Best Music Notation in 2020

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition (Discontinued) Review:

First of all, this isn't simply a DAW. FL Studio is also an intuitive platform for both imagining and creating music from the ground up. Beyond the capable DAW functionality (allows 100+ mixing tracks) with effect sends/receives, track sends and groupings, FL Studio opens up a whole new world of creative layering and sound arrangement possibilities. A channel rack sequencer gives the user a simple tool to create unique drum and instrument patterns to lay down with mouse clicks or via midi piano roll. You can then take this patterns and "paint" them into the song playlist, and by virtue of moving and repeating, you can almost instantly arrange your song on the fly. The arrangement possibilities and creative control are almost limitless, giving the user a great deal of freedom and potential for song development inspiration.

Be forewarned:
- Learning curve is subjective. You can get up and running in novice mode in 30 mins, but there is SO much more to acquaint yourself with to get to more intermediate level results. Expect to spend some time on YT to learn how to leverage the multitude of features and best techniques
- Producer Edition is needed (not Fruity Edition) to record external instruments (voice, guitar) via your USB/firewire interface
- Though more suited to EDM / hip hop, you can still use FL Studio for other music genres
- Some good drum instrument sounds and effects are included .. however .. you WILL be enticed to use (and buy) from a raft of DEMO ear candy plugins supplied with FL Studio, such as Morphine, Sawer, Drumaxx, etc

Overall, a really solid choice for home studio / creative canvas for developing music. I have been playing with this new version 12 for weeks without a single glitch, and it's been rather fun! I look forward to seeing how far I can go with this product.

Band-in-a-Box 2019 Pro [Windows USB Flash Drive] - Create your own backing tracks Review:

I actually bought this from PG Music, the publishers and was able to download the software directly. That said, having it on a flash drive would be great so this is a neat way to buy it, too. Bottom line, amazing program! The possibilities are nearly endless! Double edged sword, yes! If I could find an online course at a reasonable price, I would be there in a second! Meanwhile, I am learning by doing. Slowly and even though PG Music and others have tons of YT videos available, its not the same as being able to ask specific questions. Yes, they have phone support but not training.

COOLQO Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, with [2 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector] Clear 360 Full Body Coverage Hard PC+Soft Silicone TPU 3in1 Certified Military Shockproof Phone Protective Review:

Great case with full body protection but still keep a slim low profile. The only things to watch out for are-
1. The front all around bumper is very thin. If you are not careful, you can break it while taking it out the first time. Once the phone is in, it’s much harder to break it.
2. You need to put the phone in the case before installing the glass screen protector. It leaves almost no room for error. I had to toss the first one because it didn’t line up with the frame 100%. Using the front bumper as a guide, it’s a perfect fit.

Guitar Pro 7 - Tablature and Notation Editor, Score Player, Guitar Amp and FX Software Review:

Having enjoyed Guitar Pro 6 since it came out on the market, I was anxious to try Guitar Pro 7 and this software did not disappoint! More User-friendly & less intimidating than the previous version, it offers a view of a fretboard and displys the fingerings used in each particular song, which is invaluable for those who do not read music. There is a helpful User Guide in the software, and tutorials are offered on youtube if one still has difficulty. Great job, developers - and thanks for making this affordable to those of us who have limited funds!

COOLQO Compatible for iPhone 11 Case, 360 Full Body Coverage Hard PC+Soft Silicone TPU 3in1 Shockproof Phone Cover [Certified Military Protective] with [2 x Tempered Glass Screen Protector]-Mandala Review:

This case is everything that I expected. It is exactly as described and very fast shipping. Instructions are minimal, almost broke my case. But you have to peel the back part off the front part. Once I figured it out...super easy. They also give you two screen protectors...awesome. The case is very well made and sturdy. Also the graphic on it is perfect! I love it! I feel confident that this case will protect my iPhone 11 as well as any other a more affordable price. Highly recommended!

MAGIX Music Maker – 2017 Plus Edition – Make your own music the easy way Review:

My son is just starting this interest and said it works the best for his skills and equipment. He said it works perfectly for his needs.