Best Nintendo Switch Cables & Adapters in 2022

Last update: December 17, 2022

Can I charge my Switch with Iphone?

Can I charge my Switch without the dock?

Yes, you can charge your Switch without the dock. You can use the USB Type-C port on the Switch itself to charge the console. However, the dock is still the best way to charge the Switch, as it will charge the console faster.

Can I use my phone charger for Nintendo Switch?

It's a common question: can I use my phone charger for my Nintendo Switch? The answer is, unfortunately, no. Phone chargers use a different type of connector than the Switch, so they're not compatible. However, there are plenty of other options for charging your Switch. You can use the included AC adapter, or pick up a portable battery pack.

Can switches use USB adapters?

Yes, switches can use USB adapters. While most switches come with an Ethernet port, some also have a USB port. This allows you to connect a USB device, such as a printer or scanner, to the switch.

Switch Charger for Nintendo Switch - Type-C AC Adapter Fast Charging Portable Charger 15V/2.6A (Support TV Mode) Power Supply with 5 FT Thicken Cord Review:

We wanted a portable charger because my teens bring their Switch with them to friends' and their grandmother's homes. This charger was perfect for the job. It charges our sons' Switch just as quickly as the original charger, doesn't get hot like other "cheaper" chargers can, and functions great when travelling with the Switch. The length is acceptable overall, but I wish it were just a little bit longer. I think this can charge other electronics, but we didn't have anything to test it on at the moment, even though it worked well for the Switch. highly suggestable

AC Adapter Charger for Nintendo Switch, YCCTEAM Switch Charger AC Adapter Power Supply 15V 2.6A Fast Charging Kit for Switch Dock/Switch Lite and Pro Controller (Support TV Mode),Black Review:

I was a little worried when I first saw the box in person. I didn't see the difference until I actually saw the manufacturer's box in person since they made it look almost exactly like an official Nintendo-branded box.I needn't have worried; it works flawlessly. When you're not using it, it charges swiftly and even my Pixel 3 supports fast charging.Despite the trick, it seems to be functioning normally. I tested this with my most graphically demanding game, and it charges faster than the battery is depleted (Zelda botw).For the time being, I'll rate it a 5, and I'll maintain doing so as long as it continues to function well.

Switch Dock, ikedon Portable TV Docking Station Replacement for Nintendo Switch with HDMI and USB 3.0 Port Review:

My expectations were significantly exceeded by this gadget. There is only a little negative, which I will describe, despite the fact that this has many advantages.Since it is a USB-C dock, every feature operates as intended. The display/gaming mode and USB support are both faultless. The footprint is far smaller than the original dock, and the display won't be protected by a plastic barrier that could damage it.Although a little loud, the LED is a welcome addition to show dock connectivity.The only drawback is that it doesn't come with a charger or USB-C cable. Still, for the price, I think it's worth it. However, consumers should be sure to purchase an OEM or voltage/amperage compliant charger for the switch to avoid lengthy charging delays. I can suggest this to anyone who has a switch and has ever worried that docks would brick their device. Tested using the original launch day switch hardware and the most recent official firmware, 9.0.1. It's all good.

GuliKit Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch & Lite, PS4, PC; ROUTE Air Audio Transmitter with USB TypeC Port; Wirelessly Connect Device to Bluetooth Headset, Supports All Bluetooth Headphones; Black Review:

The older Guilikit Route Bluetooth adapter, which was a wonderful little gadget that made it simple to use my Bluetooth headphones with both my Nintendo Switch and a number of other USB devices, was what I was using at the time. It was fantastic to not have long wires connecting my Switch to anything while riding the train to work. Additionally, it featured a pass-through port so you could charge the Nintendo Switch while still using the dongle. The only thing I didn't like about it was that if I opted to rest the Switch against a table while I was playing, the USB connector on the Switch and the Route came under pressure and was prone to breaking.The more recent GuliKit Route Air, which greatly outperforms the earlier dongle with very few drawbacks, has just arrived. The Nintendo Switch's bottom is flush with the new, smaller form factor, which means it doesn't protrude as much as before. The dongle itself now features two A and B buttons that let you sync two headsets with it, along with four LED status lights that let you see how many devices are currently connected and which Bluetooth protocol is being used. It arrived with a USB C to USB A converter so you could connect it to your PC or any other USB-capable device, and it was packaged in a lovely plastic container. Additionally, it features a plastic plate that the dongle rests on to shield the USB C port whenever it isn't plugged in, preventing accidental damage if you keep it in a purse or case.Connecting the dongle and holding either the A or B button for 4 seconds while your headset is in pairing mode are the only two steps required to pair a device. Then it establishes a rapid connection and indicates whether it is using aptX Low Latency, aptX or SBC. Whenever I unplugged the Route Air and then plugged it back in, my headset would immediately reconnect, unlike with the Route Plus. On the Route , connecting might occasionally take a few seconds or even need re-syncing the headset. I was using a pair of Shure SE215-BT2 headphones and connecting to the Route Air using the aptX LL protocol. There was no latency between the game's action and the audio, which I thought was excellent.Depending on your requirements, you might view this as a drawback. Unfortunately, there isn't a USB pass-through so you may idly use your Bluetooth headphones and charge the Nintendo Switch due to its thinner form. This might not be a major deal for you if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite or one of the more recent models with better battery life. Additionally, this unit might not fit your Nintendo Switch completely depending on the case you're using. With my Switch, I typically use a full-size shell case. I was able to fit the Nintendo Switch inside with the dongle connected in, as you can see in the picture, but this isn't the best method to utilize it. You just need to make sure the case you're using has a notch big enough to put in the wider size because this isn't the device's fault. It could be extended via an adapter, but it would undermine the point of the dongle's minimal profile.I'm generally extremely happy with the GuliKit Route Air's quality and use and won't likely use anything else unless GuliKit updates the Route Air with a USB Pass-through charging connector. It's unfortunate that the Nintendo Switch doesn't support Bluetooth out of the box, but this is unquestionably a fantastic workaround.

