Best Breast Petals in 2020

Womens Silicone Pasties, Adhesive Bra Reusable 2 Pair Invisible Silicone Nipple Cover lace (2, Nude-A) Review:

I previously used Aerie silicone pasties which were awesome but expensive & they came in awkward plastic packaging that wasn’t attractive for storing especially on the go. These pasties actually might be of better quality (it’s a close call) & you get 2 pairs plus the very discreet & efficient storage case. I love them!! I’ve been wearing the round ones every day for over a week during one of the hottest weeks yet in south Florida & they work just as well as the first time I wore them. I even wore them to the outdoor slightly stoopid concert this weekend & they held on strong with ZERO issues all through the tailgate & entire concert. I seriously don’t even know where any of my bras are at the moment & I don’t care. I just slap these bad boys on in the morning & then at night I put them on top of my drawers to dry over night. If I weren’t using them the next morning I would then put the plastic on them & stick them back in the case but I suggest letting them air dry for at least a few hours before putting them away in order to retain their maximum stickiness.

Nippies Skin ULTIMATE ADHESIVE NippleCovers Pasties & Travel Case - Creme Review:

Over the last month I have tried every stick-on bra/pastie there is looking for freedom from a bra strap.

I have tried silicon stick on with a clasp
I have tried fabric stick on with a clasp
I have tried Walmart brand reusable silicon pasties
And I have tried Victoria secret pasties

These are by far the best, most comfortable, and breathable sets out there. They stay on all day, sometimes 12+ hours and do not irritate me.

They are not see through and soft/ flexible. And they really don’t show on a camera if the shirt is thin.

I had some trouble shooting. I am a C cup and don’t like the look of saggy breasts.
To eliminate this toy would apply offset below the nipple and then pull everything up so the adhesive sticks higher on the breast. It looks rounded like a bra and supported like a bra but no bra straps holding things up.

I wear these under everything, not just thin or sheet shirts.

I have only been wearing them for a short time but personally I think as long as they are cared for that they will last many months. And for this price it’s similar to a VS bra but a fraction of the price.

Overall I am really happy with my purchase and will purchase again.

When I purchase again I will probably get the DD size as I think it will smoother the breast further.

BY the way... no puckering, lifting, of noticeable edges with this either.

Nippies Skin ULTIMATE ADHESIVE NippleCovers Pasties & Travel Case - Caramel (Small) Review:

I started trying to go bra free more frequently for the past year and these were my attempt to keep it from being obvious in terms of nipping, shape, and see through issue of thin/light colored clothes. These are fantastic at addressing nipping (will not show if you are cold), and they ever so subtly shape so that it wouldn't be obvious you are braless in a professional setting. However, these FAIL in the opaque/see-through department. I am white with medium-darkish nipples and they completely show through when wearing white or any light-colored clothing. I tried both the light and medium Nippies and had the same issue with both. So unless you have incredibly light-colored nipples, expect them to show. I purchase 2 sets so I could alternate them, hoping the adhesive would last a little longer. I have had them for roughly 10 months now and they're still kicking (I wash them after each use and let them air dry), though of course they are less sticky than first wear. I LOVE the carrying case these come with - so easy to travel with them. Hopefully one day they will figure out how to make the adhesive more durable and how to make them truly opaque!

QUXIANG 4 Pairs Pasties Women Nipple Covers Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nippleless Covers (2 Round+2 Flower) Review:

I have stopped wearing bras since I discovered a pre-cancerous nodule where the seam meets the skin under my arm... I am coming here to order some more! I’ve tried others before, and the glue was irritating my skin, and they did not have the little “breathing” patch in the middle that actually avoids the shield to stick to the actual nipple (it only sticks to the areola, if that makes sense). I don’t have any such issue with these. They come with a case - super convenient - stick all day (I even forgot them at a very sweaty yoga class and they stayed on). After 3 months only one pair has really lost stickiness, and does not “reactivate” after rinsing. That’s a great duration - the other 3 pairs are still good. They cover perfectly and are not visible under garments. Just great !

Nippleless Covers, Pasties, Silicone Reusable Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra 2 Pairs Round Review:

It's cold in NE Ohio this week so it was a good time to try this after they arrived. Yes, you could not see any "headlights" after I put them on. They are very comfortable and they definitely stayed put. I actually didn't know I had them on after a few minutes. I'm going on a cruise in a few weeks and the LAST thing I want to wear in hot weather is a darn bra! So these will do the job and other women won't give me The Stink Eye for having my "headlights" saying, "HOWDY!" (As an aside, have you noticed that it's other women who notice things like that. My Spousal Unit says that men notice but they don't care. But I digress.

