Best Electric Guitar Knobs in 2020

Fender Telecaster/Precision Bass Dome Knobs -Chrome Review:

Great knobs, but my order was messed up in an annoying way. I ordered two sets, one set was the wrong kind of knob. I ordered two sets of dome knobs, as I have a bass that had mismatched knobs and I wanted them to match. I received one set of dome knobs and one set of flat top knobs; so I still don't have a matched set of three knobs for my bass! I didn't notice until after the return period closed, as I put them on my parts shelf for a while before getting time to work on my bass. Really frustrating that I still have mismatched knobs on the damned thing. Honestly, I would have been fine with them sending my two sets of flat knobs OR two sets of dome long as they matched!

Ernie Ball Telecaster Knobs Chrome Plated Brass, Set of 2 Review:

Bought these knobs for a Washburn P Bass copy that I'm upgrading/refinishing. Fit perfectly on the "American Standard" size, smooth shaft pots that I installed and retaining screws do their job well. Knobs are heavy and obviously made of metal (with a plastic interior as you'd expect) and not just chrome plated plastic. They cost a little more than I wanted to spend but they are still a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them, unless you are trying to cut weight on your instrument.

Taiss/ 2pcs Black Aluminum Rotary Electronic Control Potentiometer Knob For 6 mm Diameter Shaft, Volume Control Knobs, Audio knob, Guitar Knobs,Switch Knobs, 20mm dia. x 15.5mm height Review:

Like some of the other reviewers, I used this knob on my JDS Atom amp to great results. I actually bought the silver and ended up buying the black as well because it looks quite a bit sleeker with the rest of the black casing. This knob actually solves a real design flaw with the amp- the stock knob is shallow and wide enough that it makes it difficult to properly grip when a thick 1/4" headphone cable is plugged in mere centimeters away from it. This knob is deeper, more narrow in diameter, has knurling for a better grip, and it metal which vastly helps improve the cheap plastic feel of the amp by upgrading the material used on the part with which you most commonly touch! Very satisfied with this knob.

KAISH 10pcs Guitar AMP Effect Pedal Knobs Pointer Knob with Set Screw Black Review:

I ended up not using them on my guitar, but not because it was a bad product. I'm still looking for a lower profile knob, but it seems like they don't exist. The nice thing about this type of knob is that it's easily readable, and easy to adjust. My guitar has the knobs located in my strum path is why I'm looking for a flatter profile. Otherwise, the knobs are good.

Switchcraft 11 Gold 1/4-Inch Electric Guitar Input Jack Review:

Works great! Ordered as a replacement on a guitar that a guy wanted blinged out in gold hardware. No issues at all with the install. As a side note, if this is something that you're tackling without much electrical experience. Positive wire goes to the outer terminal and negative goes to inner terminal. The guitar that I put this on had the last jack wired backwards and you'll know it's wired that way because when you plug it in, chances are, you're going to get a massive humming noise and very little sound output from the strings. I would buy this again.

Ernie Ball Telecaster Knobs Black Aluminum, Set of 2 Review:

Great Little Knobs. I bought 2 packages (4 knobs) for a 60's vintage Vox "Cougar" Bass guitar which had the old black "hat" style plastic knobs with the white numerals 1 through 10 on them and a stick-on silver metallic label for TONE or VOLUME. These old knobs and their labels were deteriorating after 50 years in service (understandable for plastic) and one had cracked so badly it could no longer turn the potentiameter it was set screwed on to. SO in a few minutes I removed the old knobs and replaced them with these Ernie Ball aluminum ones, tightened the allen headed set screws to secure them and I was in business! Great look and fit on the 1/4" shafts of the Vox pots and good control with the knurled surfaces of the new knobs. Happy bass player!

Pack of 4pcs Brass Dome Knob Volume Tone Control Knobs for Electric Guitar Bass Screw Type (Black) Review:

Good knobs for the price. Solid, heavy and attractive. They fit perfectly on my CTS split-shaft pots, and probably wouldn't have needed the set screw. The knurling gives a good grip without being uncomfortable, although I would have preferred a more aggressive texture. Of the four knobs, two came in great condition but the other two had noticeable marring on top. Annoying, but you won't see it unless you are up close. I will have to wait and see how well the black coating holds up over time.
Not perfect, but good for the price. I would be happy to buy these again for another project that didn't require absolute perfection.