8Bitdo Wireless Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch,Windows,Mac & Raspberry Pi with a OTG Cable Review:

What to expect: a simple and painless firmware update that requires a computer, along with one switchable Switch-compatible option. On the actual switch, there is a sticker that instructs you which menu item to change. Plan to take some time setting things up on your PC. Every time you connect this device to your PC, you must use a workaround, which I explain in more detail below. It immediately makes an ejection noise when you plug it into a PC; I assume this is normal, but it isn't mentioned anywhere. This gadget will seem as a Windows Xbox 360 controller.I had problems with this device right away. As an alternative to the $60 wireless PS4 PC receiver, I purchased it. It initially had no chance of pairing with my PS4 controller at all. In order to understand why, I had to check Reddit:-You must close Steam after starting your computer, reboot, and then plug in the adapter.Steam somehow interferes with this device's drivers.Having said that, all of my annoyances were caused by user error. Excellent instructions are provided for pairing and mapping each supported controller individually. Too bad I'm illiterate.Next, I'll list the pros and cons, omitting any features that are specifically listed as either positive or negative.PROS: -Amazing compatibility, wide use case, cute design, and actually works (eventually)CONS: -Troublesome PC setupDesign flaws, user workarounds (one user received a support email telling them to simply close Steam, so they are aware), and controller audio is not passed through. There is no audio pass through because this functions as an XBOX 360 controller, at least when using a PS4 controller with a PC. Given that it supports obscure features like SixAxis, Gyro, and other things, it's possible that it might on consoles.Conclusion: I believe the overall rating of 4 stars is appropriate for this product because, assuming it doesn't break, I will use it extensively. I am happy with my purchase once the tedious setup is complete and you are familiar with its quirks.Please feel free to ask any questions about using this adapter in the comments section of this review.

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter USB 2.0 to 10/100 Network RJ45 LAN Wired Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, MacBook, Chromebook, Windows 10, 8.1, Mac OS, Surface Pro, Linux ASIX AX88772 Chipset (Black) Review:

I own a Nintendo Wii from the first generation, but I haven't played it in years. I used a wireless USB D-Link adapter when I first bought it in 2006, and it seemed to function perfectly. That wifi adaptor no longer functions for whatever reason. I wanted to download a few games from the Wii Virtual Console Shop, but I was unable to access the internet. I discovered this USB adaptor when searching on Amazon. I plugged it in as soon as I received it, and presto! I was downloading Yoshi's Story for the N64 while also updating the Wii's software. Sweet.The box in which this tiny adapter is packaged is adorable. It comes with an instruction booklet with instructions in Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, Dutch, and English, though you won't need it because it is plug and play. It includes a 3.5-inch CD-ROM with drivers for the uncommon person who is still running a computer from the dinosaur era.It is plug and play, as was previously said. Nothing else needs to be done save plugging in your USB connection.Buy if:You want an internet hard line for your Wii/Wii-U, or your laptop, game console, or motherboard has a defective LAN connection.

Switch Charger for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Charger, AC Power Supply Adapter Compatible with Nintendo Switch, 15V/2.6A Support TV Mode, Fast Charger for Nintendo Switch Review:

To avoid having to unhook the Switch from the dock each time we take it somewhere, we required an extra charger. The same item can cost so much more even if it has the same specifications and features, as other people have also noted.I am impressed that this one has so many safety features and can withstand voltages up to 240V from other countries. It will be excellent to have that available if we ever need to transport it abroad. But I have nothing but positive things to say about how it is performing right now. We swapped the OEM charger on the dock with this one for a few days to test it, and we witnessed no difference in charging or game play. It charges the Switch just as quickly (although I think it was a little faster) as the OEM charger.I'm not sure if anyone else has observed this, but it appears that this charger can also charge standard gadgets that only need 5 volts of power and make use of the USB type-C connector. It might be confirmed by the manufacturer, but based on the specifications and label, it appears that way. Anyhow, at this point, that simply seems like a bonus.

