Best Pen-Style Erasers in 2020

Tombow MONO Zero Pen-Style Eraser Refill Round Tip + Square Tip + 4 Refills (Silver Barrel) Review:

If you do fine, detailed drawings, you won't know what you ever did without these. Mono plastic erasers are the best, cleanest erasers on the market by a long shot. Definitely order a few of the chunky ones too, because they'll take out a whole area of pencil without leaving a trace or damaging the paper. The pen-style erasers are a level of insanity beyond even those: they're so good that they're drawing tools in and of themselves, not just drawing-removal tools. Want to delicately draw highlights on your pencil drawing? Need to put a glimmer on a few individual strands of hair? I've been using the round one for many years, but now the rectangular tip has proven indispensable as well, not only because it bridges the gap between a block eraser and a fine tip, but again for the actual shape of the highlight. It's like a negative chisel-tipped marker.

This is at least my fifth time buying these erasers, because I plant them in all my bags, pockets, and work spaces, lest I should need one when it's not there. Nothing else works.

Tombow MONO Zero Eraser, Round Tip, Retractable, Silver Barrel (Eraser with an extra refill (57305 and 57307)) Review:

This eraser pen becomes very handy when precision is required, in which a typical large eraser is just too clumsy and using an eraser shield is inadequate.

I use it mainly to erase penciled sketch lines after applying ink lines. A larger eraser becomes a liability as it results in pencil and ink lines to bleed too much. It is also handy when working with Scantron forms.

However, an eraser pen like this one does not replace its larger counterpart. Each type has its own niche.

Tombow 57317 MONO Zero Eraser Value Pack, Rectangle 2.5 mm. Precision Tip Eraser with Refills Review:

I've bought dozens of these to give to people doing Adult Coloring. This is the best eraser for getting into the small areas. The bigger erasers end up erasing stuff you don't want erased and then you have to go back and fix it!!! These erasers are the best you can buy and the Value Pack (4 pencil erasers with 2 extra refill erasers for each pencil eraser) all which last a long long time since you are erasing only what needs erasing, is by far the best way to go. They also sell just the refills, so they've got all covered. Now if the would manufacture their Sand Erasers in the pencil format it would be a better world!!! You know they are good when someone buys lots of them to give to friends because she thinks they should have one!!!!

Pentel ZE21BP3K6 Clic Eraser Pencil-Style Grip Eraser, Assorted colors(Pack of 3) Packaging may vary Review:

These ‘Mechanical erasers’ are truly one of the best inventions for anyone who requires precision erasing. The plastic housing contains an extendable, refillable eraser that slides out and can be retracted.

I received a pack of 3 blue eraser sticks (the color was random). The eraser is essentially a smaller version of the esteemed Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, and it barely smudges or leaves any ‘ghosts’ of erased words. Unfortunately, this eraser leaves a lot of residual shavings, which are annoying to clean up.

This eraser is also not as precise as the angularly-shaped mechanical erasers (like the Pentel tri-eraser), but it costs less, and refills for it are relatively easier to find. I tend to prefer angled mechanical erasers for detailed art, but this eraser will also work just fine.

Pros: Precise erasing, good quality eraser
Cons: lots of eraser shavings, not as precise as other mechanical erasers

Value Pack of 2 Tombow Mono Zero Erasers & 4 refills Review:

This is my favorite eraser for drawing and sketching. You can use it much like a pencil in order to "draw" in white (or technically the color of your paper), adding in highlights, etc. and when erasing unwanted pencil marks you can easily leave in the lines you want, or avoid smudging pen lines which haven't fully dried.

It works well with graphite, less well with charcoal. Works on anything normally erasable.

PRO TIP: if you maintain the habit of using the side for erasing, where possible, you can achieve and maintain a finer tip, much narrower than the 2.3mm width of the eraser.

The white eraser is soft enough to not damage the paper and the barrel fits closely, to help the tip remain fairly rigidly in place, allowing for great control. The body feels sturdy and is refillable, and I expect it to last quite some time; I've been using the same one for almost two years now.

Clic Eraser Grip Retractable Eraser with Grip Fashion Barrel Colors 3-Pk Review:

This clean-erasing eraser is great for my math homework and writing and is probably also good for artists.

Pros: -Erases clean and leaves no trace of pencil, even if you write firmly, like me
-Easy-to-use mechanism doesn't jam
-Fits in pencil pouches easily
-Unusually comfortable grip that isn't squishy

Cons: -If you extend the eraser out too much, the tip breaks off
-Eraser doesn't always follow slider

As you can see, there the pros outweigh the cons, but it is your call to decide whether this eraser if right for you. Another Pentel product I would recommend is the Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser. The large block eraser is a bit expensive, but definitely worth the quality.

Tombow 57306 MONO Zero Eraser, Rectangle, 1-Pack. Easy To Use Refillable Precision Tip Eraser Review:

Instantly Indispensable.
I have been looking at this eraser online for months if not years. It seemed like a bit of a luxury item when I already have a drawer full of erasers. I am an amateur artist who has recently gone back to graphite from colored pencils, and this eraser was a winner from the first few strokes. I prefer stick-style erasers, of course using the ubiquitous Pentel ClicEraser and the Sanford Tuff Stuff. I LOVE the Tuff Stuff for fine erasing, and didn't really think I needed anything finer, but I broke down and bought this because it simply looked cool. It really is a different tool, however, and I really despair of drawing without it. I got the rectangular tip one, which is great for superfine erasing in tight lines, allowing for great lightening effects and reflections in hair. It is a simple tool, with a simple purpose, but it does the job extremely well. Be sure to get some refills, though, because you don't want to be without them in a pinch!

Xeno Tri-II Retractable Click Eraser, Assorted Colors (4-Pack) Review:

These erasers have a triangular cross-section (both the barrel and the eraser itself) which makes it better for reaching into tight places. However with use, the sharp triangular corners get rounded off (see my before and after pic). But then the pointed central part gives a fair degree of precision. You can make the tip almost like new again by erasing straight down, or by cutting it off with a utility knife.

The eraser is a bit firmer than most other round click-erasers. Presumably because the corners would wear down too quickly if a softer material was used. I would prefer if it was a bit softer, but it's just right for HB pencils - the vast majority of pencils out there. It's much better and less scratchy than the built-in eraser on the end of most pencils, and pink latex erasers. You can buy refills.

I find the triangular barrel is comfortable to hold. The 4-color set I chose comes in 4 slightly glittery soft pastel 'Easter' colors. If you need true erasing precision, you could consider fine pen-style erasers like the Tombow 2.3mm.