Best Mac Game Joysticks in 2022

Last update: January 15, 2023

Are Xbox controllers supported on Mac?

Yes, Xbox controllers are supported on Mac. You can use a wired or wireless controller with your Mac.

Can any Xbox controller be used on a Mac?

No, not every Xbox controller can be used on a Mac. The reason being is that Macs use a different type of USB port than what is found on an Xbox controller. So, while some Xbox controllers may be able to physically fit into a Mac's USB port, they won't work without the proper driver.

Can you use ps4 controller on Mac?

You can use a PS4 controller on a Mac, but it requires a bit of extra set up. First, you need to download a program called DS4Windows. This will allow your computer to recognize the PS4 controller. Once that's done, you can simply plug in your controller and start playing your favorite games.

Do gamers use Mac?

Gladiator Joystick, Flight Simulator Controller Stick - PC Mac Linux Review:

This evaluation is for amateur gladiators.Pros: * The action is precise, light, and very smooth (the stick feels fantastic, really); * The ergonomics are excellent (for me, at least); * The hall-effect sensor on the twist axis is significant for those who want precision aim with twist-yaw; * I like that you can flip the trigger up like a safety to prevent access to the fire buttons when you're flying in friendly airspace (or spacespace); * The buttons are tactile, not rubbery mush; and * ButCons: *The non-pro stick has a little amount of y-axis movement that is not detected by the sensors (this can be eliminated with an easy mod; see below)*At this time, US clients are not eligible for customer support (Stratojet is gone)*This stick doesn't have a lot of buttons (I hesitate to label this a "negative"; see below)To start, in a space or flight sim, your right stick doubles as your pointing and shooting stick. I think a simple right stick is a GOOD thing whether you're using HOTAS or HOSAS. There is a pinky shift that allows you to quickly reach 12 buttons without taking your hand off the stick. Between that left-hand device and this stick, you ought to have rapid access to all the buttons you actually need. However, I'd advise you to search elsewhere if you want to use this stick ALONE (in something other than War Thunder).Yes, there is true "slop" on the y-axis that is not detected by the hall-effect sensors with regard to the play in the y-axis. No, it wasn't done on purpose. I correctly calibrated the stick with the Wizzo program, set a deadzone to zero, and upgraded to the most recent firmware from the Russian VKB site. However, I noticed a sizable "gap" in the sensor readings near the middle of the y-axis (which, after much research, appears to be common to all non-pro Gladiators according to people who actually test for this). I investigated the problem by opening the joystick, and I discovered that it was mechanical rather than digital.In essence, the y-axis sensor movement is produced by a square peg on the bottom of the joystick that slides freely side to side yet presses up against the armature when pitched forward and back. The square peg is actually a little loose in that slot, which is why we're seeing this "play" and a physical deadzone. I corrected this by carefully sizing the square peg with teflon tape until it could move freely from side to side WITHOUT play in the pitch direction. Now that the y-axis sensor detects even a small amount of pressure, play is diminished—but not completely gone.Since there are actually three sources of play—the aforementioned gap between the peg and its slot, the fact that this stick has a twist axis and is therefore actually a 2-piece stick, and the fact that there is some play between the lower part of the stick and the axle holding it in place—play is reduced but not eliminated by this modification. The attached image shows that axle as well as the y-axis "slot" above.Obviously, this problem results from rather sloppy production tolerances, but given the pricing and gimbal design, I'm not sure it could be prevented. As I previously stated, if you choose to open up your stick and give it the personalized treatment, you will be rewarded with a very smooth and precise stick that is free of sensor play. The minuscule amount of tactile play left in a twist rudder stick is unavoidable and honestly barely visible during actually playing (even to an extremely picky person like myself.)So, would I suggest this stick? Yes, I do, but only in certain situations:If you have a left-handed device (throttle or second stick) AND you can make a relatively simple modification to close the sensor gap in the y-axis OR if you don't care about accuracy and can set a software deadzone of 5% or higher to cancel out the effects of physical play, then you will adore this stick.ELSEAVOID BUYING IT.

Dashtop LED Arcade DIY Parts 2x Zero Delay USB Encoder + 2x 2/4/8 Way LED Joystick + 20x LED Illuminated Push Buttons for Mame Windows System & Raspberry Pi Projece Arcade Project Red + Blue Kits Review:

decent kit. The only issue I had was that the product's instructions stated that the buttons should light up when pressed by default, but mine switched on right away, so I'm not sure if that information was incorrect.

Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle Review:

My TWCS Throttle arrived on Wednesday, January 2, 2018. As of the writing of this article, I have played DCS: A-10C Warthog for about eight hours. As usual, Amazon's shipping was excellent.Inside the box, the throttle itself was lighter than I had anticipated. When I opened it, I was impressed by the high caliber of the materials. Touching the surfaces reveals smooth, tactile surfaces. Despite not appearing to be completely bulletproof, the build quality feels excellent overall. To ensure that it will last me for many years, I still handle it carefully. I believe that this is an excellent entry-level option for individuals on a budget who want a high-quality HOTAS experience.The TWCS Throttle also receives good scores for the throttle's usability. Although mine was perfectly centered out of the box, setting the throttle is a breeze with the Thrustmaster software you can download. Since they are not labeled on the controller itself, I also find it useful to know the names of the individual buttons and sliders when mapping the controller. With the exception of the "Slider 0" (Antenna) dial, I find the button positions to be fairly ergonomic despite having rather large hands. I frequently find myself rotating this slider by accident while operating the throttle or pushing the #2 or #3 buttons. Although I can understand how this may not be a problem for others, perhaps being able to raise the friction on this slider would help me.After my initial impression, I still think this is a terrific product that will endure a long time. For anyone interested in testing out flying simulations or games, it's a fantastic deal and a requirement. If you enjoy playing flight simulator games, you can get by with this before thinking about upgrading to more expensive options.

