Best Cloth Napkins in 2022

Last update: December 17, 2022

Are cloth napkins worth it?

If you're looking to be more eco-friendly, ditch the paper napkins and opt for cloth instead. Not only are they reusable, but they're often more absorbent than their paper counterparts. Plus, they can add a touch of elegance to your dining table.

Do they reuse cloth napkins at restaurants?

How big should a cloth napkin be?

A cloth napkin should be big enough to cover your lap, but small enough to fit in your lap without being cumbersome. The size of a cloth napkin also depends on the size of the table; a larger table will require a larger napkin.

How do you finish the edges of napkins?

One way to finish the edges of napkins is to use pinking shears. Pinking shears are a type of scissors that have saw-toothed blades. When you use pinking shears to cut fabric, it creates a zigzag pattern along the edge of the fabric. This zigzag pattern helps to prevent the fabric from fraying. Another way to finish the edges of napkins is to use a serger. A serger is a sewing machine that sews a seam and finishes the edge of the fabric in one step. This is

Gee Di Moda Cloth Napkins - 17 x 17 Inch Apple Green Solid Washable Polyester Dinner Napkins - Set of 12 Napkins with Hemmed Edges - Great for Weddings, Parties, Holiday Dinner & More Review:

I only purchased the black napkins to eliminate my concern over stains.Naturally, you have concerns when ordering a cloth item that you cannot take in your hand to feel and inspect, but these napkins are fantastic. They're big and uniform, have a little sheen, and after two big dinner parties and subsequent washings, I can attest that they haven't faded, don't wrinkle AT ALL, and still seem brand new. The only thing I haven't done is iron them, which I believe is necessary if you want a super crisp napkin fold. In all other cases, they lie more blatantly.I really needed these because my previous set of napkins was practically worn through in several areas from being used so much. For a while, I looked, but everything was SO EXPENSIVE. I had reached the point where I was hosting a dinner party for 16 people and had run out of even a half dozen excellent napkins. In the end, I decided on these because the pricing was reasonable and other verified reviews made sure to emphasize everything that was significant to me. If you are unhappy with this brand, I believe it is because you were hoping for something different than what the listing or reviews made clear. I'll definitely pick these napkins again!

Simulinen Dinner Napkins – Disposable, Apricot, Cloth-Like – Elegant & Heavy Duty, Soft & Absorbent, Like Paper but Better! 16”x16” – Box of 50 Review:

Since neither my husband nor I want to use cloth napkins, I got these instead. However, when I have guests around, I like to go above and beyond the standard paper towel. No doubt, these napkins are functional. They are pretty thick and durable, though no one would mistake them for linen. You may scrunch them to fit into a napkin ring or fold them into a more elegant presentation, just like you might with cloth. Napkins designed like this are used at my favorite restaurant. Although they are somewhat expensive ($25 for 50 napkins), if you only use 4 at a time for company, the package should last you a while, and my guests are worth $.50 each. (I also keep a napkin holder with standard napkins on the table for dinners that require a lot of napkins. Every meal comes with one of these, and ordinary napkins are available for any additional needs.

COTTON CRAFT Cantina Multi Stripe Dinner Napkins with Fringes - Multicolor 12 Pack - 100% Cotton, Fringed, Napkins are 38% Larger Than Standard Size Napkins Review:

Because so many reviewers claimed that if you don't fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer, they become quite wrinkly, I was hesitant to purchase these. I chose to test them even though I knew there was no way my four small children would get their clothes folded so quickly since I am really trying to find ways to produce less trash. I never imagined I could be so thrilled over a napkin, but I am very satisfied with my purchase!They are large and constructed of soft, absorbent cotton, making it simple to wipe soiled hands and spills. I appreciate that they are sold in a 12-pack, making them practical for even large households without the need to purchase additional sets. At the end of the day, I throw them in the washer and dryer, and when I fold and re-lay them out on the table the next morning, they still look great. However, for my purposes as a daily use napkin, you really don't even notice the wrinkles. I suppose that if you wanted to make a nice type of napkin presentation, you would need to iron them. Additionally, the blue check pattern on our farmhouse-style table looks wonderful. If you're interested in using cloth napkins, I definitely suggest this product.

Utopia Home 24 Pack Cloth Napkins (17 x 17 Inches), Black Dinner Napkins Review:

I bought these to use over the Fourth of July and Christmas. They are flawless. No need for me to iron them. Paper napkins are not my favorite. They come in a really excellent size. They have my utmost satisfaction.

Ruvanti Black Cloth Napkins 12 Pack (18" X18"), Black Linen Napkins - Soft,Durable,Comfortable &Reusable Black Cotton Napkins -Everyday Use Perfect Cocktail Napkins/Dinner Napkins/Table Napkins. Review:

We just renovated our dining area, and I've been wanting to transition from paper towels to something much more environmentally friendly. I searched around, and these seemed to offer the best value. I'm very happy I ordered them since I adore the larger size of these napkins and the beautiful shade of grey they are. They are incredibly soft when they first arrive and hold up well in the washer. The color is still vibrant after about two washings, and the size is still very accurate. One of the additional hues is already in my "saved for later" basket for when we have more money.

Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins, 12 Pack (18 x 18 Inches), Cocoa Brown Cotton Dinner Napkin Review:

The napkins came to me in a lovely plastic bag, which I now use to store them. They softened after washing and did not shrink when I washed them in hot water and dried them in a hot setting. Although they did have some creases, after giving them a good shake and folding, they were fine. I left them crammed in my laundry basket. I would advise minimal ironing if using for formal purposes to give them a clean, sharp appearance. With regular use, they can get a few creases. After washing, the edges do not curl. They feel like cotton, not polyester, and lay comfortably on the lap. even after washing, holds its shape well and may be folded. They are intelligent. It feels rather soft to the touch and has a khaki-pant-like texture (only thought that came to my mind, sorry). They don't smell chemically as some other napkins occasionally do. I would suggest and repurchase. I'm incredibly happy. extremely quick delivery (Prime member).

Lann's Linens - 1 Dozen 20" Oversized Cloth Dinner Table Napkins - Machine Washable Restaurant/Wedding/Hotel Quality Polyester Fabric - Baby Blue Review:

These were purchased to match my existing accent/salad plates from the Toulouse series. They perfectly complement the blue on the plates and give the table an air of subtle beauty. The cloth is smooth and absorbent, and the napkins are of a considerable size. Whichever colour you choose, I wholeheartedly endorse these.

Cotton Dinner Napkins 12 Pack (18x18 Inches) Aqua, 100% Cotton, Tailored with Mitered Corners and a Generous 1" Hem, Soft and Comfortable - Ideal for Events and Regular Home Use Review:

These appear to be of high quality. They are still a touch stiff because I've only been using them for a few weeks, but I'm confident they will break in. To prevent grease stains from showing, I purchased black ones. I would advise. They are made entirely of cotton, which is significant to me because it is more environmentally friendly than polyester. I only needed a few more linen napkins because I've always used them.

Cotton Craft- Dinner Napkins, 12 Pack Oversized Dinner Napkins 20x20 Black, 100% Cotton, Tailored with Mitered corners and a generous hem, Napkins are 38% larger than standard size napkins Review:

We exclusively use cloth napkins in our home because we don't use disposables. However, the ones I had were multicolored, making stains very obvious. As a result, I chose to get some that were a dark hue so that stains wouldn't be as obvious. The fact that they don't include any synthetic components was also essential to me. Although I was glad to locate them, I really wish they were a quarter the size. Additionally, I wish they weren't packaged in plastic (so if you're the manufacturer or store reading this, kindly consider other environmentally friendly packaging options, such as a paper sleeve?). But they endure nicely! They have already been through numerous washes and pasta night; there are no stains to be seen, and they still look excellent. I would certainly iron these in between usage if they were solely for special events, but they don't wrinkle enough for daily use.

YCC Linen - 20 Inch Square Premium Polyester Cloth Napkins 10 Pack - Black, Oversized, Double Folded and Hemmed Table Napkins for Restaurant, Bistro, Wedding, Thanksgiving and Christmas Review:

With regard to these napkins, I wasn't sure what to anticipate, but they are excellent! Since I assumed cotton would be more absorbent than polyester, I had assumed I would prefer 100% cotton napkins, but they did not let me down. They are made of a beautiful medium to heavy weight fabric that is slightly "tough" in texture to prevent slipping. They served as the tableware for our Thanksgiving meal, and afterward, they cleaned up wonderfully. You wouldn't even know they were used! Additionally, they resist wrinkles well! They didn't even need to be ironed before the following time we used them; they were left in my dryer for a few hours before I took them out. Although I have to admit that the black is fantastic for covering food stains, I'm so satisfied with these that I will be getting more in other colors! I've included a picture that demonstrates the fabric's texture somewhat.

How do you tell if a fabric is cotton or linen?

To tell if a fabric is cotton or linen, look at the fibers. Cotton fibers are short and smooth, while linen fibers are long and flax-like. You can also try to burn a small sample of the fabric. Cotton will smolder and turn to ash, while linen will curl up and turn to ash.

How do you wash cloth napkins?

How many napkins can you make from a yard of fabric?

Assuming you are making 20" square napkins, you can make 16 napkins from a yard of fabric.

How often should cloth napkins be washed?

Cloth napkins should be washed after every use. If they are only used occasionally, they can be stored in a dry place until they are ready to be used again.

Is 100% linen the same as 100% cotton?

There are a few key differences between 100% linen and 100% cotton. For one, linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, while cotton is made from the fibers of the cotton plant. Linen is also much stronger and more durable than cotton, and it has a higher absorbency rate. Finally, linen is less likely to wrinkle than cotton.

Is cotton or linen better for napkins?

Cotton is a natural fiber that is absorbent and durable, making it a good choice for napkins. Linen is a stronger fiber than cotton and is less likely to tear, but it is not as absorbent.