Best Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Games in 2022

Last update: December 11, 2022

Are 2DS and 3DS discontinued?

As of right now, the 3DS and 2DS are still in production. However, there is no telling how long they will continue to be made for. It is entirely possible that they could be discontinued at any time.

Are Nintendo 3DS and 2DS the same?

The Nintendo 3DS and 2DS are two different handheld gaming consoles. The 3DS has stereoscopic 3D graphics capabilities, while the 2DS does not. The 3DS also has a slightly larger screen and a few other features that the 2DS lacks, such as a second analog control nub and an extra shoulder button.

Are Nintendo 3DS games compatible with 2DS?

No, Nintendo 3DS games are not compatible with 2DS.

Can a 2DS play normal DS games?

The 2DS can play both physical and digital DS games. However, DSiWare games can only be played on a 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS.

Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Review:

I still own my Nintendo 64 and this game, but as time has gone on, I've finding it less and less enjoyable to play. It's heartbreaking to see my favorite games become more and more unplayable in comparison to modern gaming, despite having a CRT in my basement for retro gaming. I chose this remake from a stack of games on my (new) New 3DS XL and found myself rapidly setting aside a number of other unfinished games (looking at you, Samus Returns) in order to play this through to the end. Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint, just like an old house that's still in excellent operating condition, and that's exactly what this game offers. Ocarina of Time's core gameplay mechanics are still fantastic, and being playable in brief portable bursts is ideal for this game—especially given how much smaller it feels now than it did when it first came out in 1998. Apart from the graphics, a few minor changes have been made to enhance the experience; however, my sole complaint is the update they omitted. I would have really welcomed it if the developers had abandoned the previous setup in which your location was reset each time the game was launched. Even if, as you advance, you learn songs that warp you to the overall location you desire, some time is still lost when a contemporary portable game should reload you at the last doorway you passed through, or use some other efficient approach. Still, a minor quibble. The controls for the game were excellent and seamless. The graphical overhaul accomplishes all of its goals without taking away from the game's unique charm. After playing this, I was quite eager to play Majora's Mask again. This is a suggested place to start if you haven't played any 3D Zelda games before.

Nintendo Selects: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D - Nintendo 3DS Review:

Since I haven't yet played this game, I can't really comment on the graphics or any modifications that have been made since the N64 version of the game was first released.I played this game on my N64 in 2000 and again on the Gamecube converted version, but I haven't played it in about ten years. There isn't a single Zelda game like this one, yet it's one of my favorite Zelda games.I adore how much simpler the three-day cycle will be now that I can simply shut off my 3DS rather than hunting down an owl statue to save, then hoping that my N64 won't decide to go on the fritz "oops, I unexpectedly became frozen. It appears that you just wasted six hours of your life. I'm sorry."Really looking forward to playing this game again!

Nintendo Selects: Super Mario 3D Land - 3DS Review:

A colorful, beautiful Mario adventure, and one that mixes old and new. The Tanooki suit returns, along with Fire Flower Mario from the old NES Super Mario, but mixed in are only *some* moves from Mario 64, Galaxy, Odyssey, etc - there is no triple jump or crouch jump, like Mario has had since 64. But there is a crouch, a long jump, wall jump, and from Odyssey, when Mario crouches, he can roll around very quickly. Additionally, you can hold

Nintendo Selects: Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS – Nintendo 3DS Review:

What else needs to be said? In fact, I'm a little surprised I enjoyed it so much considering that games of the "create your own _______" variety are typically not my cup of tea. Most likely as a result of their excessive complexity. That is the peculiarity of this game. A 3-year-old may start creating some levels because it is so simple to use. The Super Mario Challenge, which is essentially ordinary SMB, must be completed in order to obtain many of the building materials—roughly half of them. (SPOILER ALERT: MINOR) You can access a 19th world via CourseBot once you have collected 40 medals. You can access the final two items once you've finished that. This game is definitely worthwhile at $20. 5/5.

