Best Mac Game Joysticks in 2020

Gladiator Joystick, Flight Simulator Controller Stick - PC Mac Linux Review:

This is a review for the non-pro gladiator

*The action is precise, light and very smooth (the feel of the stick is fantastic, really)
*Ergonomics are excellent (for me, at least)
*Hall-effect sensor on the twist axis - this is huge for people who want precision aim with twist-yaw
*I like being able to flip the trigger up like a safety disabling access to the fire buttons when you're flying in friendly air-space (or space-space)
*Buttons are tactile, not rubbery mush

*The non-pro stick has a few mm of movement in the y-axis that is not registered on the sensors (this can be eliminated with an easy mod; see below)
*Customer support does not currently exist for US customers (Stratojet is gone)
*There are not a ton of buttons on this stick (I'm hesitant to call this a "con"; see below)

First, regarding the number of buttons: in a space or flight sim, your right stick is your aiming and firing stick. If you're using HOTAS or HOSAS, a simple right stick is a GOOD thing IMO. You do have a pinky shift that gives you easy access to 12 buttons without taking your hand off the stick. You should honestly have all the buttons you actually need quick access to between that left hand device and this stick. If, however, you're looking to use this stick ALONE (in something other than War Thunder), I'd recommend you look elsewhere.

Regarding the play in the y-axis: Yes, there is actual "slop" on the y-axis that is not registered by the hall-effect sensors. No, it's not intentional. I have updated to the latest firmware from the Russian VKB site and properly calibrated the stick with the Wizzo software, setting a deadzone to zero and registered a significant "gap" in the sensor readings around the middle of the y-axis (which, after much research, appears to be common to all non-pro Gladiators according to people who actually test for this). I opened the joystick up to determine the cause and found it - the issue a mechanical one, not digital.

Basically there's a square peg on the bottom of the joystick that rides in a slot allowing free movement side to side but presses against the armature when pitched forward and back, this is where the y-axis sensor movement comes from. The reason we're seeing this "play" and a physical deadzone is that the square peg is actually a bit loose in that slot. I fixed this by wrapping the square peg with teflon tape until it was exactly the right size to allow frictionless side to side movement WITHOUT any play in the pitch direction. Now the y-axis sensor picks up the slightest pressure, and play is reduced... but not entirely gone.

There reason play is reduced by this modification but not eliminated is because there are actually 3 sources of play - the aforementioned gap between the peg and it's slot, the fact that this stick has a twist axis and is therefore actually a 2-piece stick, and there's also some play between the lower part of the stick and the axle holding it in place. You can see that axle (and the y-axis "slot" above) in the attached picture.

Clearly, this issue is due to somewhat loose manufacturing tolerances, but I'm not sure it could be avoided at this price point and gimbal design. Like I said before, if you decide to open your stick up and give it the custom treatment, you're rewarded with an extremely smooth and precise stick without any sensor play. The tiny amount of physical play remaining is unavoidable in a twist rudder stick, and honestly not noticeable during actual gameplay (even to an extremely picky person like myself.)

So, do I recommend this stick? Yes, I do, under certain circumstances:
You have a left handed device (throttle or second stick)
You eliminate the sensor gap in the y-axis with a fairly simple mod
You don't care about 100% accuracy and eliminate the effect of that physical play by setting a software deadzone of 5%+
You will love this stick.
Don't buy it.

Dashtop LED Arcade DIY Parts 2x Zero Delay USB Encoder + 2x 2/4/8 Way LED Joystick + 20x LED Illuminated Push Buttons for Mame Windows System & Raspberry Pi Projece Arcade Project Red + Blue Kits Review:

 Not bad kit. only problem i had was the instructions that came with product but it says that its default setting is for the buttons to light up when pressed but mine instantly turned on so im not sure if that was also wrong info.

Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle Review:

I received my TWCS Throttle on Wednesday 01/02/2018. As of the time of this review I have spent approximately 8 hours on DCS: A-10C Warthog. Amazon shipping was great as always.

The throttle itself was lighter than I expected inside of the box. Upon opening, I was surprised by how good the material quality was. The surfaces are smooth and tactile to the touch. The overall build quality feels great, although it doesn't seem 100% bullet proof. I still handle it with care to make sure it'll last me several years. For the money, I think this is an amazing entry level solution for those looking for a quality HOTAS experience on a budget.

With regard to the functionality of the throttle, the TWCS Throttle also gets high marks. The Thrustmaster software you can download makes configuring the throttle a breeze, although mine came centered perfectly out of the box. I also find it handy to identify the individual button / slider names when mapping the controller as they are not labeled on the control itself. I have very large hands, but I find the button positions are extremely ergonomic with the exception of the 'Slider 0' (Antenna) dial. It's not uncommon for me to accidentally rotate this slider with my little finger when manipulating the throttle or pressing the #2 or #3 buttons. Perhaps being able to increase the friction on this slider would help me, although I can see this being a non-issue for others.

