Best Cheddar Cheese in 2020

High Temperature Pepper Jack Cheese - 2.5 Lb. Bag Review:

Second time ordering. Really great tasting high temp cheese. Also the first order had a mis ship of one package of cheese and the provider was awesome to work with. Not only did they fix the mistake they went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied as a customer. Thank you. Will definitely order again

Tillamook Vintage Extra-Sharp Cheddar Cheese 2lb. Review:

First I was glad to get the product as it's presented, well, and carefully packaged, but before I got the product, I was a little hesitant of paying that much for a cheese. Then I got to taste a bit of it, this is not the usual cheddar from local super market, Lo!. This product is worth every pennies I counted to get it, the size is perfect, it's larger than the picture and dense/thick. The description should warn your taste buds, after eating this product you will be hard pressed to get the usual super market one. it is not flaky or hard but just perfect. I am pleased with the product and will get it again it will become my regular cheese in the refrigerator now.
Thank you.

High Temperature Cheddar Cheese - 2.5 Lb. Bag Review:

First order from Ask the Meatman and I'm impressed. This cheese arrived in great shape. Just used a lb in 10lbs of breakfast sausage links and it is out of this world! Tasty, high melt point, the dice is perfect. The price is worth every penny. I'm very glad Ask the Meatman offers these cheeses for sausage at a very fair price considering the quick shipping with a cold pack. Please continue to make this product available, just ordered my second batch of cheese and intend to try the other flavors offered. If you're making sausage and want a perfect cheddar this can't be beat. Next stop, homemade cheese beer brats!

Maruchan Instant Lunch Cheddar Cheese, 2.25 Oz, Pack of 12 Review:

This is my favorite flavor of ramen hands down! I used to be able to find this flavor in my local walmart, but I cant find it anywhere anymore. I was overjoyed when i saw this deal on amazon. It arrived fully sealed as if i bought it straight from the factory which was neato.

Its hard to describe the flavor of this ramen. Its very unique ans something youll have to try for yourself to truely understand the flavor. It isnt very overpowering or strong. The cheese is very light but not watery. The pasta is a wonderful texture too.

Reccomended for cheese lovers.

Moon Cheese - 100% Natural Cheese Snack - Cheddar - 2 oz - 3 Pack Review:

I love my Moon Cheese! But I will admit that the first time I ate it, I thought it was so gross and I believe I threw that first bag out. I am a low-carber, and I will try any snack that is low-carb, which is the reason I originally tried them. I've had similar cheese snacks before that I really loved, and I was surprised that I didn't like these when I first tried them. They definitely have a different taste than the other cheese snacks I've tried.

I kept going back to give them another shot, and after a couple times of trying them, not only did I like them, but I loved them. How to explain them? Well, if you strictly go by taste, they do taste like cheese. Which makes sense, because they are made from cheese! But they are hard and crunchy like pretzel balls in a way. There's even a slight "greasy" feeling to them, like exists on a piece of cheese.

There are only a couple of carbs in the entire bag! That was the real game-changer for me. The other cheese snacks I've tried all have many more carbs. While cheese is generally carb-free, it's not easy to find a cheese snack like these that is. I keep a few bags of these in my desk drawer at work, some at home, and one in the car. Each bag is resealable, but I tend to eat the entire bag in one sitting.

My advice is that if you try them and aren't impressed the first time, give them another try. I am SO glad I did, because like I said I really disliked them the first time. Now they are a staple of mine.

Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory Traditional Cheddar Cheese Straws in Gift Tin, 16oz (454g) Review:

The rating for these varies from one family member to another. They arrived promptly, in good condition, and fresh. Their texture is like a crumbly shortbread. They are very rich with a strong cheddar flavor and a nice bit of heat. Some of the family loved these and say they are worthy of 5 stars. I find them too rich. They are not bad. They are just not my taste preference.

Personally, I prefer the very crunchy style of cheese straws made by Trader Joe's or John Macy's (both of which are available on Amazon). They, too, are very cheesy with a nice bite of heat, but they are not as rich and heavy in taste or texture. Mom likes their taste, but prefers the softer texture of the shortbread-style straws. It really comes down to personal preference.

Easy Cheese Cheddar Cheese Snack, 8 Ounce (Pack of 12) Review:

We buy this by the case for our pups - stick it in the Kong, on the snacks, on anything that we use to bribe them or reward them. We tried a less-expensive and more generic version of this from a big-box and had poor results as we feel like the dye used is not natural and affected their behavior. This brand used beet and turmeric as dyes and that seems better for us. Your results may vary!

Pirate's Booty Snack Puffs, Aged White Cheddar, 1 Ounce (Pack of 24) Review:

I ordered a case (pack of 24) of the pirates booty aged white cheddar never having tried them but i've heard good things. I was expecting more of a popcorn texture but i think it more closely resembles a less dense cheeto. They're really good you definitely get the white cheddar flavor in each bite and there are quite a few of those things in the 1 oz bag. I like that you don't just get 10-15 like most 100 calorie (ish) snacks. I did not find them to be as filling as i had anticipated but it does satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack. I had been on a snyders 100 cal pretzel binge lately and i think i'll alternate between the pretzels & pirates booty. I would love to see the price per unit go down as these are nearly four times more expensive than my pretzel snacks. I doubt they are having a hard time moving product anyway but i think lowering the price a little would make me buy them much more often. Overall GREAT tasting snack and i would highly recommend.

Just The Cheese Bars, Crunchy Baked Low Carb Snack Bars - 100% Natural Cheese. High Protein and Gluten Free, Aged Cheddar (12 Two-Bar Packs) Review:

I was hesitant to post a review because I wanted to keep these my little secret to ensure they would always be in stock when I want to order. I decided these are too wonderful to not share with the world though! These are AMAZING! I have reordered 4 times already to make sure I always have them in the cupboard.

Annie's Classic Mild Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, 6 oz Box Review:

I've got two boys with sensory issues and autism so food jags are nothing new for me. I didn't like the idea of the crap that's in store brand and Kraft's versions, and he isn't thrilled with homemade versions unless we use mystery cheese products like Velveta. Thus, I was looking for something that had a minimal level of crap to it. This is is. My son loves his "bunny mac n cheese" and aside from better ingredients the sauce is creamier than Kraft and tastes better. Get it on subscribe and save to save some ducats and have it on deck for the days when you want comfort food fast.