Best Guitar Cleaning & Care Products in 2020

Music Nomad MN206 Cradle Cube String Instrument Neck Support Review:

I originally bought the Dunlop N65 neck rocker, and it's okay, but it has one drawback that drives me nuts: the neck rest is two-sided, one is flat and the other is a concave-V (the cradle side). In use, I found that almost every time I lifted the guitar from the V-side cradle it would automatically flip to the flat side, so I'd have the guitar in one hand while I fumbled to swivel the rest back over to the V-side from the flat side (not great when you're doing things like applying finish). Also, the Dunlop is essentially single-height (depending on whether you're using the V-side or the flat side I suppose you could claim two heights). Frankly, the height is better for electric guitar; for acoustics, you can't get much elevation of the neck because the average acoustic body thickness is greater than the height of the device.

This Music Nomad version has a lot more options in terms of heights and rests, and whichever one you choose for what you're doing is where it remains until you change it. It's very stable in every orientation, and stays where you place it. A great product.

Music Nomad MN105 F-ONE Fretboard Oil Cleaner and Conditioner Review:

I used this to clean and condition my 80's Westone Raider 2 rosewood fretboard. The product did exactly as it says. Got lots of junk off and put good oils back into the board keeping it from drying out. Doesn't clog the wood grain. F-One just leaves it clean and smooth. Nice to give the old metal monster some love. I ordered the fret cleaner kit from the same company and can't wait to test it out. This guitar has really never been cleaned since well... the 80's cause I didn't know what to use on it. I was afraid of many other products because as soon as one person would say its good... there would be others saying you shouldn't use it. This company seems to make great products that are well received by the majority of people who use them. I'll write a review next week if your interested in how the fret cleaner kit from this company works. I should have it in a few days. For now the fretboard is great. One last thing, if your like me, and think that this little bottle won't go a long way your wrong. I used just drops to do the whole board. I have three guitars, and this little bottle should last years!!!!

Music Nomad MN103 Guitar ONE All-in-1 Cleaner, Polish, and Wax, 4 oz. Review:

I had used Music Nomad fretboard oil cleaner before and thought it was a pretty good product. Then I decided to start using a body polisher/cleaner for my guitar. At first I had used Dunlop 65 and it was good, it cleaned but I thought maybe there is a better product. That's when I decided to try Music Nomad cleaner, polish, and wax. The product clean just as good as Dunlop 65 but the difference in smell is what making me lean towards my Dunlop product. I had read a review that this product had a weird smell and still decided to give it a try. After I gave it a try, it was true. The smell, to me, smelled like a sweet candy. It makes me think a waxy blue raspberry candy kind of smell. It does not smell too bad that it's unbearable but the smell is strong enough to let you of its presence. I think the pungent smell derives from the wax part of the solution.

Another issue about this product is that it can dye cloths from spraying directly on the guitar. The spray is blue colored and if the product drips or gets on things outside of the sprayed area, because of the mist, it can dye bright color cloths blue. It's best to spray on a cloth and clean the guitar with that cloth instead or on a hard surface like a table.

Dunlop Acoustic Guitar Hardware (6503) Review:

Bought the kit to use on my Yamaha FG800. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. My guitar doesn't get particularly dirty because I wipe it down with a cloth after playing and I store it in its case, but it still picks up some dirt and spots and the fingerboard can always use a cleaning when I change strings.

The body polish/cleaner is very gentle (no abrasives) and works well and quickly. Doesn't leave any build-up either.

The Lemon Oil works very well to clean and condition the fret board and has a light scent that you don't really notice after you've wiped away the excess. Didn't have any issues with the dispenser cap.

The included cloths were also good and I didn't find them to shed.

Really pleased with the kit and how clean and great my guitar looks!

Boveda 69-Percentage RH Individually Over Wrapped 2-Way Humidity Control Pack, 60gm Review:

These packets are a MUST have came with my humidor bought the 69% and it keeps the humidity at approx 63% which is pretty good for my somewhat cheap humidor and idk how accurate my humidity gauge is but regardless when i bought it i just tossed them in with my cigars and left it no problems been keeping my cigars fresh for the last few weeks about to re-buy but at 75% to compensate for imperfect seal on my humidor but totally worth the price and makes maintaining my humidor painless.

Boveda 72-Percent RH Individually Over Wrapped 2-Way Humidity Control Pack, 60gm Review:

I'm not a regular cigar smoker. When I buy cigars I tend to buy really good ones. I like to keep some on hand for when I have reunions with friends where we'll enjoy a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a good cigar. I have a beautiful 200 cigar humidor. I buy four of these every two months and swap them out with the old ones. My cigars always stay as fresh as the day I bought them. I don't bother using the traditional humidifying device that came with the humidor. I've never found these easy to keep a proper humidity. These Bovedas take all the guess work out. On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic I bought a case of Cuban Cohibas and brought them back with me - please don't turn me in. Customs had it's chance and missed it so I'm blessed with some really nice cigars in my box right now. I wouldn't think of not using these Boveda 72s to protect them. It's a small investment to make to assure that the larger investment (the cigars themselves) don't get ruined and will be ripe and ready for our next reunion.

