Best PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headsets in 2020

PlayStation VR - Astro Bot Rescue Mission + Moss Bundle Review:

After all the praise the game received and having a little bit of curiosity in VR, I decided to make the jump given that this bundle includes two of the highest rated VR games and it was worth the price.

Regarding astro bot I have to say im super impressed, I was expecting some good platformer but what i got is one of the generations best, this game is the love child of mario galaxy and ape escape and a preview into what would a nintendo vr game be, the game is full of charm, color and great gameplay. Videos on youtube make no justice of the experience in VR,remember when you were a child and thought it would be great to be inside a game world? Astro bot makes that fantasy a reality, you are actually part of the world and the mechanic is used in some clever ways that you will be smiling all the way. I had what people call your "first VR moment" when I got to the first boss and saw a towering 50 foot gorilla in a way that looking in a non vr device would not have made the same impact or make it justice the scale was insane! I knew then that i was in for something really special.

Regarding the PSVR i have to say the setup is quite friendly and easy, after thet initial setup i can now easily set and remove from my ps4 with no hassle and the headset is quite confy even for a glasses wearing user like me. While I was interested in VR never looked to much into it because of the price entry, after playing astro bot im now highly interested in VR and im looking forward to future releases while looking for gems that i have missed. I highly recommend this bundle as a first entry into VR.

PSVR Aim Controller - PlayStation 4 Review:

Gonna start with the bad: this device is not supported by all PSVR titles. Ensure, if you are buying this for a specific game, that the game in question supports the Aim controller before you buy it.

Okay, now the good: literally everything else.

Light, easy to use, fast to charge, and durable, it is basically every button, d-pad, and trigger from a dual shock laid out into the generic long-gun format with a move ball on the end. It's the ideal hybrid for not just shooters, but really any first person game.

It's quite comfortable to hold, the weight makes it long-session friendly, and the input placements are super ergonomic.

The unit interacts crisply with the psvr system. It didn't induce and tearing, stutter, judder, or anything else.

I cant speak specifically to how each game implements its controls, however I will say that with Arizona Sunshine and Firewall Zero Hour it works flawlessly and the familiar controls made immersion almost immediate.

I have two Move controllers, which I do still love, that will be gathering dust whenever the Aim controller is supported.

Now if we can just get them to support a control scheme with this and a single move controller running at the same time...

PSVR Aim Controller Firewall Zero Hour Bundle - PlayStation VR Review:

I hate writing reviews, but this game is great and worth a try. If you are on the fence and have both PSVR and PS+ then this is a must buy. The community is great, devs appear to be listening to the playerbase. Gameplay is unparalleled, immersive and addicting.

With future patches inevitably fixing minor issues like host migration and party consolidation (sometimes it will take a bit to find a game if you party up with 4 people then queue for a game). AIM controller is sleek and well worth the investment with the bundle, I cannot imagine playing this with just a DS4 controller. The immersion is insane with the crazy angles you can naturally peek with the gun; I've found myself reaching over a balcony to blindfire fire at people below me.

Level progression is fine, a little grindy for my tastes but no microtransactions that give players a definite advantage. I'll take grinding over that. Weapons are very balanced --you could kill the entire team with the base kits and skill alone. I'm level 10 and haven't needed to buy a new weapon.

If I could make a bet, you will likely soon see this bundle replacing the DOOM VFR bundle around the holiday season. I believe this game is a PSVR system seller and with a little love down the road from developers with added game modes it would potentially create a new FPS empire a la CoD/R6.

AFAITH VR Stand, VR Headset Display Stand with Game Controller Holder for Oculus Rift S/Oculus Quest Headset and Other VR Headset Review:

This product is amazing! Lol it’s a great headset stand, seriously. It makes my Oculus Quest stand out in the room.

PlayStation VR - Borderlands 2 and Beat Saber Bundle Review:

VR is going to be exciting one day, and right now, this is by far the cheapest way to get started. If you already have a PS4 Pro, a high level of interest in Virtual Reality, and don't want to get a super-computer and set up VR sensor towers, this is a modestly priced bundle of really good games and everything you need to start your journey into VR.

If you don't have a PS4 Pro, or you have a computer that can handle other VR options, I'd go for those.

