Best Snack Pies in 2020

Moon Pie Minis Chocolate Marshmallow Sandwich 110 Calories - 2 Packages Review:

Moon pies are a very healthy snack for anyone who needs a pick up in the afternoon. With a cup of coffee, it gives you the energy to finish
the day and doesn't interfere with supper. I will definitely order these again !!!

Moon Pie Original Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie Review:

These Moon Pies are just the way I remember them. The Mallow Mars of today, have a crunchy cookie and the graham "cookie" in the Moon Pie is soft and a little chewy. These are perfect with the fluffy marshmallow. Moon Pies are also not too sweet.

Moon Pie Minis - Complete Variety Pack - All 5 Flavors! (5 Boxes - 1 Salted Caramel - 1 Chocolate - 1 Strawberry - 1 Banana - 1 Vanilla) 6 pies per box, 30 pies total! Review:

Nostalgia at its sweetest! Some of these flavors are completely new to me and others remind me of after school snack time with my Dad as a child. The boxes come neatly stacked wrapped together in cellophane. I purchased these as a gift & am really looking forward to giving them to the recipient, my Dad. They're all fresh according to the far off expiration date. We can't even buy 3 of the 5 flavors anywhere near our area so they're also a novelty treat. I can't wait to see him enjoy the new flavors or to talk about our enjoyment of the original flavors roughly 30yrs ago. Very happy with this find!

Hostess Snack Size Fruit Pies 12oz (Cherry) Review:

I honestly am surprised by the negative reviews. This little cherry pie is very good. It is small, but only 100 calories and full of filling. A better filling to crust ratio than in the full size hostess pies. When you want the taste of a hostess pie, but not the calories, the little sweet bombshell is perfect.

Hostess Snack Size Fruit Pies,Apple,12 Oz Review:

I respectfully disagree with some of the previous posts. Yes they are small about a quarter the size of the actual fruit pies. But for me with my massive sweet tooth if you stick an entire 560 calorie pie in front of me I'm gonna eat the entire thing. When my sweet tooth gets satisfied with this little nugget and i have 460 calories i can eat somewhere else. That's how I see it. I get everyones point. But if you are restricting calories and need a sweet treat go for these.

Hostess Fruit Pie, Cherry, 4.5 Ounce, 8 Count Review:

A bit expensive, but what do you expect? You ordered it online. The convenience is worth it to me. Product was fresh and as tasty as I recall, although there some sort of slightly bitter aftertaste. Not enough to prevent me from ordering in the future. BUY IT!!!!!

JJ's Bakery Lightly Glazed Snack Pies 4oz (Pack of 6) (Blackberry) Review:

The taste and texture of these pies was first rate. Very much like the Hostess brand pies. However, these are WAAAY too expensive. I can buy the Hostess pies at my local grocery store for less than 1/2 the price of these ($1.25 vs $2.66). I will not be buying them again.