Best Sewing Threaders in 2020

50 Pieces Plastic Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader Hand Machine Sewing Tool, Randoom Color (50 Pieces) Review:

I read the reviews before buying these and was on the fence but decided to take a chance. No regrets. These work very well. I love the way the handle is shaped it fits so nicely in my fingers when I am using it. I have been using my first one for about 3 weeks yet and have no breakage as of yet so this may be close to a lifetime supply.

yueton 30pcs Plastic Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader Stitch Insertion Hand Machine Sewing Tool Review:

I was so happy to find a "bulk" purchase for needle threaders! If you hand stitch you know how aggravating it is to be stitching away, then change threads, start to thread your needles (s) and the needle threader breaks. We need the thin wire on them to get them through our needles with very small eyes and how many times are you stitching at night, relaxing and this happens? Who wants to go out to a store (if one is open) to buy a needle threader? I've found these threaders last longer than the ones with the thin metal holders. After using one of these for quite a while the thin wire will pop out of the holder but that is to be expected with a lot of use. The price for this many needle threaders is fantastic. If you are also a DIYer you can find all kinds of uses for the plastic holder after the wire comes out. The holder is a substantial piece of plastic. If you aren't a crafter then give the plastic holders to a friend who is. Repurposing items you already have will stretch your creativity and help our world at the same time.

15 Pack Replacement Drawstrings for Sweatpants Shorts Hoodies with Flexible Threader Universal Drawstrings for Jackets Swim Trunks Shoe Laces Tote Bags 51" Long by RoomDiary Review:

These are great replacement strings, they look just as cool as they do in the photo! I know another reviewer had mentioned the rainbow bead, it didn't bother me! - but maybe if you dislike rainbows it would? I didn't see an agenda anywhere so maybe they left it out of my package? I couldn't use the threader because it didn't seem to fit, but maybe I was doing something wrong? Anyway - I got them through my hoodie and sweatpants - great strings! Will buy them again!!

Colonial CNT-1 CottageCutz 2-in-1 Needle Threader Review:

It is surprising to me how hard it is to find a quality Threader that lasts for more than a couple days! I started by buying a couple of those $4 travel sewing kits just to use the single cheap threader inside. These threaders never lasted more than 2-3 days. I later bought the cute little colored threaders (2 pk for $3) with the inset blade on the other end. How covienant, I thought... until the threader broke in one day. Finally, I tried this product and I don't need to buy anymore! I have been using this one for over a month without any problems. Not bad for only $4. I like that the wires are protected inside the tube and that there are 2 sizes to choose from. I am using it for cross stitch and using needles with the tiniest eyes. I actually prefer the feel of the larger side. I also like that I can store my needle inside the threader tube so I don't lose the tiny thing. I highly recommend this product.

Dritz 202 LED Needle Threader with Cutter Review:

I read some reviews on this needle threader but I took my chances and ordered one anyway. People were complaining that it messed up their thread and that it broke. The secret to operating this gadget. Take your time, make sure the eye of the needle is lined up with the hole, If you are doing three strands of embroidery floss, make sure they are nice and smooth when laying it on the needle threader. If the needle is lined up, Push the lever two to three times and all of the threads will go into the needle. It may appear that the thread is messed up but in reality the threads just separated a little. You will get the feel of it. You can tell if the needle is threaded by the ease of pulling the needle out. Do not force the threader to go into the needle because in my opinion , it will break the needle threader. I love this and ordered another one to have on hand. Thank you for such a great product because I cannot see to thread these little eyed needles.

Dritz Machine Needle Inserter & Threader 3/Box, Multi Review:

As a machine embroiderer with a multi-needle industrial machine, needle breakage is a fact of life. The needles on my machine are about one-half inch apart and with my big, clumsy fingers, trying to replace the broken needle can be a nightmare. My fingers just don't fit comfortably in the space between them.

This little tool is a godsend! The tool itself is 3" long, with the needle holder on one end and the needle threader on the other. The needle slides into the holder end, which holds it steady so you can slide it up into the hole for the needle with one hand, and tighten the holding screw (on the machine) with the other. My particular machine requires that the eye of the needle sit 5 degrees off of true and this holder give you leverage to adjust the needle.

I haven't used the threader end as I can still see well enough to do it freehand plus my sewing machine has an auto-threader function, but for those that need it, it's a wonderful helper. I have used similar needle threaders in the past and they really do work well.

I like to tuck them in as gifts for my embroidering and sewing/quilting friends.

For the casual mender to the heavy-duty seamstress types, this inexpensive tool will make your life easier.

SINGER 00056 Plastic Needle Threaders, 3-Count Review:

I do a lot of cross stitching and have to thread my needle with different colors of floss depending on the portion of the project I am working on. I love these as I am getting older and my eyes are not as good as they use to be. I was having trouble seeing up close to thread the needle and it was becoming annoying. I love to stitch and don't want to give it up just because I can't see to thread the needle. I like that these are not the ones made out of aluminum that will been after more than a few uses. They are made with durable plastic and the inserter for the needle is stronger wire than the cheap ones. I like working with them, they have made it easier to thread my needle and save me a lot of time. My projects are getting done faster now and I am really grateful that I can stitch and not have the fear of rethreading my needle all the time anymore. Thanks for making these and for making them at a reasonable price and with such quality. I will by more should I lose the ones I currently have.

Hicarer 3 Pieces Sewing Needle Inserter Automatic Needle Threader Needle Threading Tool for Sewing Machine (White) Review:

I have a serger. In case you don't, sergers are a giant pain to thread the 2 needles. With this little tool I can quickly thread them. This same little tool makes changing the needles a breeze too. I always keep these in my tool kit.
Regular sewing machines are easy to thread and needle changes are a breeze using this.
I have 1 in each of my sewing machines tool kits. I will not be without these.