Best Scrapbooking Stickers & Sticker Machines in 2020

STICON 100 Pieces Vinyl Waterproof Stickers for Car, Laptop, Luggage, Skateboard, Motorcycle, Bicycle Decal Graffiti Patches (Series A) Review:

This is an edit to my previous review. Although the stickers are of good quality,
after a closer look, I found a dozen or more stickers that aren't appropriate for school or for a 13 year old. Several had marijuana symbols, curse words and suggestive comments on them. Those went into the trash. My suggestion...if these are for kids, sort through them first to remove any that you or the school might find inappropriate.

Rhinestone Stickers,Nicpro Self-Adhesive Face Gems Face Stickers Body Jewels 4125 Pieces Crystal in 3 Size 25 Colors,25 Embellishments Sheet for Nail,Crafts,Festival,Carnival,Makeup Review:

Great purchase, better than I hoped! I bought these to use for a craft project for my son’s third grade class—they decorated felt masks and paper plate noisemakers with these rhinestone stickers.

The kids had no problems applying the stickers and they stayed on beautifully. They loved the selection of colors (I was impressed too) and could not get enough of them. Even the boys added lots of bling to their projects.

For the price I paid, I got more value than I expected. I still have plenty left over for future projects! I’d recommend them highly.

TREND enterprises, Inc. Positive Words Stinky Stickers Variety Pack, 300 ct Review:

I bought these scratch and sniff stickers as motivation for my child to do some educational workbook activities (in addition to school assignments). When gold stars stopped being an incentive, I busted out these and BAM! The kid was more than happy to start doing workbook pages.
They're not cheap stickers, but you get what you pay for and these are a quality product. The scents are pleasant (which seems contradictory to the name "stinky stickers") and they don't really produce a strong smell until scratched.
Also does anyone know when or why they don't call them scratch and sniff stickers any more? I didn't think I was that old or out of it). 🙂

Anezus 1126Pcs Rhinestone Stickers Self-Adhesive Bling Craft Jewels Crystal Gem Stickers for Nail, Body, Makeup, Festival, Assorted Sizes and Shapes, 10 Sheets Review:

I got these for a craft for my daughters 6th birthday party. The girls got to decorate a treasure chest with these sticker rhinestones along with, glitter stickers, shells and markers. The stickers rhinestones were a huge hit! They stuck well to the wood treasure chest. Then girls use the rhinestone stickers for their mermaid crowns. These were the best decorating item for the birthday crafts.

Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Stickers 15 Colors 900 Pcs,DIY Embellishments Face Gems for Christmas Crafts Body Nail Makeup Festival Carnival 3mm 4mm 5mm Review:

I put these on my face for the Boston pride parade and they stayed on the entire day. I don’t apply any additional adhesive. I just made sure my skin was completely oil free where I was applying the gems. They stayed in place through an entire gay pride parade in 80 degree weather!! (*Snaps Z formation*)

Love Sticker Pack 100-Pcs,Secret Garden Sticker Decals Vinyls for Laptop,Kids,Cars,Motorcycle,Bicycle,Skateboard Luggage,Bumper Stickers Hippie Decals Bomb Waterproof Review:

Everyone, buy this amazing stickers! I loved these so much. They are very good quality, they stick very well, and the colors are super nice! They have a sticker for everyone in the family! Wether you want to give your patriotic father an American Eagle displaying Arms of Steel, or your bratty 15 year old sister who is addicted to Instagram, or yourself who has incredible music taste ....yep there is a sticker pack you can buy from these folks with all kinds of awesome metal bands! Don't think twice, buy these thrice!

Avery Printable Sticker Paper, Matte White, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Inkjet Printers, 20 Sheets (44383) Review:

Great product, especially for the price! I make organic handcrafted mustache waxes, and this is what I use to create the labels for my tins. It includes all the info you need to figure out how to print properly on the sticker sheets. On the back of the sheets, there are small separations that make it easier to peel the back off the sticker (which really comes in handy). The adhesive on the stickers works very well. I've had no issues with it peeling off after applying. I think next time though I will try the glossy finish for a more professional look.

Cute Vsco Aesthetic Stickers [57PCS]- Positive, Lovely, Trendy Sticker for Laptops Hydro Flasks Water Bottle Hydroflask Waterbottles Skateborad- Yellow Pink Waterproof Decals for Kids, Teens Vsco Girl Review:

These stickers are sooo cute! They're a good thicker quality sticker so they can be used on many different surfaces. They are pretty easy to peel of from their backing if you gently bend a side of the sticker. I shared them with my sister and her friends and they had a blast decorating their laptops and waterbottles. Will definitely be buying different ones of these for future crafts!

Martha Stewart Halloween Stickers with Foil Accents Review:

I have always loved the halloween decorative bottles -- the ones that look like a witch's ingredients. However, the ones you find in store are pretty pricey for what they are (craft store bottle with some paint and a label). When I saw these on a lightning deal I knew exactly what I would use them for.

Full disclosure I purchased these very close to Halloween time so time did not allow me to use them last year. BUT it did give me a chance to get some bottles for cheap. One of the crafts I plan on doing with my daughter this year is making the potion / ingredient bottles. I'll update this with pictures this upcoming halloween! I can, however, attest to the quality. The clarity of the stickers is great, I'm very pleased with the quality and cannot wait to use them.