Boveda Guitar Musical Instrument Humidity Control Pack 49% RH (70 Gram) - Individually Over Wrapped Review:

I bought these to use in plastic snap lid containers in my man cave refrigerator for the cigar humidors. They hold the humidity right at the indicated level. Drop them in the container along with some thin cedar from cigar boxes load up the cigars and bingo, I have a humidor which can live in the man cave refrigerator and I have $20 invested in it including the gauge, etc. When you buy something and it arrives when you expect it and it does exactly what it claims to do, what else can you say except "Buy it".......

D’Addario Acoustic Guitar Humidifier – Releases Moisture Slowly and Evenly – Protects Instrument from Humidity Without Damaging the Finish – Non-Drip String Suspension Design –Easy to Use and Maintain Review:

I thought I would throw my two-cents in about the new design and effectiveness of this soundhole humidifier.

After making a few homemade case humidifiers out of things like a travel butter container with many holes drilled into it and a sponge, I started thinking about how some of the cases separate the body cavity from the neck & headstock cavity inside the guitar case and not allowing the humidity to flow freely to all areas, especially the body where it is needed the most.

Even though I was getting acceptable humidification in the case I was concerned about the body being dryer in comparison so I went ahead and splurged the 8 bucks on these. (I actually bought three of them.)

I crank the gas heat up in the house in the winter and A/C in the summer, keep my guitars inside their cases and inside a closet. The humidity drops quite low, but the sponges remain moist for several days before I can no longer fight the urge to re-wet them. lol.

Two great tips in one:
Use a regular, more dense sponge, thicker like the ones at the dollar store. Cut them to size and stuff them in!
Throw away the sponge when it starts to get yucky and don't worry about distilled water, unless you want to. I can't argue using very pure water compared to the possibly toxic crap that comes out our faucets, but for one dollar you can get a boat load of them after you cut them to size, and toss them away without any regard when needing replaced.

Don't worry about the "thing" hanging in-between your strings. It will not damage anything unless you get the sponge too saturated and it leaks. I will either squeeze the excess water out, or shake the container with the sponge inside until I am satisfied that it won't drip.

The humidifier will not cause any stress or damage to your strings by spreading them when you wedge this inside your soundhole.

If you ARE rough, careless, thoughtless, or stupid, you could possibly knock this loose and have it rub or fall out, but I would be more worried about the guitar and what it would take for this to happen. This would be more extreme to the guitar than the humidifier or any harm it could cause.

The top snaps on by squeezing the sides to release little tabs that stick through the top cover. The sponge inside is quite small, and there isn't too much room for a much larger sponge. The device is simple and fairly solid. Treat it gently and it will last forever. You can easily clean the inside or run it through a dishwasher. If you give the inside a quick rinse every few fills, I'm sure it would be a decade before anything "built up" to require extensive cleaning or replacement.

Keep an eye on it for the first few days and then weeks to get a feel for when you should be re-wetting the sponge.
Try to keep the sponge moist when it's dry.

I strongly suggest getting an Oasis case humidifier, (or similar) mini sized about 1" X 4" costing around 17-20 bucks.
This will take any guesswork out of the equation and give you fairly accurate readings inside your guitar or instrument case.

Remember, too much humidity can cause your acoustic guitar to warp. Too dry and it will shrink and crack, split the soundboard (top) also leaving the edges of the frets sticking out like the backbone of a fish and quite abrasive!

If you spent more than one hundred dollars on your guitar and live where it gets cold and/or dry, you would be negligent (if not careless) to spend the pittance to make sure your 'baby ain't thirsty', or worse...dead & broken!

Hope this helps!

Boveda 84% RH for Humidor Seasoning, Large 60 gram Review:

Have a medium sized humidor with 80 or so cigars - going on for about five years now. In the past, have used various concoctions and crystals and they've worked OK. But humidity levels seem to always be in the low 60s. So tried Boveda and started fresh with an 84% formula. Works great. Couple weeks later, checked the percentages and in the low 70s. Now transitioning to their other packets to maintain the consistent temp/humidity. Won't use any other brand going forward.

GHS Strings FAST FRET (A87) Review:

I have purchase GHS Fast Fret from several musical instrument vendors all over the country. I can't tell you how many dried out applicators I have purchased in the past, but no more. GHS has change there applicators for the better. They are no longer made of wood. The two I received came in "SEALED" metal containers and the applicators are now made with a plastic handle and they have a tight fitting clear plastic cap that closes over the end of the applicator thus preventing the Fast Fret from drying out. The handle also has a hollow compartment to house the soft cleaning cloth that come with this fine product. you just fold the cloth in half, roll it up and it fits neatly in the handle, which has a cap with "gripper" edges so you can remove it. As it also fits very firmly. An excellent way to improve an excellent product. Fast Fret does everything the people at GHS say it will do. Fast Fret cleans your strings and fret board and make your strings sound bright, louder,clearer and last far longer than you would ever imagine. I have played for fifty one years and I will not play with out GHS Fast Fret. Thank you GHS for a brilliant product and a brilliant up grade to it.