Best Fruit & Nut Gifts in 2022

Last update: December 7, 2022

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket - Gourmet Food Gifts Prime Delivery - Christmas, Mothers & Father's Day Fruit Nut Gift Box, Assortment Tray - Birthday, Sympathy, Get Well, Woman & Families- Hula Delights Review:

We both love nuts a lot, so as Valentine's Day approached, I was looking for a nut basket to surprise my spouse with. Since I've ordered from the "major" suppliers before and been let down each time, I decided against doing so this time. The Hula Delights basket caught my eye, and even the photo made me want to get it. It was packaged safely in a strong cardboard box that was the right size for it and arrived much quicker than expected. The demonstration was beautiful. He opened it early on the 14th, and the only reason any nuts were still inside at the end of the day was because there were so many of them packed within—they were all delicious and freshly roasted. I was unable to choose a favorite. You can't help but keep eating them! If you enjoy nuts, you won't be dissatisfied. I'm sure I'll be placing more orders from Hula Delights in the future!

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket | Fresh Sweet & Salty Dry Roasted Gourmet Nuts | Fantastic Food Gift Basket for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holiday, Sympathy, Family, Men & Women | Prime Delivery Review:

This is a good present to give someone for the holidays if you're looking for one. Normally, I only purchase oatmeal from Subscribe and Save or Amazon Fresh, but I decided to give these nuts a try due of the attractive packaging and the many excellent reviews. I have to admit that they taste excellent and look even better than the photo. The nuts were packaged in a box that was covered in clear plastic that could be removed to reveal a lovely box (shown), which also contained the nuts and was also wrapped in clear plastic. A card in the box lists the contents of the package after it is opened. Pecans, cashews, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios are only a few of the seven varieties of nuts. Even before you open the packaging, you can already smell how delicious these nuts are; they have a sweet, caramel-like aroma. I don't know whether these are ever on sale, but I intend to get a large number of boxes just to have them at home in case we visit a friend's house.

Dried Fruit Gift Basket – Tray Turns into Basket - Healthy Gourmet Snack Box – Holiday Food Tray - Great for Birthday, Sympathy, Father’s Day, Christmas, or as a Corporate Tray – Bonnie & Pop Review:

According to the product description, the fruit is dairy-free, gluten-free, and kosher. However, the fruit is processed in a facility along with nuts and wheat, as indicated by the ingredient list. The fruit pack's expiration date was 09/19 when I placed my order for this basket on February 19. There is plenty of time if you want to save it for a particular occasion or to give it as a present later.I presented this as a thank-you gift to our Swiss Air BnB host. She adored it to the hilt. The dried fruit is well wrapped and the tray is sizable. There is a ton of fruit included. Although it is more than the majority of people would likely consume, it provides the basket a lovely, colorful display. The fruit remained in place throughout the original voyage to my house, on the international flights, while we dragged our luggage down the uneven cobblestone streets of Zurich and Luzern, as well as up and down the uneven, hilly gravel/dirt roads of Wengen. I was genuinely shocked that everything remained in place. The only "issue" I have is that the basket just had an ingredient list and no further information. It would have been wonderful to have a printed list of the fruits that were included in the pack or instructions or a description of the item that was included with the basket. I made my own handwritten inventory of the fruits and listed the various uses for the basket. The pear-shaped basket will undoubtedly be purchased by me as a present as well. Glad I came this this.

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket -Delightful Gourmet Food Gifts Prime Delivery -Christmas Birthday, Thanksgiving, Mothers & Fathers Day Fruit Gift Box Assortment, Men, Women, Families -Five Star Gift Baskets Review:

We enjoy food a lot as a family. Does anyone not? But occasionally, neither they nor I make the healthiest decisions. Even though I make an effort to eat healthily and keep track of what I consume, it can be difficult to exercise self-control when the rest of the family is enjoying ice cream and twinkies. So when I was given the opportunity to evaluate this gourmet nut gift basket, I decided that it would be a fantastic way for my family and I to snack on something healthier.The packaging is excellent, to start. You get a lovely plastic tray filled with different nuts that are all individually wrapped.The range consists of the following:One almondTwo. Cashews3. Shelled pistachios3. Pecans5. Peanuts coated in honey6. Pecans coated with honey (my personal favorite)7. Cajun style peanut mix, which includes spicy rice crackers and peanuts (the kind you find inside those Asian cracker mixes).Really, there is something here for everyone! This would be a wonderful present for someone who enjoys nuts, your boss or coworkers, or a secret santa party. Additionally ideal for hosting and parties. For me, though, this is too good to keep to myself. Ask my husband, who ate the entire batch of honey-roasted vegetables while leaving me with the crumbs. Thanks, sweetie.

