Best Electric Wheelchairs in 2020

Innuovo Intelligent lightweight foldable Electric Wheelchair, Compact (Net Weight 50 lbs) Power wheelchair, Portable Folding Carry Motorized Wheelchairs, Durable Wheelchair Review:

I purchased this chair 2 weeks before my trip from Texasto California to visit my son. I was nervous that it would not make it in time and contacted the seller who was very prompt in responding and reassuring me that the chair would be on time. They delivered just as they said and I immediately took the chair out of the box and it was a breeze to set up. This chair gave me so much freedom during my travel. I was able to drive the chair right up to the plane, remove the lithium ion batteries and placed them in a zip lock bag as mentioned in another review. The flight attendant stored the batteries in a closet at the front of the plane so that I would not have to worry about them. The chair was placed underneath and was ready for me at the door when we arrived at our destination. I had to change planes at DFW and this chair allowed me the ability to transfer myself. I zipped through the airport and onto the tram to the next terminal and gate with plenty of time to spare. Now one thing I would like to note and I am not sure why, but when I arrived in Dallas the battery power seemed to go down significantly. I had placed the batteries in the same giant zip lock bag so I am not sure if them touching each other had anything to do with this or if I possibly put one of the batteries in wrong. I made it to my gate a little nervous along the way but the flight attendant allowed me to plug in while I waited at the gate. On the second jot of my trip I decided to put the batteries in 2 separate bags and when I arrived at LAX I seemed to have plenty of battery power left. Something to think about when storing the batteries during the flight, take 2 separate zip lock bags for storage and by the way you need the giant ones. This was the only issue that I had on my trip. The chair is very stylish and I got many compliments on the looks, weight and freedom this little chair gave me. It's a little slower than my scooter, but I was on vacation so no need to hurry. I managed to roll my Innuovo down the Santa Monica Pier and along a couple miles of the bike/walking path that runs between Santa Monica and Venice Beach. It was amazing to not have to be pushed around by my son and just casually roll beside him as we strolled the beach together. My son found the chair very easy to set up and lift in and out of his car. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well it fit inside his apartment and even fit through his bathroom door, making life a whole lot easier for this one legged mama. Overall I would purchase this chair again and again. If they ever do an upgrade to make it a little faster I would do so. If you are thinking about the perfect chair to travel with then you have found the right one!

Forcemech Voyager R2- Ultra Portable Folding Power Wheelchair - Weights Only 43 lbs - Airplane Travel Approved (Voyager R2) Review:

I bought this chair in April for my husband to use when we're away from the house. He's the driver of the family, but he can't stand up or walk on his own. Previously we'd been using a Shoprider Dasher (I say 'we' because I'm the one who packs and unpacks the mobility devices and helps him transfer in and out of the car). The Dasher is great, for a scooter, but separates into 4 pieces that have to be assembled and then disassembled to get it back into the car. It's a hassle, so I went looking for a decently solid, folding wheelchair that wasn't too heavy to get into the back of a Subaru Forester. I'm female and barely 5 ' 1.5", so I wasn't looking forward to hefting 56 pounds in and out of the car, but the other options we looked at either had bad reviews, or didn't seem safe enough. And overall, the Forcemech seemed like it might be pretty cool.

I won't lie, initially I was extremely disappointed with the purchase (and some things I didn't like I still don't, which is why this doesn't get 5 stars). Because of the nature of my husband's disability, as well as to make it possible, let alone not too difficult, to get him in and out of the car from the wheelchair, the height of the seat from the ground is extremely important (We use a Beasy Transfer Board and a transfer belt). The website said the chair was 19 inches from the ground to the bottom of the chair seat. It is not. It's barely 18 inches to the TOP of the seat, and that's with the cushion. If I'd known that ahead of time I honestly wouldn't have bought a Forcemech. We didn't even use it for weeks because of its size, until we figured out a workaround.

Other things I hated (and still am not thrilled with): the footrest folds up and down, yes. It absolutely does not come off, fold out of the way or take up any less space in front up or down. This means that I am stuck with basically climbing over my husband when I'm trying to get him into the car, in order to find a place to put my feet to get any leverage for pulling him into the driver's seat. I've gotten better at this with practice, but it's not easy and it's not fun. I've been considering replacing the screws holding the footrest in place with hitch pins so I can take the damn thing off, but since we've made it work I don't want to mess with it. (We had to take the cloth storage bag off so I could step in the space it occupied behind the footrest, which means we can't carry anything in the chair that won't fit in my husband's lap. Not a big thing, but not awesome either.)

