Best Electric Guitar Bridges & Bridge Parts in 2020

KAISH Chrome Guitar Roller Saddle Bridge Tune-O-Matic Bridge For Epiphone Les Paul,SG,Dot,Bigsby Guitar with M8 Threaded Posts Review:

First off. Rating for comfort isnt really applicable. So moving on.
It's too soon to rate but I'll do my best.
It's really light in weight compared to other roller bridges that I've held in my hand before permanent installation. It was a direct installation requiring no modifications. The previous bridge was a fixed saddles replica 'tune a matic'. The guitar is a Jay Turser hollow body that is similar to a gibson L5 jumbo. The Bigsby tremolo B6 was added. Once the bigsby was installed, The original fixed saddle bridge now had tuning issues. This Kaish roller saddle bridge has fixed the tuning issues. Strings stay in tune when the tremolo is used. I'm impressed so far. Only time will tell if it stands up to heavy use, sweat etc. The only problem so far is string bending. If I over stretch or bend the high E string, the string slips off the roller saddle. My guitar tech is making me a break point roller bar. This will prevent string slip off. All guitars are different and considering this Turser jumbo hollow body, the break point to where the strings attach to the bigsby is very gradual or slight. Look at the picture attached. The break point needs to be about a 1/4 inch lower to insure no string slip off. I'll update next week once the new break point roller is installed.

Fender American Vintage Tremolo Tension Springs (Package of 5) Review:

Surprisingly, a change of springs can drastically alter your sustain.
I have a 1995 Squier made in Mexico, and in conjunction with a few other bridge mods, the springs were the variable that made the most difference in note duration.

To maximize your sustain, put in five springs and screw the claw about 1 1/4" away from the screw slot on the bass side. For the treble side, keep it a little further away -- 1 1/2".

Now, tune up and adjust the claw back or forth while playing open chords. Keep the general bass-treble slant.
You'll find the sweet spot, where notes like to ring out and your bridge is resonating musically.

If you have quiet pickups, a steel bridge block, high-density metal tuners and a Graphtec nut, you'll be able to get fantastic sustain.

Fender American Vintage Telecaster Strings-Through-Body String Ferrules Review:

I've tried all kinds of Tele string cups. They're usually too fat, or too thin. Sounds like Goldilocks... but seriously these were .3135 inches in diameter. Why is that important? Because the HOLES they go into are .3125 in diameter. That means these push in, and hold snug, without all the hammering, pressing, gnashing of teeth, golf words, and possible wood or finish cracking. I see cups that have been as fat as 8mm which is .315 nominal. Those need to be forced in, or you have to open the holes a bit. Others are .310, and they don't stay put in the holes. Glad I opted for the Fender units... they are the right size.

Metallor Guitar Saddles Bridge for Hardtail Strat/Tele Electric Guitar Parts Replacement. Review:

It's hard to get excited about bridges, but this one gets the job done. Not a heavy bridge, but solid and well made. Easily worth the $12 I paid for it. The dimensions posted were accurate and it dropped right into my guitar. Intonated easily; no odd sized screws or loose saddles that you often find on cheaper bridges. Good product. I would buy again.

Fender Tremolo Arm for Mexican Standard Strat Review:

First of all, like all Fender genuine products I've purchased, this is top quality.

Now, many people have given this bad reviews claiming that this is unusable. The claim is that, when the arm is screwed in all the way it is so low to the guitar body it is incredibly difficult to use. This is actually true...though not the whole story.

You see, Fender screw-in tremolo arms are supposed to be used with a small spring inside the trem arm mount hole. This isn't made obvious and many people probably lost the spring (or didn't get one on a used guitar) so would never even know it needs to be in there. Fortunately I knew about this, and ordered a pack of Fender tremolo mount springs (from here on Amazon).

Bottom line: With the proper tiny little spring in place, this tremolo arm screws in just the right amount, has perfect height, adjustment and feel, and works perfectly. Yes it's not the same as the ones that come with american Fenders but that's not what it's advertised as. For the price, it's an amazing product. If used correctly. I hope this review can help others make this work the way they would like. I love mine!

5mm Thread Tremolo Arm Whammy Bar for Fender MIM Strat Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Chrome Review:

Longer than the trem arms I’ve used in the past. After getting one and seeing the difference it makes in terms of ease of use and leverage, I bought another one for a 2nd guitar.

Fits MIM Strats. Probably others, but that’s the bridges I put them in.

Also - just general advice here, but if your tremolo arm is all floppy until you screw it all the way in, you’re missing the spring that is supposed to hold tension on the trem arm.

I’ve talked to guys who have played 30 years who don’t know that.

Musiclily 6mm Tremolo Arm Whammy Bar Vibrato Arm for Electric Guitar, Chrome w/Black Tip Review:

Good Tremolo bar. I first tried it on my Made in Mexico Fender Arctic White Stratocaster and it fits just fine. The bent tip part protrudes out a bit too much in my opinion but other than that it works just fine. It does wobble though but putting plumbing tape on the thread should fix that wobbling.

To install this bar, you just screw it into hole of the bridge where the tremolo suppose to go. It is loose in the begging meaning you can rotate it easily but to tighten it or to have it stay in place, just keep screwing until you hit a stop then slightly screw it in the opposite direction to loosen it to whatever you desired.

I now installed this on my 1984 Aria Pro Custom ZZ guitar because the black tip fits better on that guitar than my white strat.

lotmusic A0086Lotmusic 1set ABR-1 Style Tune-o-matic Bridge & Tailpiece Chrome for Gibson Les Paul Gear Replacement Review:

Okay, ASSUMING you have done your work and properly measured the bridge you will need (either for a new build or a replacement) then this thing is great. Are there better bridges available? Yes, but they cost many times more than this one. I purchased this to replace a broken bridge on an Epiphone Les Paul and it was a perfect fit.