The reason why I gave them only 4 stars is they don't tell you how to store them after you wash them. I didn't save the plastic film that comes on the back, (it was pretty messed up after I took it off) so I wrapped them in saran wrap.

A couple of things I'll tell you that might be helpful. First of all, they ARE sticky, as they should be but the center of the disc is not so what I did is I handled them from the center on both sides. My nipple area is about 1 1/4 inches in diameter so these definitely covered EVERYTHING! When I took them off, I pulled my skin taut and peeled them away.

But definitely handle these from the center un-sticky area as much as you can because it's easier.

If the manufacturer had give instructions on how to easily store them after you take them off, I probably would have given this product 5 stars.

Just as an aside, the notes that wear included in the box were very nice and the directions on how to put them on were easy to follow. I just wish someone would check the English grammar, please! There were words missing. But that is nick-picky, I'll grant you.

CHARMKING Nipple Covers 4 Pairs Womens Reusable Adhesive Invisible, Beige, Size Small Review:

Overall, these are probably the best covers I've used. Tried the fabric/paper ones and some similar, but much smaller, silicone ones. I prefer the size of these, the fit is more natural. Also, these wash and stick back better than any other. Excellent value too!
+ Comes in a nice box and package to keep in.
+ The plastic backing is much larger so it's a lot easier to put back on when done.
+ Super easy on and off. So comfortable I put one on, went to do something quick and completely forgot I had it on the whole time!
+ Looks natural. I'm not very, uh, blessed in that area, but I think they actually make me look a lettle bit more full when I'm in a tight top.
Both shapes blend in very well to different skin tones and are invisible under the most sheer fabric.
The only thing I had a small issue was that on a few the edges (where the "sticky part" ends) sort of stuck out so I trimmed them a little. But that's just me.
Like I said, if you're looking for something like this, these are it. You may not even know you need them until you've got them!
Perfect for wearing under lace bralettes or swimwear -they're super water-proof.

Highly recommend! I'll buy more, but I think these ones will last a long time!

Invisible Bra, Breast Lift Nippleless Cover Adhesive Bra Rabbit's Ears 2 Pairs Review:

I received these yesterday and just in time for date night last night!Being a D,these strapless bras are an option for me making summer where I live even more comfortable.With temperatures reaching 110 6/7 days a week.I’m always looking for ways to stay cooler.Last night was no exception to the hot weather,I wore them to the party,they not only stayed put but also gave me an extra lift.They lasted the full six hours I had them on despite the perspiration and movement!Great buy!!

Hiramex Nipple Breast Covers, Disposable Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra Nippleless Cover Review:

Was skeptical because of the other reviews and the whole removal process. I had no issues whatsoever. They stayed on all night, comfortable, like they weren't there. Got home at about 4am and went to take them off without any problem. It didn't hurt at all. Now I didn't just pull it off in one sharp movement, I did it slowly, still zero pain on skin, like a really strong sticker. I didn't throw them away just left them on my bathroom counter and went to bed. Next day had to do grocery shopping, so I tried to see if they could be reused before throwing them out. To my surprise they stuck back on. (I was wearing a tight fitting tank top so they could be pressed and not fall in case they did) I basically forgot about them and ended up wearing them the rest of the day until bedtime.

Nipple Breast Covers, Sexy Breast Pasties Adhesive Bra Disposable Review:

These are great for dresses to prevent rubbing, ive ordered them a few times, I wish they were thicker to actually help "conceal" or at least give a smooth appearance. Even if you are small you can still see a "bump" when wearing them. I only use them for dresses, they are noticeable if you were to wear a white shirt, definitely a bologna moment from across the room. They stick on well, and stay for several hours. Peeling them off wasn't painful for me, I have sensitive skin and they didn't leave any redness. Would recommend but not for white clothes or if you are going for a smooth bra-free look in tight clothes.

Nippleless Covers, Silicone Breast Lift Reusable Breast Pasties Petals Review:

I purchased these to have options for dresses and shirts where even a strapless bra would not do. I was very skeptical since I am a D cup (with piercings) and similar items I have purchase in the past have been epic fails. After reading reviews I decided they were inexpensive enough to try.... they did not disappoint! They cover the nipple well and can actually lift the breast to where they “should be” as if you had a bra on. The side that goes against your body is a tad sticky and has a little area for the nip. Then you just use the tab to “lift” and press it against the chest. It sticks well on clean skin and I was able to go out with friends and had NO issues or the need for adjustments. Removal is simple and painless, no irritation. I told a friend and she ended up purchasing the same ones and lives them as well. I definitely will purchase these again in the future and highly recommend.