Best Wii U Cables in 2020

HD Retrovision Wii/Wii U Premium YPbPr Component Video Cable Review:

I've been getting back into playing games on Nintendo's Wii console lately, mostly because of the homebrew scene and how it's possible to run games off of a hard drive. I had a Wii console that I hadn't used in a long while, and I've come to enjoy the games I never got to play up until now.

Of course, I've been playing through component cables and a 480p signal since it's the best the Wii has to offer. However, the Monster brand cables that I was using were going bad. The image had some static if one looked closely enough, and periodically the picture began to drop out. If I was playing a game that required quick button presses, motions or stick movements this would be a problem.

Initially, I thought it was just the console. However, I happened to have more than one Wii and TV set. After swapping out Wiis and trying TV sets, I concluded that it was the cables going bad. I didn't want to put up with this, so I set out to find a solution.

Then HD Retrovision once again came to save the day. Specifically, it so happened that they had their own Wii component cables on the market. This, of course, was in response to giving Wii owners superior cables at a fair price compared to the rare and expensive genuine cables, and the cheap and poorly made unbranded or third party cables.

After ordering the cables, and waiting a little longer than expected due to Hurricane Dorian, they finally arrived and I installed them no problem. The results were almost immediate; the picture was crystal clear, and it never dropped out even once. I was effectively back to playing Wii games with cables that were better than the genuine and the third party brands combined.

Overall if you need some component cables for your Wii or even Wii U system that's worthwhile, HD Retrovision's cables fit the bill perfectly. They're light years beyond the third party cables, and even surpass the genuine Nintendo component cables, too. Hats off to HD Retrovision for another quality product.

ABLEWE Wii Component Cable,Component HD WII AV Cable to HDTV/EDTV for Nintendo Wii and Wii U Review:

We previously owned a tv that had the composite type connections with the yellow video and red and white audio. No one locally had this component cable. This one is exactly what we needed to get our Nintendo Wii connected to our new television. I do not know if this will work with a Wii U as the images would lead you to believe, or if it will work with anything other than the original Wii. But if you have an older Wii and need to connect it to a newer tv this cable will work perfectly. The only downside is the two red cables are not different in appearance like some other brands might be to denote audio and video, but they are apart from one another and are paired respectfully with their cable types. Being a flat cable makes this easier to determine without any other identifying marks on the connectors.

Extension Cables for Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition Controller, SENHAI 2 Pack 10ft / 3m Extending Cords for Super Nintendo Classic Edition Controller-2017 Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck Controller Review:

I’m sure you all know how short the cords are for the Nintendo classic controllers. I immediately knew i needed an extra long cord to be able to enjoy. After purchasing this cord I couldn’t be more satisfied! My family and I are enjoying the ability to play our Nintendo classic comfortably and not have to sit near the tv!

Tomee S-Video AV Cable for Wii U/ Wii Review:

Got these so I could use my Wii to stream on Twitch through S-Video. The cables work. Only 4 stars because the lack of shielding gave me some video noise out of the box where my systems plugged in next to it had no issues. They are all plugged into the back of an old pelican 5 in 1 out system selector.

I took some ferrites and stuck it on the cable right out from the connector going to the Wii, and then a ferrite onto the s-video cable and it cleaned it up pretty well.

TraderPlus 6ft Composite Audio Video AV RCA Cable Cord for Nintendo Wii / Wii U Review:

IF You Have a Wii U and an Old TV THIS IS THE WIRE YOU NEED. I had gotten another wire that was similar but was the wrong colors. THIS IS THE WORE YOU NEED IF YOUR TV HAS RED, WHITE AND YELLOW CONNECTOR PORTS. So Dont Get Any That Have Green Blue And Red Cause Those Are For Newer TVs And Though Theyll Work Everyrhing Will Be In Blk/Wht. The wires work great and Im playing all the games on my super old TV. If it aint broke dont replace it is my motto and these wires let me play my Wii U despite my TV being older.

Mosuch USB Charger Cable For Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Controller Review:

The internal battery of my Nintendo Wii U Gamepad needs to be recharged after about 3 hours of game play. The cable of the Nintendo charger is too short, and it is inconvenient to swap the charging cable between the Gamepad and its docking station. That's why I purchased this item (USB Charger Cable For Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Controller), so that I can recharge the Gamepad from any USB port.

The input of the Nintendo Gamepad is rated '4.75V 1.6A'. It is perfectly safe to power it from a standard 5V USB port using this cable. The actual charging current I measured (using the DROK Dual-USB Gauge) is under 0.8A. That means any USB charger rated for 1A or more will do the job.

For maximum portability, I prefer to recharge my Gamepad using a power bank such as the Jackery Bar. The Gamepad's internal battery has a capacity of 1500mAh. So an external 5600mAh power bank should provide 3x longer runtime, assuming 80% efficiency in power conversion.

There is, however, a discrepancy in cable length. The Amazon description says: 'Length: Approx 31.50"'. The actual cable I received is about 10 feet long, or nearly 4x the length. I have no problems with that. At least it is better than expecting a long cable but getting a short one.

Tomee Wii U Pro Controller Charge Cable, 12-Feet Review:

good stuff