Best Dessert Spoons in 2020

Plastic Spoons 125 Pack Disposable Cutlery, Heavy Duty Flatware, Plastic Silverware Set for Catering Events, Parties, Dinners, Weddings, Receptions and Everyday Use (Gold) Review:

The spoons are very nice. They are almost deep enough to qualify as a soup spoon. (Almost) They do have a funny smell to them. It is ever so faint. I think once they are out of the package for a while that the smell will go away, or if they are washed, the smell may go away. They are sturdy like the clear hard thick plastic ones you buy at Kroger or Walmart and they are easy to wash and keep for future use if you want since they are a little pricey compared to the clear plastic spoons. But if you want fancy. This is it.

Hiware Sporks 6-pack 18/10 Stainless Steel Sporks for Everyday Household Use, 7.6-Inch / 1.6-Ounce/Ice Cream Spoon & Salad Forks, Fruit Appetizer Dessert Review:

It's a spork-orama! It's hard to find sporks that (1) aren't obviously designed for camping and (2) have a big enough "bowl" to eat salads. I HATEHATEHATE when the bits and pieces in a salad fall off the fork, which they always do. With a good spork they don't! Note that there are lots of inferior sporks where the bowl isn't wide enough or deep enough. This one is very well designed, with a bowl that's a full 1.5 inches wide, 2 inches long (8.25" overall length) and deep enough to corral those salad bites. And they're not just good for salads, They're superior to forks for almost any kind of food except, possibly, a chunk of meat that you would "spear" with a fork. I love these, and they're VERY nice for the price – heavy stainless and only $1.66 each (when I bought them).

Set of 50 Pcs Disposable Plastic Ice Cream Dessert Spoons Review:

Everyone LOVED these at a construction themed baby shower. We used these as the utensil for an ice cream bar. A few came apart, but they easily go back together. Wouldn’t recommend for kids under 3, since detached shovels could be a hazard. But my kids (7 & 10) squirreled away a few for their barbies and they love them.

Hiware 12-piece Good Stainless Steel Dinner Spoons with Square Edge, 7.1 Inches Review:

I absolutely love this set of spoons! Upon opening the package, at first glance I thought they looked a bit too large, but after a bowl of ice cream, I fell in love. The handles are a perfect length, especially for larger bowls, where regular sized spoons fall inside. Hiware is a high quality brand for an extremely low price! I previously ordered a set of Hiware dinner forks, so I knew I wanted the same brand of spoons. Upgrade your silverware today with this awesome set! Happy shopping!

100 - Disposable Gold Elegant Petite Mini Tasting Appetizer Spoons, Dessert Spoon, Looks Like Gold Plastic Silverware - Solid, Durable, Heavy Duty Cutlery Review:

la idea principal por la que ordene las cucharas era usarlas para mini postres, crei que serian unas mini cucharas, pero al recibirlas y ver su tamano real me doy cuenta que no serian utiles para lo que las queria inicialmente, pero de igual forma me las quede porque pueden servirme para el cake , pues se ven muy bonitas y de buen material.

Black Mini Disposable Tasting Spoons - 3 Inch Plastic Sampling Spoons - Small Taster Spoons for Food, Ice Cream or Spices - Frozen Dessert Supplies - Beautiful Colors! 25 Count Review:

I used these little spoons so my 1st graders could taste test canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce and then write an opinion paper on their favorite one. It was a hit, and they loved the tiny spoons. Many of the kiddos took their spoons with them to use at home. :).
Each student used 2 spoons, so there are plenty of spoons leftover to use again next year.

Weenca Engraved Spoon Dad's Ice Cream Plow Gift for Dad Sturdy Stainless Steel Ice Cream Spoon Best Dad Gifts for Beloved Dad's who Adore Ice Cream Review:

The test and quality on this is really nice. I was surprised because my husband bought me something similar a while back and it was quite small but this is a full size spoon, perfect for a man to eat ice cream haha. I was also surprised because when I ordered I didn't notice it was made in Italy but I saw on the spoon it was, just made it feel a little fancier. This will probably be "dad and toddler's ice cream plow" haha.

Z Zicome Novelty Disposable Plastic Shovel Shape Dessert Spoon, Set of 50 Review:

These worked perfectly for my son's minecraft birthday party. We had dirt cake, and the kids loved eating it with shovels. We even ran a couple through the dishwasher, and they held up great. With 50 in the package, it wasn't necessary to save them, but as long as they're working, there's no reason to throw them away.

Tasting Spoons - Plastic Mini Tasting Spoons for Ice Cream, Dessert Assorted Spoons and Frozen Yogurt - Eco Friendly Disposable Spoon - 3 Inches (50) Review:

I am making tiramisu cups to sell as a fundraiser at a Festival of Nations event. I bought these spoons to use with 5.5 ounce dessert cups and they look like they will work perfectly. I can't speak to how sturdy they are in scooping out the dessert, or if I got the 100 pieces as advertised. I will find out soon enough and update my review if they fall short.