Best Surf, Skate & Street Tennis Shoes in 2020

PRO-Keds Men's Royal Lo Classic Canvas Sneaker Review:

Unlike Converse I found these to be true to size in length but maybe a bit wider in width than normal " D " range shoes. Jut order your normal size and add a Spenco pad for any space needing to be filled.

There is a removable insole and I highly replacing it with your own of better quality to add a degree of arch support.

Not the best walking shoe without putting in your own insole and definitely not for sports but the look is super stylish. These are very versatile with many outfits.

Palladium Men's Pallabosse Mid Chukka Boot Review:

Fast delivery, wonderful boots. Still breaking in, since the leather is a bit hard new. The color is spot on, and walking in them is soooooo comfortable. They are light too, given the thickness of the base. Wonderful all-round walk/work/fun boots!
One thing to note is that the price fluctuates quite a bit, so just add one into your cart, and wait till the price is right.

DC Men's Gaveler Review:

I just ordered these DC’s for myself and love them. They fit the same as my other DC’s, I usually wear the Court Graffik or Net. I really like the extra padding these shoes offer on the tongue and around the collar. Overall a very comfy fit, great color and solid price. 10/10 I’d buy again!

Lakai Men's Owen VLK Skate Shoe Review:

This shoe is difficult to skate if like my pair yours fit loosely above your foot...
I have to wear two pairs of socks when i skate with these but then they become a fantastic skate shoe- there is an inner lining within the shoe that protects it from ripping. I've never seen anything like it, once the suede outer layer rips you begin to see this soft rubbery mesh material and it holds up even better than suede- I've only just broken past it in the past two months of skating

If you're just looking for a slip on that looks good and are not interested in skating I would disregard the point about them fitting loosely, you need to be nitpicky in skating shoes and I wanted something more tight-fitting for board feel.

Cool shoe, wouldn't purchase without trying on prior though.

Body Glove Men's 3T Max Review:

First off I am glad I read the reviews on fitting them, the "Cinch" style is definitely a tighter fit and harder to slip on but true to size, and getting the "Max" style 1 size larger was the correct call as this did make them fir more comfortably as well as slipping them on/off. I would say these are the ones to get if you are like me and have a high instep/tall arch and or a wide foot, the Cinch seemed to be more for a slender foot. This gives you a level to set the tightness with the strap across the top/instep of your foot. But as for everyday use, these were great. I bought them for our trip to Hawaii for all the beach and small hikes and i was not disappointed. So glad i have them. They were a little weird to swim in, as there is some resistance, but I was able to adapt to where it was not a detriment.

Body Glove Men's 3t Barefoot Hero Water Shoe Review:

I felt compelled to write this review because I almost didn't buy these due to the reviews stating that the shoes are very difficult to get on. However, I've had Body Glove water shoes in the past, and figured I'd give it a shot with the three toe version. I'm very happy that I did, as they are super comfortable and after the first two times, they generally go on the first time every time. Either way, I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair of water shoes.

DC Men's Midway Skate Shoe Review:

My son picked these out for his Birthday. They look sharp, he LOVES THEM I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.