Virtual Reality itself is really cool at first. I'm excited to see what the future of VR becomes. For me, the excitement and novelty wore off fast. It's clear that the processing power and graphics speed required means that you'll have to make concessions and face limitations to what games can be. No doubt the PS5 or PSVR2 or whatever next-gen will exist will be super-cool, and I look forward to it.

Some games work well -- Beat Saber is a very fun rhythm game and I highly recommend it to those interested. It's great for people of all ages, as a pick-up-and-play party game, a fun fitness workout, or for serious players who want to challenge a leaderboard. The holodeck-like graphics aren't super-realistic, and it's okay. Borderlands 2 was originally released sans VR, and with cel-shaded 'stylized realism' it's not quite as immersive as one would hope for VR, but it remains a super fun game even with all the DLC taken out and the single-player only mode.

These types of concessions are, sadly, the norm in VR. Skyrim VR does come with all the DLC I believe and is the full experience but the games that weren't built for VR just aren't as immersive as those that were. And the ones that were tend to be short, almost demo-length games. Some, like The Invisible Hours I actually enjoy better outside VR mode.

A lot of gamers play League of Legends, a so-called MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), and I was excited to see Monolith was a MOBA game built for VR. But sadly, there are only 5 champions (right now), only one map, and it's a 2 lane, two-champions per team game. In other words, it's a lot of 1 on 1 duels with the weakest single player determining the losing team. It's none of what makes LoL so much fun.

Apart from Beat Saber, the only other must-play VR game for me right now was The Inpatient. Set loosely in the Until Dawn universe (another great non-VR game), you are an inpatient at a mental asylum with limited memory. This was the most immersive experience I've ever had and the atmosphere was fantastic. Immersive, narrative driven games with highly emotional content is where I see the future of VR. I'd like to see games similar to the Quantic Dreams games (Farenheit / Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Become Human) and DON'TNOD games (Life is Strange, Vampyr) come to VR. These sorts of personally emotional stories would be fantastic told from the first-person perspective in Virtual Reality.

Sadly, there's little of it just yet.

So, I'm glad I bought it, but it's still the early days of VR. We need people to adopt the technology in order to attract developers to spend money on top tier games. If you're interested in getting in on the ground floor, PSVR is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to experience what VR has to offer, and it's darn cool, for a while.

For most people, I think waiting 2-3 years makes sense.

PlayStation VR - Creed: Rise to Glory + Superhot Bundle Review:

Oooooooohhh Weeee buddy you're in for a nice treat! Prepare to enter The Matrix/ Oasis. This is soooooo much better than cellphone based vr (sorry GearVR, Oculus GO & Daydream). Buy on Amazon, be mature and join the free and very helpful & knowledgeable psvr community on reddit to see what this baby can really do.

This is the Elite/top tier package psvr. You get the most current and slightly redesigned /newest V2 PSVR with V2 Move controllers (Moves may need to be charged). EVERYTHING is included in the box to take in the full experience. This is the replacement to the top selling and beloved Skyrim psvr bundle. You should probably buy an extra micro usb cable or stand for charging, as Sony doesn't include extra cables.

In the box:
You get the psvr headset with built in mic. Processor unit, camera, mini stand, 2 Move motion controllers, games, all wires and manuals.

Hookup seems challenging, but it's really straight forward. Between the Ps4 and processor box runs 1 hdmi and 1 usb cable. Finally 1 hdmi cable runs from the processor box to the tv, then headset plugs into processor. Done.

You get Creed on disc, and a download code for Super Hot, and the PSVR Demo disc. Make sure to download and play Super Hot, it plays like a mix between John Wick and The Matrix and is highly rated. Both games are amazing, and will have you soaking in sweat, so keep a towel or wipes nearby.
Creed - has fun, fun multiplayer, so you can box other real psvr owners online, and trash talk. But try not to tea bag, or simulate masturbation over your opponent when he's knocked out lol, or get in his face and yell the Chris Tucker line from Friday - "You got knocked the #### out!". And don't get mad if a girl beats you. It's kind of realistic too, so you really get ego hurt. Expect to be sore and seriously winded if you are not in physical shape lol. Some have reported losing weight and improved stamina/reflexes/cardio from playing regularly (try with a fit-bit thingie).

