Best Meatless Meatballs, Chunks & Crumbles in 2022

Last update: November 27, 2022

Loma Linda - Plant-Based - Vege Burger (19 oz.) (Pack of 12) - Kosher Review:

When you take it out of the can, the texture is just like ground beef that has previously been browned. I was shocked to my core. Additionally, the can is quite tightly packed, so you receive more than a pound for your money. Consider how much ground beef would actually be left after browning a pound that you purchased. This weighs a bit more than a pound, and since you are only heating it, you don't lose any weight during cooking. My husband is a true carnivore, as I've mentioned in previous writings, and I believe he has a fear of the color green. For us, the Vege-Burger is ideal. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt there are many other couples where the vegetarian married the carnivore. But that's us. He has enjoyed this in both enchiladas and spaghetti with "meat" sauce. He was shocked both times when I told him it wasn't actual meat. I did heed the recommendation of the lone reviewer who advised seasoning the food. Although I did season it beforehand, it's still not too awful without it.

Loma Linda - Plant-Based - Vegetarian Burger (20 oz.) (Pack of 12) - Kosher Review:

This is something I enjoy using as much as Vege-Burger. Even after 12 years of consuming Loma Linda canned foods as a non-vegetarian, I still struggle to discern the difference between this and ground beef or turkey when it's cooked in meals. Excellent as patties or in soups, stews, and spaghetti sauce. Who cares if I can tell the difference between patties? Even though I no longer use extra salt, it's still extremely good when seasoned similarly to how I season meat-containing recipes. Plus, using less salt overall is better for my health. Two of my older (silver haired) friends have been making their favorite soups for years now—one makes taco soup and the other enchilada soup—after I finally persuaded them to TRY it, just ONCE. Funny how the husband and one adult child still don't know that their favorite soup doesn't contain any meat! There are many uses for this product, and for me, its versatility in large recipes more than makes up for its price (stews and sauces).

Mother Earth Products Textured Vegetable Protein Chicken Bits, Quart Jar, 12oz Review:

because it's challenging to encourage your family to eat enough vegetables.Some individuals adore vegetables. Getting enough vegetables into my family's diet presents a challenge for me.Fresh spinach was snuck into their food, but it was a complete flop. Particularly my husband will take the time to remove the bits of the sandwich that I attempted to bury with lettuce.The best thing about using dried spinach is that when I do, folks just believe that I used too much parsley. It makes it really simple to add everything. I've included it in burgers, soups, and even those Velveeta hamburger helper things. I haven't received any complaints yet.I adore the item. It is incredibly simple to use and has a natural, fresh flavour.I typically simply add a few Tablespoons here and there because if you add too much, you can taste it. According to the packaging, 1 cup reconstituted from 1/2 cup dried. I found it a little hazy as to what would truly constitute a serving in accordance with the FDA recommendations for veggie portions.The FDA defines a serving of fresh spinach as 1 cup, yet fresh spinach is fluffy. One cup of fresh spinach has 7 calories, but one cup of cooked spinach has roughly 40. Therefore, I calculate how much of this would theoretically equal a portion of veggies using those rules. According to the label, the entire jar contains 350 calories.I believe that even a small amount helps, even if you can't sneak in a full dish.

Loma Linda - Plant-Based - Chili (20 oz.) – Kosher Review:

This is a great vegetarian chili (especially if you, like me, are soy intolerant and need gluten-based meat substitute). Best of all, Loma Linda appears to realize that while it's incredibly simple to add more heat if desired, you CANNOT take spices out of something that is too spicy to consume, unlike some other brands I could name (Primal Strips, I'm shooting you a bad look right now). Some of us who follow strict vegetarian diets are VERY sensitive to spices, however this chili is in no way spicy. (For those who claim that it is uninteresting, I have a straightforward answer for you. Purchase a packet of chili seasoning for $1 from Walmart and ADD IT TO YOUR CHILLI! It's doable for a five-year-old. It's not difficult. However, if Loma Linda "spiced up" their chili, individuals like myself wouldn't be able to consume it at all.)In summary, chili is great for persons with special needs and may be used in a variety of ways, including "Frito Pies," "chili dogs," "chili sandwiches," and simply eating it on its own. Another outstanding vegetarian recommendation from Loma Linda:

Loma Linda Blue - Plant-Based - Five Bean Chili (15 oz.) - Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Review:

When I first opened the can, I was a little reflective. Although it had a wonderful scent, the texture was clumpy. I had no idea that cooking is necessary to achieve the desired results. The chili then developed a satisfying texture. The flavor was still excellent. Would purchase again