Unless I'm missing something, there is no way to keep the chair from unfolding unless you hold it footrest side up, but if you do that, the folded back arms will fall and bang against the ground. It's a fascinating balancing act, and not one I've become terribly fond of.

The plug for the battery comes out very easily. Check that it's in securely every time you unfold the chair, or you or your loved one might end up stranded when it pops out. NOT FUN.

The fact that you're required to strip the back pad and the cushion off the chair before you fold it. I've stopped taking the back pad off because otherwise I will literally be standing behind the car for twenty minutes trying to get the damn thing back on straight. Luckily you can fold the chair without removing the back pad. It doesn't fold quite as flat, but you don't have to put the pad back on. (It's also remotely possible that the chair won't unfold so easily without the back pad. I can't remember from the couple times I took the pad off initially, because I was too frustrated trying to get it back on straight.)

Now, lest you start wondering why I gave this chair as much as four stars since I apparently fear and loathe the thing, not so! I have, over the past several months--and honestly, much to my own shock--come to like it *better* than the Shoprider scooter, which I honestly never thought would happen. Here's why:

You have just the chair and the cushions to put in the back of the car. That's it. Not the seat, the battery, the back wheels and the main chassis. It folds very easily (though I wish it didn't unfold so easily when you're trying to lift it), without requiring turning a knob to lower the handlebars. This makes it quicker to get in and out of places, and means there are fewer pieces to forget, something I definitely appreciate.

Transferring my husband from the car to the chair is a lot easier than transferring him from the car to the scooter. The reverse with the chair, however is an exercise in acrobatics and hilarity, because of the lack of space for me to put my feet because of the damn footrest.

The battery stays charged forever. Seriously. We've started using the chair every time we go anywhere and he needs to leave the car, and the battery is still nearly full. I'm a little concerned I'll have forgotten where the cord is by the time we actually need to use it.

The arms rotate all the way back and out of the way. This is ideal to get my husband in and out of the chair, and makes it a lot easier to sit at normal sized tables.

So far we've only used this chair indoors and on cement, so I can't speak to how well it might work on gravel, grass or dirt. Nor does my husband trust it on particularly steep inclines or very uneven pavement, but that may be part of the learning curve. We don't mind keeping the scooter for the heavier-duty activities, and the streamlined, much cooler wheelchair for everyday stuff.

Bottom line: If you can sit down and stand up from a regular-height chair on your own safely, and you or your faithful companion can lift 56 pounds without risking a hernia, this chair is ideal. If you need help transferring from a chair to a car or other surface, and if 56 pounds is an impossibility, give this baby a pass.

Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe Fold Foldable Power Compact Mobility Aid Wheel Chair, Lightweight Folding Carry Electric Wheelchair, Motorized Wheelchair, Powerful Dual Motor Wheelchair Review:

Wow! For the first time in about three and one half years I could actually go in stores to shop! What a blessing this chair has been to me .
This past weekend I was able to go into a shopping center and go in the stores without a problem of mobility.
The chair is VERY well built, and loading and unloading in a vehicle is no problem at all. It folds and unfolds easily.
The battery lasts a very long time, which is a big plus in my book.
The chair had no problem going up and down the inclines in the shopping center and the seat is very comfortable.
People actually stopped me and asked me questions about my chair, where I purchased it and said they had never seen one as nice as this one is.
I have spoken to Danny, with Sentire Med, a couple of times since getting my chair. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. Quick to answer the few questions I did have about the chair. You can tell the company cares about their product and the people that buy it.
Mobility is important in everyone’s life, and this chair has improved my life in a huge way!

ComfyGO Electric Wheelchair Folding Motorized Power Wheelchairs, Fold Foldable Power Compact Mobility Aid Wheel Chair, Powerful Dual Motor Wheelchair, FDA Approved (Blue) Review:

 My grand mom really love it. Easy to control, move smoothly without noise. Soft moving and quick to fold

2020 Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Portable Power Wheelchair Aerospace Aluminum Crafted Design Foldable Lightweight Dual Motor Airplane Ready Folding Electric Wheelchair Review:

I bought this wheelchair for my dad. It took me for a while to make a decision buying the right Mobility aid.

