Best DJ Mixer Bags & Cases in 2020

Hard CASE for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 DJ / DDJ-400 Controller or DDJ-RB Portable 2-channel Controller (Not for DDJ-SR2) Review:

I own the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 sampler, and though this bag isn't exactly designed for it, it will definitely do the trick for my light transport, storage and protection needs, as I just couldn't justify spending almost 3X as much for the officially branded product.

There's not a lot of slop, but as this case wasn't designed for the SP-16, there is a bit of space around the unit - (you could tuck the power adapter on one side) the foam insert helps.

The zippers are good sized, and look like they should hold up to regular use. The outside of the case is semi-rigid ballistic nylon, so I wouldn't describe this as a "hard case" per se, yet it will provide a reasonable amount of protection.

For me, this is a decent product, but I docked it a star because:
There is only one foam insert included, and that's a free (unattached) piece - the interior of the bag itself is not padded. There also aren't any rubber feet or cushioning on the back edge of the bag, should you choose to stand it up vertically. Finally, the two handles are independent - there's no velcro closure or snaps to join them together once the bag is closed. Like I said though, for the price, this bag will meet my needs. :)

LTGEM Case for Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 / DDJ-SB2 / DDJ-400 or Portable 2-channel Controller or DDJ-RB Performance DJ Controller-Black Review:

First off I am not a dj but tinker at home. I wanted something to protect my investment and this does that. The top has a nice foam insert to protect all the controllers knobs. The bottom is deep enough that you could probably place a piece of foam there as well. If you are just traveling from a to b i think the case will work for you. Just enough room on either side for some cords. Feels well made but again i only use it at home.

Casematix 17 Inch Audio Mixer Carrying Case Compatible with Behringer Xenyx X1204usb , 1204usb , QX1204usb , Q1204usb , 1202fx , 1202 , 802 , Q802usb , QX1202usb , QX1002usb , 1002B , Q1202usb Review:

Great case for the price. No it's not as armored as something like a pelican case but it's also a lot cheaper and lighter while still seeming to have a good quality. I got mine to hold a mini brushless drone that I built, along with FPV goggles, Futaba radio some batteries, a few tools and spare parts. It was a tight fit but I laid everything out and measured what all needed to fit then got this case. I them took this on a flight as a carry on and had no problems at all with it. Well, other than some people giving me weird looks since it looks a little like a pistol case. Anyway I like it, and will be looking at this brand again next time I need a case for something.

Odyssey ARSCLP01 1 Space Large Perforated Security Cover Rack Accessory Review:

I needed a solution for keeping unwanted hands on my mixer, equalizer and video processor. This was an almost perfect solution. I needed to make some modifications to customize it for my system. After my handywork, the rats are being kept out of my cage.

ProX flight case for pioneer DDJ-SX2 LED Kit Included Red on Black Laptop shef & Wheels Review:

This case is a rockstar. I used to carry my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller around in the original box, but no longer!! With the controller in the case, setup is EASY!!!! I also have a power conditioner installed underneath, my wireless mic with receiver, and XLR cables stored in the case. I pretty much set the case down, open it up, and plug a few cables in. What used to take me 30 mins to setup now take 5-10. The light bar has a great added effect. If you are looking for a hard case for your controller, look no further, this thing is a beast! Flashy red color, super sturdy, and wheels to help you transport it. With the sliding shelf for my Mac, I absolutely love this full package. Do yourself a favor, BUY THIS CASE!!!

Retround Vintage Vinyl Record Storage, Retro Leather Carrying Case Only for 25+, 45rpm Records Albums (Dust/Scratch Free)-7Inch (Blue) Review:

The retro vintage carrying case for 45 rpms is classy and sturdy. I have purchased two of these. I really enjoy having such a quality product but the carrying cases do not hold as many 45 rpms for the purchase price. If the carrying cases were 3 inches longer in length, it may have been worth the price.
Other than the carrying cases being too small, it really is well made and looks great.

Odyssey FR1200E Flight Ready Turntable Case Review:

Interior dimentions are included in this review. This is a great turntable case. I have the Stanton T92 USB turntable, and the unit fits snugly into this case with the velcro blocks removed. Inside this case, the depth is 3 inches, from left to right is 17 inches with the handle in front of you, and from front to back is 13 inches. I didn't find any dimentions in other reviews, but luckily another reviewer listed their turntable as the one I own. If you put the velcro blocks in the case at the back like they are when you first open this case, you'll have about one less inch from front to back. I have also found that if I unscrew the back plate and feed the power and audio leads through the small hole, I can then put the plate back on and screw it down with only the slightest bulge where the cords are. I am able to close the case over the turntable when it's not in use. Right where the platter is, the top part of this case has two foam blocks which don't move. They point down and press on the platter for a snug fit. You may find that you need to cut these pieces a little, depending on your turntable. My turntable has a slot to stand an extra headshell in. The foam pads don't interfere with this at all. Overall a great investment.