Best Baking Powder in 2020

Anthony's Organic Espresso Baking Powder, 5oz, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Enhances Chocolate Flavor Review:

A smidgen of coffee flavor enhances chocolate, did you know that? Brownies are so much better for a teaspoon of added coffee powder. Cannot taste the coffee flavor but somehow the chocolate is just more better. Shake the package occasionally and use it up - don't let it set in your cupboard for years. I wouldn't use it to make a cup of coffee but then I have never liked instant coffee. Now I must go make some brownies with chocolate ganache frosting and toasted walnuts - with a spoonful of this coffee powder in both the brownie and the frosting!

Ener-G Baking Powder - 7.05 oz Review:

I have a sweet tooth but I have to watch my cholesterol and sodium intake. I make a homemade healthy brownie with whole wheat flour, cocoa, small amount of chia seeds or flax meal and baking powder. I bullet blender, almond milk or water, a scoop or two of "Now" whey isolate powder, 2 bananas and stevia or other sweetener to taste and mix into dry ingredients to make a thick, cake batter-like consistency. I don't really have exact measurements, I've been making these for a while and go by taste and tweak the ingredients, as I go. Sometimes I add oat flour, ground up oatmeal in a blender, but these heavy ingredients need baking powder to make them rise. Ordinary baking powder has aluminum and sodium. This product, happily for me, does not. I made a pan of my brownies and they came out really well. They are a chewier, cake-like texture. I used twice the amount of the powder, 2 teaspoons for my recipe. There is a slight difference in taste because of the calcium in the Ener-G powder. Overall, I am impressed with the performance of the Ener-G baking powder. Not everyone likes my low cal brownies, they find them a bit bland, but for me, since I have to watch my health, with a cup of tea, they satisfy my sweet tooth just fine.

365 Everyday Value, Baking Powder, 10 oz Review:

I bought this specifically for making chicken wings. I read online that if you lightly toss the wings in ALUMINUM-FREE baking powder, it helps them get ridiculously crispy in the oven. It was right! And because it's aluminum free, it didn't have a bitter taste. For regular baking, I'll probably stick with normal BP but for my oven-baked wings, this is the one!

365 Everyday Value, Baking Powder, 10 Ounce Review:

Great product great price,Everyday value baking powder,Aluminum free. Absolute recommend I will buy again,Much more healthier than regular baking powder.

365 Everyday Value, Baking Soda, 16 oz Review:

Great for so many household uses: cleaning, washing, teeth care,keeping the fridge fresh, and many more.
I've never had any item spill out in a box upon delivery, but I have had a few punchured boxes 😞. Thank goodness that Amazon is now shrink wrapping and taking measures to secure product's non spillage arrival upon delivery (if this has been occurring, then my apologies, but I've been receiving deliveries for years now and this is my 1st time having it) This was a modest order for me, so I was even more please to see this wasn't based on order size! (1 lg/m bx sz). Of course the long chained sealed air protections have always been appreciated!! Thx!!!

Calumet Double Acting Baking Powder (7 oz Tin) Review:

Great quality baking powder! I use it every time I bake and for pancakes as well. It's a good raising agent, that makes baking goods fluffy.
I also use it in products with psyllium husks and protein powder (no wheat flour), with good results.
It lasts good in the pantry, no clumps in months.
Similar to other baking powders, you really need to mix well your dry ingredients; if you fail to do that you might get a bitter aftertaste in some bites.

Hoosier Hill Farm Dry Malt (Diastatic) baking Powder 1.5 lb. Review:

I purchased this to give a little help to my sourdough breads that I bake. It's worked wonders! I use anywhere from 1 to 2 tablespoons per loaf these days; I get a better rise, a nicer browning to the crust, and I think it helps the flavour a bit as well, since it helps to feed the fermentation process. Supposedly using too much can result in a "gummy" crust to your bread, but I've gone all the way up to 2 tablespoons and had nothing but great results and I bake about two loaves of bread a week, so feel free to try a little more until you find a sweet spot for it.

A little tip: if you're looking at this product with sourdough baking in mind, I'd recommend you look into some citric acid as well, if you haven't already (I buy Milliard Citric Acid - 1 Pound - 100% Pure Food Grade NON-GMO (1 Pound)); it helps boost the sour zip in your breads as well! (I use a scant teaspoon of it for each loaf, if you're curious.)

Rumford, Baking Powder, 8.1 oz Review:

I was so glad to be able to find this elusive product here on Amazon. A few years ago I went on a mission to learn how to make biscuits from scratch. In the recipe book I was using the author recommended using a baking powder that was aluminum free. Well, it never even crossed my mind that baking powder would have that ingredient, but sure enough there it was listed in the ingredients. I made my first batch of biscuits and they seemed to taste okay but when I was in the grocery store later I found this Rumford brand of baking powder. Wow, oh wow! What a difference it made in the flavor of my homemade biscuits. That grocery store chain moved out of my town and I've been looking for Rumford since then. I finally thought to look on Amazon and there it was for sale. Why did I wait so long??

Hain Pure Foods Featherweight Baking Powder, 8 Ounce Review:

All baking power works by proving both an acid and a base, with the addition of water the chemical reaction between the acid and base produces gas, i.e., bubbles. The stronger the acid and base combination, the more gas and as such the more the baking powder will enable the rising. The potassium based combination does not produce quite as much gas as the sodium based combination. I use this baking powder making pure oat bran muffins. I've found that if I use 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of Hain baking powder I get the same rise as if I used 1 tablespoon of a sodium based baking powder. I'm satisfied with the product and am delighted to get potassium instead of sodium. You may find you need to use slightly more of this baking powder to get thesame amount of rise as with sodium based baking powders. I defiantly recommend this product.

Rumford Baking Powder, 8.1 Ounce, 2 Count Review:

I use rumford baking powder ALLTHE TIME! I make scones, biscuits, pancakes, cakes, waffles, cornbread, muffins, and on and on and on using this brand's powder. I get really tall biscuits and scones especially, it's very satisfying. I can rely on the results. It doesn't really clump either like clabber girl or whatever that white can brand is that has aluminum in it. I choose rumford because they are aluminum free and always seems fresh and smooth, giving me great results. I like the helpful measuring part of the lid too. I am never without a spare can in my pantry.
I ordered these on Amazon for my sister in Santa Barbara, her Vons by her house only has that other brand I mentioned that I grew up using with my mother, I recalled my mom having to first smooth out all the lumps in her hand before adding it to the mix, and my sister's baking powder at her house of this brand was the same. I thought they put the aluminum and all the cruddy ingredients in there to inhibit this... anyway, I used it at her place and I got sad little scones. Could have been a combination of it being older powder or an oven that is out of whack...but I couldn't leave without ordering her the good stuff and an oven temp sensor. I threw out her gross baking powder and left her my recipe and heard back in a week that her scones came out fluffy and her oven runs 25degrees hotter according to the temp gauge I got.
Romford truly is the best on the market. I trust it in all my cooking which is also mostly organic. I don't skimp on quality when I am spending a lot of money on ingredients. You can likely find it at a higher end grocery store that caters to quality foods, not bulk or processed foods with low prices.
I buy mine for about $3 a can. Worth having a back up at all times. Many recipes call for 3tsp/1 tbsp of powder at a time.
Cans can be reused for draining off fat or making into rattle toys for toddlers. My boys love getting the cans when I am finished with the powder.
Hope this helps.