Milliard Dried Fruit & Nut Deluxe Gift Platter Arrangement on Wood Tray for Occasions including New Years, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Holiday - 24 Ounce Assortment Review:

Although the nuts and dried fruit seem delicious and fresh, we're saving them for Christmas Day snacks even though we appreciate the options and the food overall looks good and fresh. But I suppose I prefer the one that lets you cover the box or serving dish if nobody eats it all. We snacked on the fruit and nuts from OH NUTS for several days because it was simple to open, nibble, and then close the box. We even sent a box with our children so they could learn to ski.

Holiday Nuts Gift Basket, Large 7-Sectional Elegant Nuts Assortment, Gourmet Christmas Food Box Prime Gift, Great for Thanksgiving, Birthday, Mothers, Fathers Day, Corporate Tray By Nut Cravings Review:

I was pleased with the nut tray I received after buying it as a present. It comes in pretty excellent packaging. comes in a lovely gift box that has a window so you can see the variety of nuts within. A 4-section clear plastic tray that is shrink wrapped to preserve freshness makes up the interior container. The ideal present is so simple to make—just attach a quick card to my host! I would suggest ordering a large quantity of these over the holiday season because they are a fantastic convenient alternative for when you need a last-minute present for just about everyone. They are easily accessible from storage and are lovely gifts that are appropriate for any situation.

Holiday Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket, Healthy Gourmet Snack Christmas Food Box, Great for Birthday, Sympathy, Family Parties & Movie Night or as a Corporate Tray - Oh! Nuts  Review:

These delightful delights are fantastic in every way! They were incredibly tasty, fresh, flavorful, and the variety was ideal. I sent a present to a family function that I was unable to attend. These were displayed with pride by my sister, who exclaimed, "Best gift ever, thank you, and I secretly stowed a bit for myself, hehe!" Thank You *Oh Nut, that's the best thank you I could have gotten! Furthermore, everyone in my family there had a favorite and thanked me for the treats. I'll definitely be buying this Gift Box again, along with the other options, and not just for the holidays! Suitable at any time, At any event, treat yourself and/or your guests!

Golden State Fruit Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift Review:

My favorite gift! I've had the pleasure of sending almost all "Oh Nuts" creations! since I had knee surgery when I received the dry fruit and nut dish! I was forced to eat off of this platter every day because using crutches and a leg brace prevented me from making healthy meals for myself. Every month, I typically send a "Oh Nuts" present. The sweets, fruits, nuts, and BISCOTTI (off the hook!) Just PERFECT! For Mother's Day, I sent several teas, biscotti, a DVD for Mom, and fresh flowers! Father enjoyed the fruit and nut plate after having heart surgery. THE NEED FOR HEALTHY FOOD! The Nuts and a copy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's book were both favorites of my personal trainer's! I love working out and I'm a native New Yorker. Quality and high levels of freshness are crucial. It is superior to anything I could buy online or in a store and have it mailed because of the packing, quality, and presentation. I enjoy including a second unique gift when I send a package. Coming from NYC, there are numerous Italian bakeries. The biscotti has always been present when my family and I had tea around three o'clock. My guests are astonished by these exquisite delicacies. "OH NUTS" is appreciated. For making the presents and customs of my family touch so many people's hearts and for making me proud to give gifts!Query, please! Do you offer discounts to regular customers? preparing to mail two more presents! Anniversary and birthday. Thank you a lot.Bsynrs

Golden State Fruit 12 Piece Happy Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries Review:

I bought them for my friend's birthday because of the fantastic reviews they had received on Amazon. Unfortunately, as promised on the internet, they were dispatched via two-day UPS rather than overnight. They were spoiled and arrived late as a result. My friend had to discard them. I spoke with the vendor that evening, and by morning I had received a complete refund. They also sent out a replacement order right away after sending them a 2-day apology and acknowledging our negative experience. They came the very following day, wonderful and fresh! Or so I'm told—I didn't receive any. However, they more than made up for the delivery error, and I will be getting these in the future for more family members and friends. I appreciate you making what would have been a terrible experience into a fantastic one.

Classic Fresh Fruit Basket Gift with Crackers, Cheese and Nuts for Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, Corporate Review:

My sister said the fruits were delectable and fresh. Everything was wonderful, but she had no idea who had sent it. A few days later, when I called her, she asked me who had sent it to her. Along with the bill for the basket, there was a message that read, "Enjoy." I had to delete it because I couldn't tell who sent it to her. Please be careful to let the customer know who sent the goods while shipping it. Oh, and don't send them the bill either.Thank You for Shipping to Nancy Tawick Order No. 113-1895665-502265My pal Nancy recommended the basket. Jul. 3 Thank you, however in her opinion they didn't travel very well. Some of the fruits were in terrible condition. ripened overly. She was home when UPS arrived, and the box was really hot. Thus, it wasn't because it sat outside in the heat. The tangerines and pears perished. I appreciate your consideration in this subject.