But I finally did. Well, he got more independent now and he is able to move around by himself. The wheelchair itself is very easy to set up. All I had to do was to plug-in the foot-rest and 2 little screws for the Joy-stick.That’s it ready to ride!What makes it so useful is also It’s lightweight and I was able to easily fold and place it in the trunk. Unlike mobility scooter, He could use the wheelchair indoor and outdoor even on off-paved surfaces with great maneuverability, in even tight spaces around the kitchen. I can tell this because last weekend was incredible fun and has never been more conveniently socializing for my dad and myself. We were at a family gathering, I always used to have an eye on him but this time he did not ask for my help not even a single time. He was able to ride it in tightest spots and reach out to anything he wanted. I haven’t seen him so positive in a long time.

Overall very satisfied and definitely recommend it. I was honestly not expecting such a great value at a very reasonable price. Impressed! Thank you!

F KD FoldLite Electric Wheelchair Deluxe Stable Power Compact Wheelchair, Foldable & Lightweight, Travel Motorized Wheelchair with Heavy Duty 330lbs Loads, 2010, Silver Review:

Pros: I purchased this CPR my mother. I was very impressed by the sharp turning ability. It fits nicely through standard door ways. The chair will automatically turn off to save power when not in use. Love that both arm rests can be lifted up and out of the way.
Cons: The adjustable back rest is pointless. Only the very upper part reclines and make no sense as no one reclines from the shoulders back. Also, the foot rest- if you can easily get up from a sitter position then this in no problem but, for my mother, she can't twist to exit from the side of the chair and she can't stand up from the front because the foot rest juts out to far. So for now she can't use it.
Overall: if you can stand up rather easily, you can't beat this chair.

ComfyGO Electric Power Wheelchair Scooter Fold & Travel Lightweight Folding Safe Electric Wheelchair Motorized FDA Approved Aviation Travel Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair (Silver) Review:

First, i disliked feeling uninformed by the set up instructions. Learning how to unlock the wheels was brutal as I tried over and over again to follow the steps. And then suddenly I hit the right groove. Then i fell in love. The chair is just big enough for my 6 ft self, due to my weight being right at the specified limit.

It was also very difficult to open and close the chair, but that may improve with use. The joystick control is very responsive. The remote however seems flimsy and hard to use. I've already tossed it into the recesses of my car trunk, hoping not to bother with it again. I have a small sedan, but the chair fits in the trunk if I take the seat cushion out to get it to fold as flat as possible. Unlike my scooter, which i have to disassemble and even then it hardly fits.

Sidewalk off-ramps in my town are miserably non-ADA-compliant, but many of the streets and driveways are just as bad, and just as hard on the cars. So it's a trend here i guess, to slow everyone down, but i digress.

So today's only day 1. I'll be back in a heartbeat to blow the whistle on this chair if it falls apart in the first month of use....

....Like the GeoCruiser i bought 4-5 years ago which broke every three months until I just gave up on it. It's RIP in my shed with three out of four wheel post welds broken beyond repair.

Forcemech Navigator XL - Premium Folding Electric Wheelchair (Navigator XL) Review:

ForceMech Navigator XL is the best electric wheelchair made!! We travel a lot and with my Navigator XL, who I named Bumblebee, makes the traveling so much more fun!! I can get around with ease everywhere we go instead of parking myself in the hotel. Moving through the airports is so much more pleasant than trying to get from one gate to the next on foot (not gonna happen) or waiting for a wheelchair. Whenever I have a need of help with my Bumblebee, I get personalized service with a wonderful person who does everything to help me. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a way to enjoy getting around again. My Bumblebee weighs only 60 lbs and folds up in a snap and can go on the plane or in a car with no problem. It supports up to 400 lbs and goes zippity quick at about 5 mph. It runs on 2 rechargeable lythium batteries that can go for 15 or 16 hours. When going on the airplane, drive it to the gate and remove the 2 lythium batteries and the joy stick to put in your carry on. It will be waiting for you at the gate when you get to the next airport. Wonderful way to travel!!