Overall, this is a great product that feels like it'll last a long time after my initial first impression. It's a great value and a must have for anyone interested in trying out flight simulations / games. If you enjoy the flight sim / gaming experience, then this will take you pretty far before you would need to consider upgrading to more expensive options.

SUNCHI Universal Mobile Game Joystick Spiral Mini Joystick Game Handle Grip Controller Rocker Joypad Foldable Stand Holder for Cellphones (Handle Holder) Review:

worthy !

It’s not much bigger than the phone itself, comfortable controller feel. Like the game button/joystick and that you can switch left or right side of unit,or remove it all together. Nothing bad to say. the most important is , you hands will never feel Tired how long you play games with your mobile phone . I race every day with it. The adjustable stand is great to watch videos ect.
Would recommend because it makes games more fun.

Easyget 2 Player Zero Delay Generic Game Controller USB to Joystick for MAME & Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 RetroPie DIY Projects Support for SANWA Parts Review:

These work great with the Super Retrocade!! I reused my old Qanba joystick and changed the USB controller and cables. This works wonders if you have an old fight stick and need to update the USB controller to some other system. I could not use the old Sanwa joystick cable from the Qanba. I needed to use the one from this kit. Note: this kit comes with the joystick cable for Sanwa style joysticks. Look up MadLittlePixel for options on the wiring. You use 1-6 for buttons and 9-10 for select and start. 2 and 3 are the B and A buttons. The Street Fighter style is the way to go. 2,3,4 on top row, 1,5,6 on bottom row. This works perfect for Street Fighter 2. Thanks to Mad Little Pixel for the button maps and info on Zero Delay USB controllers. BTW, I got the two pack Zero Delay and an empty joystick case so that I can make another controller stick from my old Qanba parts and extra buttons. Two player delight!

Also, this will work with PC and Raspberry Pi builds! I use my PC to verify the buttons and joystick control visually in Devices and Printers. Take note that if the joystick does not register, you may need to flip the cable around on one end as the pins are reversed. Windows has a nice preview of the button maps and joystick position for checking. Cool stuff and highly recommended. The other kit they sell does not have the Sanwa joystick cable.

PUBG Mobile Game Controller and Gamepad Fortnite/Knives Out/Rules of Survival for iPhone iOS/Android【Upgraded Version】GAMR+ Sensitive Shoot and Aim Triggers for L1R1 Joystick Gaming Handle Review:

 Surprisingly a great controller for pubg mobile. Built quality for the price is pretty great. The triggers are the best part for sure, they require a little force but are responsive each time that I click. The controller with the thumb pad is also nice and fits my S7 edge without issue. As the video shows, you can easily get the upper hand in every match. I would give this one a try if you are looking for a reliable controller.

Update 1/25/2019: Upgraded to s8 plus and controller/triggers are still going strong!

Mobile Game Controller Kit, Keten Sensitive Shoot and Aim Trigger Fire Buttons L1R1, Ergonomic Design Holder Handgrip Compatible with Games as PUBG/Knives Out/Rules of Survival (1Pair+1Gamepad) Review:

I waited a couple of months to write this review because I wanted to see what the flaws with this controller would be over time and honestly this is the best controller to order for your $. This has been a great buy no problems at all with the product but I would recommend the seller to sell something to keep the suction cups in place so they won’t fall out in the middle of a game it normally doesn’t happen but when it does u have to turn off your phone and then put them back on and turn on your phone again. Always turn off your phone before u out of the suction cups and then turn it off(don’t turn phone all the way off just to the point where your screen is off ).

HORI Ace Combat 7 Hotas Flight Stick for PlayStation 4 - Officially Licensed By SIEA & Bandai Namco Entertainment Review:

My original review was a one star due to the whole shipping ordeal that everyone preordered experienced. I received the product yesterday and I used them last night. Overall quality is better than some controls twice the price, feels great and great fit to the hands. My only complaint is that I wish they were a tad heavier weight wise. Other than that, these controls are great. They really shine in VR mode! Completes the whole feeling of actually flying the aircraft!

Bestdream Professional Joysticks for Mobile, Touch Screen Rocker Controller Mini Sucker Joypad for Smartphone Tablet Support Many Games Review:

This doesn't work well with the Galaxy S9. If you're using it for games like Indentity V or Arena of Valor, it isn't good when used on a phone. A tablet however, it works well. You have to apply pressure to get it from sliding around. Make sure you aren't using a standard screen protector as that won't work well with this. If you're using a liquid glass screen protector, it works fine. Make sure your screen is clean, free of oils and grime otherwise the joystick doesn't work.