Dixie Diners' Club - Beef (Not!) Ground (1 lb bag) Review:

I revised my previous rating, which is below, to remove a star for the excessive amount of powder in the bag. I'm not sure whether that can be rectified, but in my opinion it somewhat detracts from the meat sensation. The item is still excellent and fulfills its promise. One more thing: I advise using Orrington Farms Vegan Beef Broth Base if you want that meat flavor. Although it wouldn't fool a meat eater, it tastes remarkably like meat to vegetarians.I've tried a lot of items without meat, and this is among the finest. When I first used it, I didn't make meatloaf. I added some not ground beef to a cup of water with a lot of cumin, garlic, marjoram, and oregano (all measured by eye and instinct), and then I boiled the water almost to boiling. After letting it settle for a while, I gave it a taste. It was scrumptious. After a few hours, check it after placing it in the refrigerator. It had neatly solidified, and I could tell it would resemble meat in many ways. The regular meatloaf seasoning, bread crumbs, and some seitan were used to make the vegetarian meatloaf. You see, even though I am a vegetarian, my wife still craves meat flavors, and we both miss the texture. We've solved the texture/flavor problem, and I didn't believe it would be the case, but this was so much like meatloaf. I can't wait to sample the pieces that aren't chicken.

Harmony House Foods TVP Sampler (8 Count, ZIP Pouches) for Cooking, Camping, Emergency Supply, and More Review:

I liked having this sample box to help me figure out which things were effective for me. With the help of my taste receptors, I was able to choose what to order in the future. Please be aware that the product contains no instructions. As a result, you might need to do some research or utilize trial and error if you've never used dried meals or soy "meat" replacements. On their website, I did manage to get a tiny bit of assistance. It was useless even to look at the recipe part. This is my only shortcoming. I discovered that adding twice as much water to dry items, bringing it to a boil, then simmering it for 10 minutes, worked for me. You must determine what is best for you. I also made a "beef stew" in the crockpot to help me rehydrate. This was excellent because it got softer over time. I prepared crock pot enchiladas after rehydrating the "ground taco meat" in boiling water for about five minutes. This was also quite good. The "ham" tasted fantastic in my slow-cooked split pea soup with turnip greens. I'll buy more of my favorite items from this collection.

Loma Linda Blue - Plant-Based Complete Meal Solution - Heat & Eat Chipotle Bowl (10 oz.) (Pack of 6) - Non-GMO, Gluten Free Review:

I tried several tastes, and this was without a doubt my favorite. I strive to consume less meat even though I'm not a vegetarian or vegan (Meatless Mondays are now a tradition in my household). I was quite eager to taste the meals at Loma Linda because else I doubt I would have been interested in them. To be honest, I was a little dubious because my fiancé and I haven't really discovered many meat substitutes that we enjoy and would eat frequently. These meals are really practical, particularly the chipotle bowl because it has everything (rice, beans, plant-protein, veggies). You only need to microwave it for 60 seconds to get it ready to eat! You could simply take this to work and eat it directly from the container without making any more brown rice or slicing any avocado. After the first bite, I was really impressed, and after a few more, I was convinced! I chose a few of the plant-protein chunks to eat on their own, and they were excellent. The texture was excellent and remarkably resembled chicken dice. In addition to having fantastic flavor, it also lacked the peculiar mouth-feel that some of the other flavors I tested did. I would definitely eat this flavor again and recommend it to everyone, particularly vegans and vegetarians.

Loma Linda - Plant-Based - Vegetarian Burger (20 oz.) – Kosher Review:

Over the years, I've struggled with a lot of burger alternatives since they frequently get dry or rubbery after cooking. I had a gastric bypass over ten years ago and am a vegetarian. I've had trouble with the texture of cooked proteins because they frequently make me feel bloated and make me burp (Nicest way I can think of to describe this). Even after being reheated in the microwave, this product performed neither! Very palatable and takes flavors in my recipes well.

Loma Linda Blue - Plant-Based - Taco Filling (15 oz.) - Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Review:

I have devoted a lot of time to testing and perfecting vegetarian taco fillings that resemble ground beef. I have genuinely tried every product that is available. The crumbles are all like meat. All the meat substitutes were modified to resemble ground beef (by crumbling Beyond Burgers) and were prepared with salsa, onions, and Mexican seasonings. I laboriously created my own vegetarian crumbles from scratch over the course of three hours. I have a slight obsession. I can assure you that I have tried any processed item or recipe you may have heard of. And by far, this is the greatest. Simply put. It's a little bit wetter than we usually like, but that's just our preference. That's the one tiny complaint I have.