Best RC Electric Motors in 2020

Axial AM27 27T 540 Electric Motor for 1:10 Scale RC Rock Crawlers & Rock Racers Review:

I recently purchased an Axial 27T electric motor from Amazon, and the price, the quality, and the quickness of delivery were all very impressive. I installed it in my remote control Surfer Girl, and now she really scoots. It's a fairly heavy model , but still has plenty of power to get up and go. I wouldn't want to go much faster or it would be too hard to control . I'm using a 4000 milliamp battery at 25 C. I get about 13 minutes of runtime, The axial 27t gets warm but not overly hot. Being a beginner to model boating , the speed and reliability of this motor is perfect for my needs, and I would highly recommend this to any body who is getting in to remote control boating. For the price, you can't get a much better value for your hard-earned dollar

GoolRC 2435 4800KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor with 25A Brushless ESC(Electric Speed Controller)for 1/16 1/18 RC Car Truck Review:

UPDATE 5/25/17
Went on vacation and got to drive around in 95 degree outdoor temperatures and the system stayed cool enough for my liking. The motor hit 150°F and the ESC hot about 130°F. I am looking into getting a heatsink for the motor and a fan for the ESC, but I am still liking this system. I also got a top speed for the latrax rally with the stock pinion, about 20 mph. This isn't as fast as is hoped, but I can always get a larger pinion gear.

Just got this today and installed it in my Latrax Rally. I
ran it around for about 15 minutes varying my speed, and it is definitely faster than the stock motor, and it also ran cooler than expected. The was stayed between 70 and 90°F and the motor hit 138°F, which are both great temperatures. The reason for deducting one star is that I had to make some minor adjustments to fit the motor mount, and it did not include mounting screws for the motor, they could easily include 2 m2.5 screws with the set. I will update my review if anything changes, but do far I am impressed with this power system for such a low price.

Crazepony 4pcs EMAX RS2205 2300KV Brushless Motor 3-4S 2CW 2CCW for QAV250 QAV300 FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter Review:

These motors totally blew me away. There was a lot of buzz about these motors on social media that I took with a grain of salt. Then the reviews started coming out and my interest was piqued because the reviewers were praising these motors and comparing them to some of the best names in the industry (Cobra, Lumenier, Scorpion, DYS, etc). I've been shopping around and doing a ton of research for my first 250 FPV racing build and I wanted to get only the best of high end components since "buy cheap and buy twice" seems to hold true for most things in life- especially things in this hobby. I originally had my mind made up on purchasing the Cobra 2204(5) 2300kv motors since that's what most of the pros were going with and Cobra is a big name right now. However, everyone was talking about the new "red bottom" EMAX RS2205 motors that just released. So I had to check them out before making my final purchase just to be sure I was getting the latest and greatest. I'm sure glad I did! These motors are hands down some of the best you can buy right now.

At first Glance:
I've not had much experience with Emax motors, and to be honest, I thought they were a cheapo no name Chinese brand and I had serious reservations about them. So I was a little unsure of what to expect. Turns out I was totally wrong about Emax as a whole and these motors completely exceeded every expectation I had. The build quality on this motor is top notch with durable construction and lots of copper on the coil windings. The anodized red bottoms are aesthetically pleasing and perfectly match my Rotor Riot Edition Alien 5" frame which has red anodized screws and bolts. Due to the design of the cooling system, there's a bit more metal in the bell and base weighing in at 30g, which results in a slightly heavier motor, but stays very cool while delivering substantial power and isn't affected by the heavier weight when it comes to performance (which I will get to in the next paragraph). It looks like it comes with three very nice flanged nyloc prop nuts, the standard EMAX hex key, and full sets of motor mount screws. However, I have yet to remove the screw sets from their baggies as my Alein 5" frame already included the screw sets for mounting the motors.

