to clean.

PRO: - Inexpensive refills - they pay for themselves
- Nice coffee with good crema
- You can use whatever coffee you like

Jura 71794 Claris Smart Filter, Pack of 3 Review:

Fantastic! I will repurchase next time!