Best DJ Turntable Bags & Cases in 2022

Last update: November 23, 2022

TECHNICS Turntable Dust Cover for SL-1200 / SL-1210 & Pioneer PLX-1000 Record Player Protector [Water Resistant, Antistatic, Black Premium Fabric] by DigitalDeckCovers Review:

I required this for my Technics 1210 MK2 perfectly. My turntable has a hinged acrylic dust cover, and I use it at home. I always run the danger of ruining the acrylic dust cover by taking it off the table while I listen. I can now store the incredibly costly hinged acrylic cover in its box and, most likely, never use it again.The delivery time for the Digital Decks cover was incredibly swift. It is a superb item that perfectly fits the 1200. Even the foot of the turntable are covered. I'd recommend this dust cover above others that cost more money.

Turntable Dust Cover for Numark TTUSB / TT1610 / TT1625 / TT200 / TT500; Stanton TT200 / STR8-100 / STR8-90 / STR8-80 / STR8-30 / STR8-20; Ion ITTUSB Record Player Protector Case by DigitalDeckCovers Review:

Since I've had it for a while (maybe 3–4 months, I can't remember), all I can say is that it has served its purpose exceptionally well. After all, making a dust cover isn't exactly rocket science. The price is reasonable, and the item has a great finish. If I ever need another dust cover, I'll definitely look for this brand.

Reloop Dust Cover for RP7000 and RP 8000 Turntables Review:

I own a black pair of Technics 1210MK2 speakers. These are a fantastic fit. They are darker (smoky coloured) rather than transparent like the original covers, but they still have a lovely appearance. The plastic brackets securing your present covers to the turntable's rear must be removed in order to install the new ones that come with this cover. When you do this, I advise you to tilt your turntable such that the brackets you need to take off and put back on are on top. The metal plate where the cover bracket is mounted will slide down in its holder if you attempt to do this while the turntable is positioned normally, making it impossible to install the replacement plastic brackets. A #1 cross-tip (Phillips) screwdriver is required for this. Install the Reloop cover mounting brackets after removing the Technics cover mounting brackets from your turntable. There are two mounting holes on the back of the turntable for Technics brackets and four for Reloops. Don't stress over this. Use only the Reloop brackets' top two holes. Once the screws are in, don't tighten them all the way. Before installing the cover, install the brackets that hold it. When you've finished, adjust the brackets on the turntable's rear so that the cover fits flush, then tighten the screws until they're snug. Be careful not to tighten too much. Even if you have no mechanical aptitude, each turntable just takes a few minutes to complete. Simply refer back to this if you're unsure on how to proceed because there are no instructions supplied. When finished, stand back and admire your turntables' new appearance. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!The original cover can occasionally be seen selling for hundreds of dollars on e-bay. Don't allow someone take advantage of you. Get hold of these. You'll save money and get a brand-new cover rather than one that has been used and has scratches.The Decksaver version is another brand that would be appropriate. I think the Decksavers are horribly ugly. The Reloops look much better.

(2) Odyssey FR1200E ATA Flight Ready Pro DJ Equipment Turntable Transport Cases Review:

This is one of the rare occasions when an online buy has exceeded my expectations. When I first noticed that the price for this item contained 2 (TWO!) boxes instead of the customary one, I initially assumed it was a misprint. Therefore, it was the DEAL MAKER! Although pushbutton DJs are quickly replacing turntables in the "Digital Age," these crates were the ideal solution for me to keep valuables while moving out of state. When I previously purchased "NEW" Pro Road Crates, the handles and latches were skewered, and I was NOT AT ALL delighted. Some people may find this to be "Petty," but I DISAGREE when you pay PREMIUM pricing for a new product with poor attention to detail. The FLAWLESS Quality and Care that stood out during my inspection of this Defect/Blemish-Free buy, in any case, left me THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED. Bravo! Excellent Work!


This rugged travel case will protect your VMS controller for many years. Not to mention that it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to store the VMS, and the laptop shelf is wonderful for maximizing a limited workplace. I recently added this case for a new VMS5 controller to my first case, which is still operational after more than five years.

Pro X T-14MRSS 14U x 10U Slant Combo DJ Rack Flight Case w/ 4" Wheels/Casters Review:

I purchased this item because I liked the way it looked, but now that I have it, I'm even more pleased.It is well constructed and similar to more expensive units for the price. I will definitely check out TOV if I need another rack. The only thing I could find fault with is that the delivery box's corners need to be strengthened. It had a nick in the metal and one of the cardboard box's corners was ripped when I first got the device, but considering that it is a road case and will likely get scratched on the first expedition, it is not really worth fussing about.

Odyssey DJ Case (K1200BL) Review:

The two cases I purchased are excellent. Because they are lightweight, I enjoy them. Although I haven't had them for very long, I'm hoping they'll hold up to some normal wear and tear.