Best Caviars & Roes in 2020

"Sardinian Gold" - Finest Sardinian Bottarga di Muggine - Units Weigh Between: 2.79-3.49oz Review:

I watched a lot of YouTube mullet row cooking videos and wanted to try it. This one turned out to be half the size of those I’ve seen in the videos, about 5 inches in length.

Well packaged with nice golden colors. I split off a half to try out the cooking method I saw in the food videos. Soaking it in strong liquor to soften up the skin so I can peel it. Worked well enough that I was able to get most of the skin off. Then I pan fried it in the same liquor I soaked it in until the liquor evaporated. That just seemed to rehydrate the roe a little, so I sprayed a bit of cooking oil in the pan and lightly pan fried it to get a little crisp on both sides.

Too impatient to wait for it to cool down completely, I started slicing it when it was still warm. Not advisable if you care about presentation. In my case, it crumbled a bit as I was cutting. I didn’t mind since I’ve been snacking on the slices as I made the cuts. Originally bought it try as a snack anyways so it met my expectations. I was just a little disappointed about how tiny it turned out. But now that I know what 2.79-3.49 oz size looked like, I know to search for at least twice that size for future snacks. A lot of pasta recipes add grated Borttarga, and some Taiwanese fried rice recipes used sliced or diced mullet roe to fry together with the rice. Both kinds of recipes looked good in the food vids, but snacking on the sliced Borttarga is much easier to get the great taste with minimal ingredients and effort.

Poseidon Bottarga (Dried Wild Caught Mullet Roe) Fine Italian Delicacy 3.5 ~ 4.58 oz Review:

This was a new product for us. I saw a recipe in NYT Cooking that called for bottarga and had never heard of it, despite having eaten my way around Sicily. I ordered it from my phone immediately with the Amazon app. The package showed up very quickly. The product is packaged perfectly, and in a way that allows you to grate the bottarga without putting your fingers on it. Most importantly, we loved how it tastes and what it added to the dish. My husband and sons loved it. It is so tasty, but not overwhelmingly fishy. It added a lot of flavor and, I think, reduced the need for salt because it is so flavorful. Normally I would have added shaved Parmesan or Asiago to the dish, but it didn't need the extra flavor. So maybe it is also good if you are trying to cut out cheese/dairy.
I would also say that the weight of my sample was toward the high side of the company's estimated weight range.
Totally happy. Will order again.

Ossetra Sturgeon caviar 100g (3.5 oz) Review:

This was a Christmas gift for my wife. I am making it a custom to offer some of the most interesting delicacies as key gifts every year. I am not a caviar efficencianado, but have had it in occasion, and have a feel for what I want. The product is VERY competitively priced, and arrived quickly packed in ice. I kept it in the refrigerator for about two weeks before consuming it (Christmas Eve). The eggs were about 1 - 2 mm in diameter, and had that pop of freshness you would expect. They have an evolving flavor, starting with an amazing clean flavor of the open sea (not fishy!) Followed by a buttery rich intensity. This was DEFINITELY worth the price and experience. We served the caviar with mild crackers and -15C vodka. My wife and I ha e decided to make this a semi regular event!

Bottarga Esmeralda - Caviar Of The Mediterranean - (Dried Mullet Roe) 3.19 ~ 4.2 oz Wild Caught from the Mediterranean Sea Review:

Bottarga was introduce to me by my Mediterreanean friends; it captures the salty seafood essence and i like to use it as you would parmesan or truffle...added at the end , stirred in, and some on top. My fav is using it in a seafood pasta with shrimp or calimari....its complimentary and a culinary refinement just as fennel pollen is to ordinary fennel......Esmeralda is a very fine mullet botarda and this is certainly not my first time ordering it....when in Prime...i get it in 2 days....buon appetito!!!

Bottarga Borealis (Dried Cod Roe) 3.5 oz From The Depths Of The Norwegian Arctic Review:

Awesome product! So creamy and full of mouthfeel. Perfect stuff for your recipe. Will definitely buy it again. I used it in an artichoke salad. Lovely reviews all around!

Tzar Caviar Vegan - Gourmet Seaweed Pearls - jar 3.7 oz Black Beluga Style Review:

This product is amazing. I liked other vegan caviar product I've tried well enough, at least with plenty of margarine spread to up the fat content. But this one actually tastes close to the real deal, with great texture. You don't quite get that "pop" when you bite into it, but it's buttery and silky and not grainy.

I also love that the packaging matches "real" Russian caviar. It doesn't look out of place on the holiday table.

Considering it's twice the cost of the vegan alternatives, when I bought it I thought "well let's try this and see if it's worth the higher price." I can now say it is, and will be my product of choice from here on out. I had my (non-vegan) family try it and while of course it wasn't an exact match for real black caviar, they were pretty impressed.

I'm excited that I can share holiday breakfasts with my family again using this product as a substitute.