Best Iron-on Transfers in 2020

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Denim Iron On Jean Patches Shades of Blue 12 Pieces Cotton Jeans Repair Kit 3" by 4-1/4" Review:

Put these patches on my 5 and 7 year olds' jeans. Some went on actual holes, and others were used as preventative. (Colors matched surprisingly well. I put stitches in the corners of one pair, just to test. Turns out, there is no real difference between the sewed patches and the ones without! They have been worn and washed a few times each, and the patches are holding well-a couple are starting to show wear around the patches instead of through them!! My only advice is to make sure you hit the corners and edges with the iron. (They fit well across the wide part of the iron) I missed the edge of one of the first patches I applied and had to quickly go back and heat them. They warn you not to over-heat the patches, so I kept the iron on for 20 seconds, and it seems to be perfect. I read some of the negative reviews, and was a bit skeptical-but so far so good! (Possibly those were overheated, or didn't get the edges to stick properly?) I would highly recommend these as a means to extend the lives of kids jeans. I will be putting a set in all of my boys' jeans from here on out!

HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle: 25 Pack Assorted Colors 12"x10" Sheets, Iron On Vinyl for Cricut & Silhouette Cameo, Teflon for Heat Press Machine or Home Iron On DIY T-Shirts & Fabrics Review:

I had worried about using an "off branded" HTV, but at this price, I had to try it... I had nothing to worry about! Not only was the packaging neat and professional, with a high-quality heavy-weight feel, but the also included were detailed specific printed instructions and a teflon sheet (I had been using typing paper for a cover sheet with "name-brand" HTV!).

Cut very easily and worked a treat the first time! It applied thoroughly to cotton t-shirt easily and without having to use excessive heat. The backing sheet was just the right weight, a little less sticky than some (Siser Easyweed stretch) I had used before - making it a little easier to weed, but also easier to loose tiny bits if you're not careful. (I found a couple and placed by hand without the carrier.) The design shown was fairly small (8" wide) and very intricate, and it worked well even at that level of detail! (See picture with hand, for size comparison.)

In the third picture you can see the texture of the HTV after applied to normal cotton t-shirt fabric, and how well it 'melds' into the fabric. I have confidence that this stuff will stick. Oh, and the colors are brilliant and beautiful!

This was my first couple of projects with this, and I am very pleased, and will certainly be re-buying! Definitely a "best buy"! If I have any problems or changes, I will update this review.

Calculs Thing 1-6 Iron On Heat Transfers Bundle Thing 1 and Thing 2 Shirts Costume Transfer Vinyls 6 Sheets 10 Inches Large Review:

Directions say use highest heat setting but don’t! 1st decal melted!! Turned heat down to Med heat and worked great! Also when we received decals directions were stuck on thing 1 and you can see the paper that I could not get off. Directions need to be adjusted for heat and when packaged directions need to be on the front of the decals not on the back side. Disappointed because we need these for tomorrow and now don’t have time to re do!! Otherwise they are good decals!

CAREGY Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-Shirts 12in.x10in. 36 Sheets-Iron On Vinyl HTV Bundle Review:

What about this set of bundles is that it comes with more black and white vinyl sheets that I use most. Secondly it has those pretty different shades of gray which I think they looks pretty cool. These heat transfer vinyl sheets seems to be more thinner and more stretchable compared to others. Cutting was easy and weeding was good and acceptables. I have not wash it yet so I don't know how it hold up after washing

HTV Heat Transfer Vinyl Bundle: 13 Sheets 12" x 10" Iron on Vinyl for T-Shirt, 10 Assorted Colors with HTV Accessories Tweezers for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo or Heat Press Machine Review:

Edit: In light of my previous review, Dema store definitely stepped up to the plate and rectified the problem. I'm now completely satisfied. Wonderful customer service

The vinyl is superb, but I definitely feel doped on the weeding tool. I went to use it and the whole tip bent backwards....and I didn't even apply much pressure for that to even happen. Thought I was getting a good deal, but I guess it was too good to be true.

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers, For Use on Dark Fabrics, Inkjet Printers, 5 Paper Transfers (3279) Review:

Problem: third grader wanted to do a piano/singing tribute to Bowie, and online printers would not print the design sought due to copy right, though we had modified some of the graphics. Their position was understood. Then I discovered the Avery transfer paper. I bought both the dark and the light color transfer papers not knowing which the little guy would prefer at the end.