MAYFLASH MAGIC-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter for NINTENDO SWITCH & PC, Supports Bluetooth controllers and Wired USB controllers with a OTG cable, Supports NEOGEO mini, PS Classic Review:

This is incredible! Now that I have a Nintendo Switch, my roommates can use their PS4 or Xbox One controllers. However, they only connect their controllers one at a time, so I might need to buy an additional adapter to allow them to connect both controllers simultaneously. You MUST UPDATE IT WHEN YOU FIRST GET IT. It now runs flawlessly following the upgrade. The mayflash website has the update available. Although I haven't yet encountered any problems with the adapter, I'll update this review if I do. Additionally, if you're having trouble using the A-B and X-Y swaps on Nintendo, you can simply hold down Start, Options, Menu, and Plus to switch them on your Xbox or PS4 controller. In this approach, the Xbox controller's A will correspond to A, B to B, and so on. For the PS4, this implies that X will represent a confirmation, O a cancellation, and so on. really practical With the Xbox Controller, Minecraft on the Switch feels perfect today.

USB Type C to HDMI Digital AV Multiport Hub, USB-C (USB3.1) Adapter PD Charger for Nintendo Switch,Portable 4K HDMI Dock for Samsung Dex Station S10/9/8/Note8/9/Tab S4/S5 Travel TV Docking Station Review:

The only switch small dock I've seen that actually lives up to its promise of full gamecube adapter compatibility. You need the switch charger if you're using it with your switch. Many individuals claim that other minidocks, even when linked to the original switch charger, were unable to support both hdmi output and gamecube controller at the same time. That issue is not present with this dock. I could utilize the gamecube adapter with full rumble support and play for hours with it. To anyone wishing to bring a dock with them for playing at various places, I would highly recommend this.The fact that there are only two USB ports may be the only downside for certain ardent Smash players. As a result, it is not possible to use a connected internet connection and the full gamecube controller support with rumble. This means that while I wouldn't use it as a complete replacement dock, it is not a problem at all if I'm carrying it around with my pocket projector and don't require the wired internet (wifi still works, so this is not a problem for individuals who just use wireless internet).Without an external power supply, you can use other devices, but doing so will quickly deplete the battery in your phone. I originally bought it for my switch, but I now now use it for my phone. It has greatly improved the convenience of watching media. Absolutely a recommendation.

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, & Raspberry Pi Review:

Revised May 2018Some of the problems I had with the device have been resolved as of version 1.15. To reflect the changes, the review has been updated.I have a Mayflash Nintendo Switch Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adapter that is comparable to this item. Since I own two computers, I made the decision to use the 8Bitdo adaptor this time.Everything partners smoothly and works flawlessly for what it supports.Advantages vs Mayflash Magic-NS-Supports the series of controllers from 8BitDo (multiple at once)Supports Wiimotes; $5 less expensive (as of writing)Cons in comparison to the Magic-NS -Only supports one Joy-Con at a time -It doesn't support connecting it to a PS3 (untested but not listed as supported)-Does not support wired passthrough, which is needed for pairing and adding a few extra controllers. -Cannot switch button mapping between XBOX and Nintendo mapping Switching the Magic-support) NS'sThe fact that the adapter only allows one joy-con at a time in the sideways position is what I was most upset to learn. Both the product page and the manual do not include this information. Due to the plural form of "Nintendo Switch Joy-cons" on the product page and the Mayflash one's proper support for twin Joy-Cons, I assumed that it operated with both at once.In all honesty, I'd recommend the Magic-NS above this because it supports more features while also having more advanced firmware. If 8Bitdo updates the firmware, my opinion might alter in the future.Revision 2/1It turns out that DInput is supported, and the instructions for switching into DInput mode have been updated. Lack of support has been eliminated as a drawback. This review will be updated as the firmware develops.Original benefits and drawbacksAdvantages of Mayflash Magic-NS -Supports the series of controllers from 8BitDoSupports Wiimotes; $5 less expensive (as of writing)Cons in comparison to the Magic-NS include: -Single Joy-Con mode only -Can't switch between XBOX and Nintendo button mapping -Can't be attached to a PS3 (untested but not listed as supported)Does not support wired passthrough and XBOX One Bluetooth controllers (used for both pairing and for allowing some extra controllers Switch support)

Can you charge Switch with any cable?

No, the Switch cannot be charged with just any old cable. The Switch uses a USB Type-C port for charging, and therefore requires a USB Type-C cable.

Can you use other adapters on Switch?

You can use other adapters on Switch, but they may not work as well as the official ones.

Do all switches have the same charger?

No, all switches do not have the same charger. Each switch has a different charger that is specific to that switch.

Do you need the original Switch charger?

If you've ever wondered whether you can use any old USB-C charger with the Nintendo Switch, the answer is yes and no. The Switch comes with a USB-C port for charging, and any USB-C charger should work just fine. However, Nintendo recommends using the official Switch charger that comes with the console for the best results. There are a few reasons for this. First, the official charger is rated for 15 watts of power, which is the ideal amount of power for charging the Switch. Second, the official charger is designed to work with the Switch's

Does any USB-C cable work with Nintendo Switch?

As of right now, the answer is no. The Nintendo Switch uses a custom USB-C connector that is not compatible with any other USB-C cables or devices.

How do I hook up my Nintendo Switch to my Smart TV?