Best Guiros in 2020

Percussion Instruments Wooden Frog 3 Piece Set of 4 Inch Brow Frog, 3 Inch Black Frog, 2 Inch Natural Wood Frog, Products From Thailand,wooden frog musical instrument. Review:

These are very nice, well-made, each carved out of a single piece of wood. The ones that had varnish on them, smelled of the varnish/wood stain when they arrived, but after a day or three airing out they got better. A couple of months down the road, and I can't pick up any residual smell off them, even if I hold one right under my nose.

The sound they make is very nice and resonant. The middle one sounds almost exactly like the frog that lives in our yard, and I was able to have a "singing competition" with him, trying to mimic his calls as best I could with the guiro. I let the real frog win, of course :)

Deluxe Medium 4" Wood Frog Guiro Rasp - Musical Instrument Tone Block Review:

This is something I purchased because I thought it would be a cool musical imitation toy for our son to minimally work on some imitation targets. I haven't asked his music therapist how she feels about it yet in terms of his music therapy goals, because I ordered it after our last appointment, but I thought it would be cool because he would be able to feel the vibrations directly into his hand after he played it and it might have some usefulness there. Honestly, this thing is so super cute, I actually like it. And when I tested it out, it kind of sounded amphibious and part of me just fell a little bit in love with it :)

My only word of caution is for those with sensory issues or respiratory sensitivities like asthma. It looks great, it sounds great. It smells like gasoline. So they used something petroleum based on this, and the fumes from those types of products can take a while to dissipate. I worked a little with our son with this tonight, and he didn't quite give me the potty scotty face, but I could tell he wasn't quite so sure how he felt about it. I am super happy because he tolerated the smell at least, there was definitely a time when he would not. And I think it *may* even discourage him from trying to chew on it. Maybe ;) But just a heads up in case you or your intended recipient has any troubles with stronger fumes. This is nearly as pungent as it is cute...

Wooden Frog Rasp Musical instruments of Africa Frog Rasp Super Guiro (4 Inch) Review:

I saw these in Thailand on my trip last week and unfortunately didn't buy I searched here and found them and bought 2. These frogs look great and sound just like they are supposed to. Fast shipping as well. Listing where these rasps are made would be very helpful.

I know it's out of your company's control, but I just wished the postman wouldn't stuff the package into our mailbox where it barely fit and nearly got stuck and damaged while I tried maneuver it out.

Abuff - Metal Guiro Shaker, 12" x 6" Stainless Steel Guiro Instrument with Scraper Latin Percussion Instrument Musical Training Tool Review:

I was positively impressed when I open the amazon box and found air pillows padding the other box that contained this guiro. My first impression was a positive one. Immediately proceeded to my stash of instruments parts to find a scraper from another guiro I own because the one that comes with this one is definitely on the cheap side and too rough for this guiro.
When i first tried it with the scraper that came in this kit my ears began to ring immediately; this guiro could get loud and shallow sounding, mainly because of the scraper. To my surprise, when I played it with my other scraper I was pleased by the sound, still loud but crisp and less shallow, You still want to muffle this guiro a bit with some foam padding (Its a normal thing, guireros often do that with even higher quality-more expensive instruments) but you won't be disappointed. I'm pretty sure that, aside form the badging from the most expensive/name brand guiros (and the cheap scraper) you won't find a difference in quality and or materials if you set them side by side.
Definitely a grrrrreat buy!

BSIRI Large 6" Wood Frog Guiro Rasp - Musical Instrument Tone Block, Brown, inch (FR06N) Review:

I have been practicing with all kinds of percussion instruments (Regular drums, various hand drums, Clave sticks, and the Maracas) the last few years and after already purchasing a 4 inch frog percussion instrument a few weeks ago I decided to also purchase a larger percussion frog. I just received this fantastic “World Percussion Deluxe 6 inch wooden Guiro Rasp Frog with wood scrapper” and found it to be a fantastic sounding percussion tool.

Scrapping the top of the Frog with the stick makes a loud and unique frog sound and striking the top also sounds great. This combination of the four inch and six inch percussion frog are great additions to my collection of percussion instruments which I play in my drum circle class.
If you are into percussion instruments you may want to check out this product which I got for a bargain price on Amazon.

Rating: 5 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author Chair/Seated use of the Martial Arts Ring (Wood and metal) for seniors and the physically challenged Published by Destine-E books)

Latin Percussion LP333 Scraper Review:

Just like i expected to be, very happy, shipping in time:)

Mowind Stainless Steel Guiro 12" 4" Percussion Instrument Musical Training Tool with Scraper Review:

 We took this to the Nassau, Bahamas. Played it with a Rake & Scrape band and the "Ancient Man". I do have the video. Left it with my good buddy Falcon Watson of "The Falcons Band". Got home and ordered another one. My wife was scraping with Ancient Man and the band.

Wooden Percussion 3 Piece Set Frog, Cricket and Owl, 3 Inches Review:

My wife has wanted something like this for years. I like to remember things like that after she's forgotten about it because it makes for a great surprise, plus I get attaboy points. Anyway, the sound & quality of these pieces was absolutely fantastic. She can't walk by them without picking one up to play for a minute or two. Being handmade also makes them one-of-a-kind no matter how many are on the shelf.