Here is the upshot, working with both the light and dark paper:

• Wash and dryer dry your t shirt/fabric first. A shrunk fabric works best
• the more time you spend prepping and the closer you follow the instructions the better your end product
• don't be afraid of force (pushing down) and heat
• Trimming the extra paper on the light paper minimizing areas that will be clear but somewhat glossy
• Trimming the extra areas on the dark paper avoids transferring the color white to the fabric
• Through trial and error I figured out it is better to avoid sharp corners to make them round, reducing the risk of corners peeling off
• The side of the paper you print on is the white side for both dark and light paper, so make sure you know how to load the paper in your inkjet printer
• Your final print area can be larger than a sheet as you can cut images/words from the paper and space them or use them elsewhere on the shirt (for instance, arm badges can be printed in a corner of the same sheet)

• To avoid damage to the reverse side graphics, if you do a front/back design, use a large cutting board or a piece of flat wood slide it in the t-shirt that way the wood sits between the front and back. This also solves the issue of both sides of the t-shirt not being perfectly flat/ironed before you start

Light Color Paper:
• You need to print in reverse as the image is reflected back on the fabric. I used Powerpoint and flipped the images and writing and avoided the online Avery tool for doing so
• As mentioned before, you don't have to cut very precisely as you only leave behind gloss/clear where you don't trim

Dark Color Paper:
• You DO NOT need to print in reverse
• You need peel of the printed paper BEFORE initiating transfer with an iron -I wasted one sheet not bing careful
• The portion you don't trim transfer as white and you can create a border, rough or smooth, as I did with the front of the dark t shirt
• Peeling the transfer portion from the t shirt before ironing is difficult....I used tweezers and eventually I managed to peel off the backing
• You use an included parchment paper over the peeled paper to press the image onto the fabric

Final Impressions:
• Don't expect professional grade printing
• Recognize these are not permanent and are intended for fun and event needs
• Mistakes and rough edges on my work is my own haste getting in the way

This met my needs, to have a front/back t-shirt design on both dark and white t-shirts, using the appropriate paper for each color.

**** UPDATE *****
Both the white and black t shirts have been washed about 15 times each by now. And, they still look very nice.

Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop Iron on Heat Transfer Patch Review:

Awesome, but no instructions!! I got a plain white apron to iron it onto to be Rachel Green for Halloween!

****HOW TO: place parchment paper over the patch and put iron up to medium. Press the iron over the patch for approx 30-45 seconds and wait to cool before peeling plastic off

HTV Iron on Vinyl 12inch x12feet Roll by Somolux for Silhouette and Cricut Easy to Cut & Weed Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl DIY Heat Press Design for T-Shirts Glossy Black Review:

I've used about 50 feet of Somolux over the past month and I'm sold.

It's so much easier to weed than any other brand I've tried, which has saved a ton of time. The press time is 1/4 of what some brands require. Instead of waiting a full minute it's done in seconds and I can move on to the next piece - for single items it's negligible, but when I have 120 tees to move it's a sizable time saver. The vinyl is heavy enough that I trust it's going to last, but not so much that it's unfit for the garment. Even the carrier sheet feels sturdier.

Most importantly, when I order a length of vinyl I receive that length of vinyl. With other brands, I'd learned to expect 12"x12" meant closer to 11.5"x11.3" regardless of the listing's guarantees of accurate dimensions. I ordered 12"*25', and that's exactly what showed up. That alone is a major benefit - coupled with the quality of the product, I'm certain that this is a brand I'll be coming back to in the future.

NuFun Activities Inkjet Printable Iron-On Heat Transfer for Dark Fabrics, 8.5 x 11 inch, (25 Sheets) Make Your own Custom T-Shirt Review:

I heard about this paper from a friend who found out that it can be transferred on photo canvasses -hello cool. I recently moved into a new apartment and was desperate for some decor I could actually afford. The canvasses turned out great and it was super easy to do. I craft alot and I also screw stuff up alot so its nice that you can get bigger quantities than just a few sheets in a pack! I also used it to make some funny shirts and it was really easy to transfer.

Being that I craft alot, I really like this transfer product for its versatility and how easy it is to transfer.

One thing to note, the directions say to wash your shirts inside out when you have transferred on it. Definitely do that! I didn't (oops) on a shirt i made and it didn't stay nice for very long. I tried it again and actually turned it inside out and now it stayed really nice after washing it!

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll - 12in x 12ft, Iron on HTV Vinyl for Silhouette and Cricut by Somolux Easy to Weed Iron on Vinyl Heat Press, DIY Design for T-Shirts, Pillow and other textiles (Black) Review:

I saw some bad reviews on this and cant help but think it must be user error because this is some of the best vinyl. Weeding this is SO easy. It just peels right off but it sticks to the shirts so well. I would definitely recommend this to any of my friends. It is low cost compared to other brands and, in my opinion, better quality. I used this with a cricut explore machine.