Wolf Link Amiibo Jp Model (The Legend of Zelda Series) Review:

Despite the fact that I have no prior experience with collectible figurines, my expectations were more than met considering that I was anticipating this to be a subpar piece of factory-painted plastic. It's durable enough for young children to play with (cue shocked gasps from everyone in the room, but really), attractive enough for adults to collect, and helpful enough in-game to make it an entirely worthy purchase.Although I'm thinking most players who purchase it are primarily interested in Breath of the Wild as I was, this amiibo is meant to function with a number of titles. Wolf Link, your canine friend in BotW, will battle alongside you while you hunt and look for shrines. If you also own the Wii U game Twilight Princess HD, though, you'll need to play through the Cave of Shadows to raise Wolf Link's heart count to a magnificent twenty. Otherwise, Wolf Link will only ever have three hearts. (Although I've heard you can give Wolf Link up to twenty hearts merely by linking it to the Twilight Princess game, I'm not sure whether that was a malfunction as I haven't heard it frequently enough for it to seem commonplace.)Wolf Link is still pretty awesome and helpful in the game, even with only three hearts. Given his low health, I was afraid he would perish right away, but he performs a nice job at avoiding attacks (though warning: he does get hit by friendly fire, so watch out for underfoot wolf). In order to improve his health, you can also feed him. However, after he's dead, you'll have to wait until the next day to bring him back. If you ever lose him in the wide emptiness of the landscape, you can scan your amiibo again to have him come back to you. He's also not the best person to have around if you want to sneak up on anything or snap pictures with animals because, supposedly, he likes to hunt (the chain around his paw makes a good bit of noise).Overall, this is a fantastic investment because it is risky to travel alone through the Hyrulean kingdom.

Nintendo Selects: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Nintendo 3DS Review:

This game is simply incredible! I was astonished because I had never heard of this franchise before and rarely play Nintendo video games. I hope Nintendo releases more and expands on this since it has the makings of an instant classic.The gameplay is easy enough for a kid to pick up, yet the problems are difficult enough that even adults would struggle with them. The following is true:1. You have a blow-and-suck vacuum gun (R1 and L1 respectively). Things like ghosts and rugs can be sucked up. Use this to move objects around the game world.2. You have two different kinds of flash lights—I believe they are labeled Y and A—a dark light and a bright light. They open doors and trigger nodes throughout the levels, revealing concealed objects. Additionally, these lights are utilized to show or startle ghosts, which you then capture.3. Every planet has around 5–10 levels, and each level has a primary goal. You can either take your time looking for hidden items scattered around the area or race through the stages, fulfilling the objective. You have the ability to engage with the environment in various ways. Water is buoyant, fire may melt things or burn them.4. Use your tools to interact with the environment, capture ghosts, and locate objects in order to advance through the game. Interestingly, this never gets boring because right after you finish one puzzle, another one begins and its possible that you won't immediately understand how everything fits together. The rooms need to be thoroughly studied, and you should experiment to see who responds to what stimuli. Don't let the game's cartoony and infantile aesthetic deceive you; the puzzles can actually be rather challenging, especially when ghosts are attempting to kill you.Even simply finishing the main mission requires hours of content in this game, not to add the multiplayer battles and "ghost fights." Anyone with a 3DS should play this game, which costs $20. By the way, the game's artistic design is fantastic and entertaining, the 3D effects are the best on the system, and Luigi interacts with everything from making amusing tiny facial expressions to singing the same tune as the background music.With this buy, I'm extremely happy.

Pokémon Ultra Sun - Nintendo 3DS Review:

Pokémon Ultra Moon, like Pokemon Black and White 2, is set in the same region as Pokemon Sun, Alola, but it has a different plot, new Pokemon to catch, and a few new features.The list of updates and additions is as follows:1. Necrozma, a legendary Pokémon, is heavily featured in the narrative. The Alolan Trails' main plot remains unchanged. With the exception of a few new structures, a new mini-island called Ultra Megalopolis, and a worm hole, the Alola map layout has not changed. If you played the first Sun/Moon, about 3/4 of the game will feel quite familiar to you in terms of plot.2. The Ultra Recon Squad and Team Rainbow Rocket are a new adversary group. You can compete against every team rocket leader from the earlier games, such as Lysandre (Pokémon X and Y) and Giovanni (Pokémon Red and Blue).3. UB Assembly, UB Burst, and UB Adhesive are three new Ultra Beasts.4. There are 8 trails instead of 7, with Mina serving as the 8th trail captain.5. Necrozma, a brand-new legendary Pokémon having Ultra, Dawn Wings, and Dusk Mane forms. By absorbing legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and/or Lunala, you can acquire the forms.6. Pikachu, the new partner. Simply a Pikachu wearing Ash's (? )hat. Lycanroc's new dusk form7. New Z-Moves Lycanroc Stormshards - Kommo-o Splintered SoulblazeSolgaleo and Dusk Mane in the scorching Sunraze Smash NecrozomaLunala and Dawn Wings in the menacing Moonraze Maelstrom NecrozmaMimikyu's Let's Snuggle Forever and Ultra Necrozma's Light That Burns the Sky8. Mega Stones are also coming back, but you must locate them.9. SOS combat. Now toned down, this time just 1 wild pokemon will call SOS Pokmeon, as opposed to unlimited calls before10. Players will have access to new outfit options.Battle Agency 11. Fight against arbitrary trainers using rented Pokemon. You acquire more uncommon rental Pokemon and prizes the more battles you win.Mantne Surf 12. You can play a minigame where you ride Mantne through the ocean waves and perform tricks to rack up points as you quickly go between islands. Your score will determine your rewards.Ultra Wormhole 13. In a manner similar to Mantne Surf, you play a mini-game (fly through rings) to get to the Ultra Space, where the deeper you descend, the more rare/legendary Pokemon you fight and gather. If you own both games, you can practically obtain all legendaries from previous generations in this game (list provided later on)Alola Photo Club, 14. Take pictures of your pokemon, then embellish them with borders and stamps that you can unlock as you submit more pictures.Totem Stickers 15. In the original games, collecting Zygard Cells was replaced. You can exchange them for Totem Pokemon by collecting them.16. Mind Blown, a new Fire-type move. found out by UB Burst.Photon Geyser: A move of a psychic naturePlasma Fists: A move of the electric type. discovered by ZeraorRoto-Loto 17. You may now make friends with Rotom in your pokedex, and unlocking items for your Pokemon lets you enhance stats like experience gain, friendship, prize money from battles with trainers, egg hatching speed, and the ability to perform Z-move twice in combat, among other things.Pokemon variations between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 18. There aren't any new alolan forms, but those from the original are still around. The following is a list of unique Pokemon found in each:Pokemon that are Ultra Sun-exclusiveVulpix AlolanRampardos, Alolan Ninetales, Houndour, and HoundoomCottoneesWhimsicottRuffled Tirtouga Carracosta Braviary Lurantis (Totem-sized)PassimiansTurtonator-Exclusive Legendaries of the Ultra SunHo-ohsRaikouGroudonLatiossDialgasHeatransReshiramBuzzwole Tornadus Xerneas Kartana Dusk Mane NecrozmaUB-BurstPokemon Ultra Moon exclusivesSandshrew, AlolanAlolan Sandslash, Electric Manectric Shieldon, Petilil Lilligant, Archen, Archeops, Mandibuzz, and SalazzleOrangurusDrampaExclusive to the Ultra Moon, legendariesDawn Wings Necrozma UB-Assembly Lugia Entei Kyogre Latias Palkia Regigigas Zekrom Thundurus Yveltal Lunala Pheromosa Celesteela19. Additional to the previously mentioned Pokemon:StakatakasBlacephalonsPoipolesNaganadelsZeraoraI sincerely hope that the list of changes aids you in your purchase choice. Please add any additional information you discover in the comments.I'll now repost my initial assessment of Pokemon Sun:Changes include:1. No HMsYou are no longer required to transport a HM slave. 2. Is it very efficient?No conventional gyms

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey Review:

One of the best Nintendo DS games was Bowser's Inside Story, so it's amazing that Nintendo rebuilt and improved it for the 3DS. Unfortunately, it lacks 3D visuals, but it does have improved graphics that make it look more professional, and the speed has been changed so that it runs slower but more smoothly. The slowing applies to some enemy assaults as well, making it considerably simpler to avoid them and lowering the overall difficulty of the game.Additionally, there has been some lessening of the challenge. Although there is a "easy mode" in the options menu, the original version's limited window of opportunity made it difficult to consistently land excellent attacks, such as with the hammer or some bros attacks. However, in this version, the window has been slightly extended, making it possible to consistently land excellent attacks. Additionally, Bowser's minions' assaults are affected by this, making it much simpler, for instance, to launch every Goomba and get gold ranking in the massage parlor.The irritating elements are still present. Due to the little damage delivered outside of Bros Assaults, but easily evaded enemy attacks, battles with Mario

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth - Nintendo 3DS Review:

I'm just halfway through the third stratum/dungeon, so I haven't completed the game yet, but from what I've seen so far, it seems amazing!Pros: -New customization options, including the ability to reposition map symbols, -Basic and Advanced modes. -Updated map system with lots of colors. I've just tried the Advanced mode, but I can tell you that it's incredibly difficult.-Compared to past games in the series, this one's soundtrack has more jazzy music and makes heavy use of the saxophone. It's enjoyable to listen to and quite catchy.-Updated forging system in which you enhance weapons with materials and/or ingots rather than hunting down and gathering forge hammers.-Interesting tasks -Numerous unique events dispersed across the strata, which, based on your choices, might have a range of positive or negative repercussions and from which you can get experience. There are more than in earlier games, and they also place a greater emphasis on player choice.You can now modify the skin tone, eye color, hair color, and even the voice of your character. Additionally, each character has a different character portrait in addition to certain "generic portraits" for each race. There are many alternatives, which is incredibly enjoyable.-A new skill system with basic and race skills that may take some getting used to. You can obtain master titles later on in the game, which give you access to more sophisticated skills. Each class has two titles or specialties, which allows for even greater party customization.-The third and front row of the battle system, which contains three rows, is utilized for different summons based on the class using them (and if you have that class in your party).Cons: I was a little upset that there was no overworld like in Etrian Odyssey 3 and 4.-A single dungeon with several strata, and similar to the previous con, earlier games.The mini-dungeons in Etrian Odyssey IV were a nice addition, but they were part of the overworld, something this game lacks. As a throwback to earlier RPGs while incorporating new features, I will argue that this game does that on purpose.-Some character designs are more overtly fanservice-y, which can be unsettling at times (in my opinion).When spending skill points, the voices can be grating because they repeatedly say the same thing. Fortunately, there is a way to play without them.-Sadly, the forging mechanism eliminates the option to add effects to weapons, such as poison or STR (strength) - Some foes are obviously more difficult to defeat than others. You might need to grind for a certain adversary in advanced mode (unless you're extremely strong at this game, of course), but I didn't find this to be a huge problem. In essence, Advanced mode occasionally seems inhumane.Despite the fact that there are quite a few drawbacks listed here, I think the advantages outweigh the drawbacks because I really enjoy the game. But just in case they are a deal breaker for anybody, I wanted to share my personal complaints about the game.

LEGO Jurassic World - Nintendo 3DS Review:

My 8-year-old son used his birthday money to purchase this game after seeing the original Jurassic Park movie and Jurassic World, and he has so far thoroughly loved playing it. Bright and of the same high caliber as you would expect from a LEGO game, the graphics are excellent. Without any adult assistance, my son was able to complete this game, which is wonderful because I have no idea how to play video games. My son also enjoyed seeing all the movie characters from the game. I would advise a kid to play this game.

Can you connect a 3DS to a TV?

Yes, you can connect a 3DS to a TV. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on the model of 3DS that you have. The most common way is to use the 3DS's built-in HDMI port. You can also use a special cable that connects the 3DS's headphone jack to the TV's audio input.

Can you connect a 3DS to Switch?

Yes, you can connect a 3DS to Switch. You can use the 3DS as a controller, and you can also transfer data between the two consoles.

Can you play 2DS and 3DS games on switch?

The short answer is no, you cannot play 2DS or 3DS games on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch uses completely different hardware than the 2DS and 3DS, so it is not compatible with their games.

Did they stop making DS games?

As of right now, Nintendo has no plans to stop making DS games. They are still one of their most popular systems, and there are still many people who enjoy playing them. Nintendo is always looking for ways to improve their systems and make them more enjoyable for their fans, so it is unlikely that they will stop making DS games anytime soon.

Do all 3DS games work on 2DS XL?

No, not all 3DS games work on 2DS XL. The 2DS XL is only compatible with Nintendo 3DS and 2DS software that is labeled “for Nintendo 2DS/3DS XL” on the packaging.

Do they still make 3DS games 2022?

In 2022, Nintendo will still be making 3DS games. The 3DS has a strong library of existing titles, and Nintendo has shown a continued commitment to supporting the platform with new releases. In the past year, Nintendo has released several high-profile 3DS games, including Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Luigi's Mansion 3. It's likely that Nintendo will continue to support the 3DS in the future, with a mix of first-party and third-party releases.