These motors blew me away. The tolerances are actually tighter than any other motor that's been tested so far by professional reviewers. RPM efficiency exceeded the next closest competitor, Cobra 2204(2205) 2300kv (the ones I was originally going to buy for my build), by an average of 2000 RPMs driving thrust up by a significant margin. The numbers here were significant. They totally lived up to the hype of social media and professional reviewers. The newly designed cooling system really does work. By freeing airflow in a static test on the bench at 30A+ the motor only got mildly warm. Many of the other motors that were tested similarly got significantly warmer on much less amp draw. As far as power of thrust is concerned, it's awesome! I'm going to quote a review I read online:
"The most amazing number here is 1300g on the King Kong 6x4 at 30A sustained. It is also worth noting this is the first motor I've tested that can really handle the Gemfan 5x4.6 BN prop under static load. Typically you can hear the RMPs reducing and the prop losing momentum due to lack of torque during the run on this prop, the Emax kept it up to speed no problem."-Ryan Harrel.

You really can't go wrong with these motors. I had my mind made up that I was going to go with the Cobras, but I'm really glad I didn't. I also really like the red bottoms since they match the screw set of my frame. Another point I should add which further "sealed the deal" for me was that these motors showed up on the Rotor Riot store page the day after I bought them from Amazon. If you don't know what Rotor Riot is, I would suggest checking them out. They're the best pilots in the country and only review the stuff that they personally endorse and fly with. Their store is extremely limited and offers no diversity on any component except the motors- the Lumenier 2206 2350kv and these EMAX 2205 2300kv motors. Being sold on their store is a big deal and means you're only getting the best of the best. Seeing these motors on their site the day after I purchased them on Amazon really made me feel even better about my decision to go with these. I'll be posting more pictures of the motor once my build is complete.

*I was given a discount for my honest and in-depth review*

iFlight 4pcs XING 1408 3600KV 2-4S Brushless Motor for 130-180mm FPV Racing Drone Micro Quadcopter (Unibell) Review:

Great Motors, specially for the price, if you go any cheaper you will have lots of issues, they're 5000KV so they're made for more thrust no more speed, I got them to replace the 5500KV Mamba motors on an R249 Rabbit cuz those motors are crap, one of them died while testing on the bench before using it, right after first install.
Do not use low pitch props with those iFlight motors they won't work, I tried using the EMAX 2519 props and the motors couldn't get it off the ground, but then replaced them with the 2535 and 2540 props and boy oh boy those motors can easily spin them. That's the thing, they can't spin fast but they have the power to push any hard prop pitch like its nothing, and all that I'v only used 3S batteries, on 4S i bet they'll pack a punch.
I did lose one of them it stopped working but i could tell from when i received it something was wrong and it wasn't as smooth as the others when u spin it with ur hands, something made it get stuck. So we'll see if they will replace one or make me send all of them back.

ARRMA AR390031 Mega Brushed RC Motor, 15T/540 Review:

Just got this motor in today and dropped it in my daughter's Everest 10 because she wants to keep up with her brothers scx10ii and this motor more than runs laps around him now. Paired up with a power hd steering servo, g-made 2.2 pneumatic tires and a 25c 2s lipo and this truck is unstoppable. Her only competition on the rocks now is my heavy mod yeti. Excellent work Arrma! This beast still has great controllable low end torque that lasts all the way through the top end for frame twisting, wheelie popping explosive power. Turned it into an entirely different vehicle. I highly recommend

GoolRC Waterproof Brushless Motor 3660 3800KV, 60A ESC Combo Set for 1/10 RC Car Truck Review:

Very easy upgrade. When you install this make sure you plug the wire into CH-2 of the RX. Also order a couple extra spur gears due to the amount of power this motor provides. I recommend staying with the Traxxas nylon spur gears as it helps protect the inner transmission gears from being shredded. Cheaper and much easier to replace spur gears than the rest of the gears. Further recommend getting the Traxxas cooling fan for the ESC as it helps with heat dissipation greatly. Don't even need the extra mounting plate they give you. But thank you Mike's Vacuum and Hobby.

Goolsky Original SURPASS High Performance 2204 1400KV 14 Poles Brushless Motor for RC Airplane Fixed-wing Review:

Evaluated this motor on a static thrust tower using a 3S, 1.8 amp/hr battery, 7x4 Master Airscrew G/F series propeller, and an Align 25 amp controller. Achieved 91 watts from 11.5 volts measured while running, 7.4 amp draw, 11, 250 rpm, which produced 17.35 ounces of static thrust. My O-1 Bird Dog weighs 18 ounces RTF, so fun times are had.