There's too many good games to recommend, but every owner should experience the best:

Resident Evil 7, AstroBot Rescue Mission, Borderlands 2, Beat Saber, Farpoint WITH the Aim controller, Firewall Zero Hour/Aim bundle, Wipeout Omega Collection, Skyrim, Tetris Effect, The Persistence, Killing Floor Incursion, Batman, Rush of Blood, Dirt Rally with a force feedback steering wheel, Doom, etc.

The psvr also can play 3d blueray movies in full 3d within the headset, just insert disc in ps4 and hit play. Also, you can play your non-vr ps4 games in the headset on a huge virtual screen for more immersion but things are blurrier than on a tv obviously. You can also sideload a media app called Littlstar..I heard it allows your own personal collection of video files. (It can also play adult content in 4K -more about that on reddit as Sony doesn't allow that sort of thing).

Many will play straight out the box and will be blown away. Some may need to tinker in settings with ipd measurement for best image. Fiddle around with your setup, and get everything right. There's a guy on youtube called psvr Frank, he has a great calibration and setup video, as well as the latest psvr news, game reviews, etc and he's kid friendly.

If you attempt full locomotion games without getting your VR LEGS (acclimating first), you will get motion sickness (if you're susceptible to it). Start off with the smaller games and shooting gallery types, demos, etc. Work your way up to the full motion games. Try eating ginger products like candies, cookies, or even raw ginger and a fan blowing in the room to help with motion sickness. Stop immediately if it gets bad. Return when the feeling passes. Some people use Sea-bands, or dramamine.
Also enabling comfort options (usually forced by default per Sony), such as: blinders (black borders/vignette around your vision when turning), click- turning, and teleportation. These all help for beginners, but really kills immersion for the rest of us. People complaining about motion sickness is holding back the bigger experiences.

If you have internet, download Rec Room. It's a polished and totally FREE game/community experience that allows you to play in multiple activities (charades, lazer tag, battle royals, custom built mini games, etc) with tons of others online with cross play for free. It's similar to going to the coolest summer camp ever, and meeting cool people. You make friends by doing an actual fist bump or handshake with your avatar... so cool. Lots of kids love this one, be warned lol, but there is an age filter and mute button.

All other games you may want to play online with other players, require a PS Plus subscription. Worth it! You get quality Ps4 games and psvr games FREE every month with PS+ and you need it to play multiplayer in Creed.

The games are really getting good, now that psvr is at 2 years on the market. The playerbase is the largest of all major vr platforms, and you can mp cross-play with Oculus Rift and Vive players in some games like Star Trek Bridge Crew, Eve Valkyrie, Sparc, Rec Room, and more.

Some upcoming or new great games (AA to AAA level) are: MARVEL'S IRON MAN, NO MAN'S SKY, Dreams, Blood And Truth, Sairento, End Of The Beginning, and much more.

Ps4 Pro enhances the psvr experience a bit when devs release Pro patches. At minimum expect slightly sharper graphics and text, better draw distance, super sampling, Anti- Aliasing, along with improved lighting and shadows. As long as the Ps4 Slim is $299 msrp, I'd strongly recommend spending the extra for the Ps4 Pro (if funds allow it, and if jumping into Sony/vr for the 1st time).

Sony isn't putting analog sticks on the Move controllers, and they don't work with Ps3 accessories like gun holders, etc.

Tips for VR: Turn off hdcp and hdmi link in your ps4 (under settings then scroll down to system). And if you have a Pro, turn off Boost Mode, as well as Super Sampling which is under settings>sound & screen>video output settings. Leaving them on in vr will cause your vr to black out and some games won't be playable or might get stuck on the title screen.
Don't use rest mode, it causes weird glitches and unstable tracking in games.
Keep bright light, or reflective objects/clothing out of camera's view (causes drift and poor tracking).
Most games can be played seated (except the ones like included in the box).

Enough reading, buy on Amazon, join the enthusiastic psvr community on reddit, and demo this thing to as many people as possible. Then prepare to buy more games than your wallet can handle.
Also you should really watch the [PSVR Awards Show 1080p/60fps] on youtube. See what games you NEED to buy.