Best Liquid White Glues in 2020

AmazonBasics All Purpose Washable School Liquid Glue, Great for Making Slime, 1 Gallon Bottle, 2-Pack Review:

Bought these for my daughter. She had a project at school called “market day” where each student had to set up their own storefront. She chose to sell slime and we needed to make a quantity of 250! This is much more affordable than other name brand glues and works really well. Her store sold out and she made the most “moolah” of anyone in her grade. Kids were asking her for the recipe days later. Highly highly recommend this!

Elmer's Liquid School Glue, Washable, 4 Ounces Each , 12 Count - Great for Making Slime Review:

I have seven grandchildren aged 13 and below. Like so many kids they absolutely love slime and I absolutely love them so I purchase this slime so I could have them over to make slime. To be honest I did not have all of them over I had 3 plus one tag along.
Prior to embracing this activity I did a little research. The first thing I did was Google slime recipes and reviews about how well they turned out and then I went to YouTube and watch videos of people's experiences. I'm the type of person who went in bracing a new recipe has to have all of the measurements exact. With slime however there is no exact and from what I read it can't be a pretty much Hit or miss experience.
I thought the safest route would be to try the recipe provided by Elmer's Glue on the page from which I purchased this glue and I have to say I'm very glad that I did slime worked out beautifully.

Surprisingly even though all four kids were following the same exact recipe each batch of slime turned out with a different texture but all of them were successes. I'll be purchasing Elmer's Glue again so my grandchildren can have hours and hours more fun.

Just a heads up to any adults who are going to be making slime with children it is a very messy activity. I advise you to make sure that they all wear old tee shirts, aprons or smocks and find something to cover the surface where you'll be conducting this activity. My husband is a carpenter and we used a tarp that he uses for work. When we were finished I soaked the old t-shirts my grandchildren were in water for a while and the glue came right out so you really don't have to be afraid of ruining anything.

Elmer's E1326 Multi-Purpose Liquid GlueExtra Strong, 1 gal, Great for Making Slime Review:

Just thought I'd mention that it DOES come with 2 different 1 gallon (128 oz) bottles of Elmers Glue, since I saw some reviews saying it only came with 1 bottle.

I used it for slime, and a decoupage project so far. The slime I made with borax and water. VERY stiff, does NOT stretch well (breaks in a snap when stretched too far), but is GREAT for cleaning keyboards, which is why I made it. I stored the slime in a plastic bag in fridge, it's been there a week and still works fine.

I have noticed that even after drying you can STILL wipe it up, it seems to stay water soluble, with some scrubbing. Hope this helps!

Elmer's Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, Extra Strong, 16 Ounces, 1 Count Review:

Elmer's Glue All is still one of the best glues around. Usable in a variety of situations and easily cleaned up with water. We used this, rather than wood glue, to glue in some dowels while we were assembling furniture. My father in law used it to glue down his carpet. If it works, it works. Very nice overall glue. Very pleased with its versatility.

Let Amazon donate to your favorite charity! Use Amazon Smile ( when you order and Amazon will donate to the charity of your choice when you make a qualifying purchase. Check out how Amazon Smile works at My shopping is donating to my favorite charity, Canines for Independence at no cost to me. Awesome!

Elmer's Liquid School Glue, Clear, Washable, 1 Gallon - Great for Making Slime Review:

 This product is amazing I have a slime IG and I bought this Elmer’s glue was perfect it is so clear and beautiful you can even add colors coloring like I did.

Elmer's 2095928 E2078431 Glue Magical Liquid Activator Solution, 1 Quart, for Making Slime, 32oz Review:

Let me first start by saying that it does a very good but it takes measuring correctly and using all it says to use and maybe a splash more. It was take your kids to work day so we rounded up all the kids and made glow in the dark slime. It was a very sticky experience and took more work than other methods, but we found you really have to work the slime. It gets very gooey but as you work it with your hands and after a good while it turns into great slime. Don’t give up. If it’s sticky add more solution and work it. It really does work once you get though the messy phase.

We have made more slime that I count in this house. My daughter is addicted to slime. We have tried many Elmer glue recipes with different activators like borax, eye solution and honestly this is better than those with the Elmer solid color glue. All the other methods we try the slime isn’t as stretchy and the next day just sucks and we throw it out and find that was a costly experiment. This however we have had it for over a month sealed and it’s still good. Sometimes you just have to rework it but it does bounces back to life.

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Gorilla 2754201 School Glue, 1-Pack, White Review:

Used it to glue some foamy water bottle holder together and it works great even though only a little bit was applied. Great product, fast shipping, works better than I could've asked.

AmazonBasics All Purpose Washable School Clear Liquid Glue - Great for Making Slime, 1 Gallon Bottle Review:

My daughter uses it to make slime. It came in as expected, though it was packed with another item which it destroyed. However, as a craft item, it is exactly what we needed. Highly recommend.

Super Glue 15185 Gel, 12-Pack, .07oz tubes Review:

Super Glue 15185 Gel, 12-Pack, .07oz tubes

This is from the Original Super Glue company.
I have added pictures below so you can see the container they came in.

This container is a little tough to open, thus keeping little curious hands away!! Which is a feature that I happen to like!

The container while not airtight, is pretty close.
This will no doubt also help to keep the gel from drying out quickly.
Nothing worse than going to glue something and discover that the tubes are dried up!

These tubes each have a threaded top for easy piercing of the actual tube.
This will enable you to "close" the cover when you finish for reuse at another time.

I have used their products before but never the gel. I liked it and I liked that I had time to work with it a little bit.
This was especially helpful for items that needed to be positioned for a moment while gluing them together.
They recommend you hold the item you are gluing for 15 seconds. That's about how much time I had to position and hold.

The gel is also able to be spread (*not with your fingers!) on surfaces that you are working with.
But, remember it is still Super Glue and will bond very quickly, even in gel form.

Being able to buy this in quantity for a reasonable price was great!
Much cheaper than some stores I have bought from before.
I am very pleased with this gel, and still exploring its uses.

Beacon Gem-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce Review:

I never use any glue other than GemTac to attach Swarovski crystals to my dance costumes. Considering that some of my costumes have 30+ gross of crystals, that's a lot of trust. With GemTac my stone rarely fall off, which has been an issue with other glues. I also don't get those horrible, messy glue strings that occur with E6000. GemTac is also way easier to control than E6000, and I find it holds up better on fabric. GemTac also doesn't reek of poison, so you can use it inside without worrying about it being dangerous. I don't recommend using it directly from the bottle, as it comes out too fast. It's better to pour small amounts onto a plate and work from that.

In my experience, Amazon is the best seller for GemTac, because I tend to get newer bottles that haven't gone bad, which is an issue I've experienced frequently at craft stores.