SUNCHI Universal Mobile Game Joystick Spiral Mini Joystick Game Handle Grip Controller Rocker Joypad Foldable Stand Holder for Cellphones (Handle Holder) Review:

worth it!It has a pleasant controller feel and is only slightly larger than the phone itself. I like how you can alter the unit's left or right side or take it out completely, as well as the game button and joystick. Nothing negative to say. The most crucial aspect is that no matter how long you play games on your phone, your hands won't get tired. I use it to race every day. The movable stand is excellent for watching videos, etc.Would suggest because it makes gaming more enjoyable.

Easyget 2 Player Zero Delay Generic Game Controller USB to Joystick for MAME & Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 RetroPie DIY Projects Support for SANWA Parts Review:

These are fantastic for use with the Super Retrocade! I switched out the USB controller and connections and repurposed my old Qanba joystick. If you need to upgrade the USB controller on an old fight stick for use with another system, this is a lifesaver. I was unable to use the Qanba's old Sanwa joystick cord. I had to make use of the one in this set. You should be aware that this kit includes the joystick cord for Sanwa style joysticks. If you want options for the wiring, go up MadLittlePixel. You utilize buttons 1-6 and select and start with numbers 9–10. The B and A buttons are located on buttons 2 and 3. The best approach is the Street Fighter style. Top row: 2,3,4; bottom row: 1,5,6. Street Fighter 2 is a wonderful fit for this. The button maps and details on Zero Delay USB controllers are provided courtesy of Mad Little Pixel. By the way, I purchased the two-pack Zero Delay and an empty joystick box so that I could create a second controller stick using my excess buttons and old Qanba parts. two players had fun!Additionally, this will function with Raspberry Pi and PC builds! I check the buttons and joystick control visually in Devices and Printers using my computer. Be aware that the cable needs to be turned around on one end if the joystick does not register because the pins are in the wrong order. To examine the button mappings and joystick location, Windows includes a great preview. Awesome product, definitely recommended. The Sanwa joystick cable is absent from the other kit they offer for sale.

PUBG Mobile Game Controller and Gamepad Fortnite/Knives Out/Rules of Survival for iPhone iOS/Android【Upgraded Version】GAMR+ Sensitive Shoot and Aim Triggers for L1R1 Joystick Gaming Handle Review:

Unexpectedly an excellent controller for PubG mobile. The built quality is quite good considering the cost. The triggers, which need a little force but are responsive every time I click, are without a doubt the greatest element. The thumb pad-equipped controller is also lovely and easily fits my S7 edge. The video demonstrates how simple it is to win every game. If you're searching for a trustworthy controller, I recommend giving this one a shot.New as of 1/25/2019: The controller and triggers are still working well after an upgrade to the S8 Plus!

Mobile Game Controller Kit, Keten Sensitive Shoot and Aim Trigger Fire Buttons L1R1, Ergonomic Design Holder Handgrip Compatible with Games as PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival (1Pair+1Gamepad) Review:

I put off writing this review for a few months because I wanted to see if there would be any problems with it over time, but in all honesty, this is the greatest controller you can get for the money. This has been a fantastic purchase; there have been no issues at all with the item. However, I would advise the seller to sell something to hold the suction cups in place so they won't come loose in the middle of a game; this rarely occurs, but when it does, you must turn off your phone, put them back on, and then turn your phone back on. Before you remove your phone from the suction cups, always turn it off (but just to the point where the screen is off, not completely off).

HORI Ace Combat 7 Hotas Flight Stick for PlayStation 4 - Officially Licensed By SIEA & Bandai Namco Entertainment Review:

My initial rating was one star because of the terrible shipping experience that all presale customers had. I utilised the product last night after receiving it yesterday. The overall quality is superior than some controls that cost twice as much, feels excellent, and fits the hands well. My only gripe is that I wish they were a little bit heavier in terms of weight. These controls are excellent except from that. In VR mode, they truly stand out! completes the overall experience of flying the aircraft!

Bestdream Professional Joysticks for Mobile, Touch Screen Rocker Controller Mini Sucker Joypad for Smartphone Tablet Support Many Games Review:

The Galaxy S9 has trouble with this. It is not recommended to use it on a phone if you're using it for games like Identity V or Arena of Valor. However, it functions well on a tablet. It needs to be pressed down in order to stop sliding. A conventional screen protector won't function well with this, so be sure not to use one. It works just great if you're using a liquid glass screen protector. If your screen is dirty or covered in oils or filth, the joystick won't function.

Do MFI controllers work on Mac?

MFI controllers are game controllers that are designed to work with Apple devices. They connect to your device via Bluetooth and can be used to play games, control music, and more. MFI controllers are compatible with all Apple devices running iOS 7 or later.

Do Nintendo switch controllers work on Mac?

No, Nintendo switch controllers do not work on Mac.

Do steam controllers work on Mac?

Do wired controllers work on Mac?

Yes, wired controllers work on Mac. You just need to connect the controller to the Mac via USB.

Is Logitech F310 compatible with Mac?

Logitech F310 is a gaming controller that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It has a standard layout with two analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons, and two shoulder buttons. The Logitech F310 also has a vibration function that can be turned on or off.

Is Mac or PC better for gaming?

There is no clear winner when it comes to Macs or PCs for gaming. It really depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer Macs because they are easy to use and have a sleek design. Others prefer PCs because they are more customizable and offer better performance for gaming.