Best Attendant & Transport Wheelchairs in 2020

NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes, 12” Rear Wheels, Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer, Anti-Tippers Included, Red Review:

We researched about three brands of transport chairs that would be an alternative for a wheel chair for our son. He can walk but not for any duration without struggling. We needed something that was rugged and could handle uneven terrain. We settled on this Nova chair with the larger rear wheels and couldn't have made a better decision. We put it on a test during a trip to Germany and the Czech Republic. They had two kinds of streets: small uneven bricks/stones and large uneven bricks/stones. The chair was fantastic and only had issues when the surface was very uneven. My only suggestion is to buy star washers to put on the screws that hold the detachable foot rests on - the screws have a habit of backing out.

NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair with Locking Hand Brakes, 12” Rear Wheels, Removable & Flip Up Arms for Easy Transfer, Anti-Tippers Included, Blue Review:

After six weeks of intensive use, including every mealtime at our independent/assisted living facility and a 2,000 mile car trip with hotels and restaurants, our NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair has earned ten stars, five from its passenger and five from its driver. I cannot improve upon the many 5-star reviews, but I take issue with the one that compares it to a Rolls Royce: our Chair more closely resembles an ultra-light and nimble, high-end sports car -- like a candy apple red version of one of James Bond’s tricked out Aston Martins.

What a delight to find a truly excellent product like this, particularly after experiencing the clunky design and poor construction of a U-Step II walker prescribed by a neurologist, which cost (Medicare) about 2-1/2 times as much. Sue Chen, the founder (at age 23) and CEO of NOVA, takes well-justified pride in her company -- be sure to read about them on the website.

Look at the dates of the few negative reviews on this webpage. It is clear that the design and construction have improved over the last ten years. But don’t expect heavy-duty braking power and armor plating on a device that is intended to be easily portable. My wife disliked the cleverly designed lightweight vertical posts and straps that were mounted on the foot rests to assist patients who have trouble controlling their feet during transport. Lo and behold, although the fix is not mentioned in the instruction manual, they were easy to remove and save for a time when she may become more severely impaired. And now she, too, thinks it is perfect.

Added February 23, 2019: Passenger and driver still love it. When the hand brakes gradually became less effective I discovered that the lock nuts on their Tension Screws were loose. They may have vibrated loose during shipment to us, or during the first few months that we owned it, since lock washers are not used. The instruction manual describes the very easy fix: “Loosen the tension adjustment screw locking nut and turn the screw one full turn clockwise…” The manual fails to show or tell where those screws and their lock nuts are located: right where the braking cables exit from the hand brake assembly housings just beneath each handle (see photo). It would be a good idea for users to check those lock nuts from time to time and adjust the brake tensions if the brakes seem to be getting weaker. Until NOVA installs lock washers under those lock nuts as I am confident they will.

Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, Black Frame, 16.5 lbs Review:

Quality transport wheelchair- substantive without weight or bulk.
This device is easy for 50+ year old women to lift/wrangle (for our 90+ year old Dad).
SO much easier to lift/wrangle than his regular wheelchair!

I especially like the brakes on the lower back of the chair - can be implemented either by hand or toe (by the transporter).
The pockets on the back are also a useful handy feature.
Black plaid is attractive, makes it look less like another medical device.

There are straps on the seat which are useful to pull the seat up to horizontally compress the chair (prior to lifting it into the car, for example).
However, I would NOT use these straps to lift the chair, as I see the potential for tearing of these the straps/seat.
Pick the item up by the padded arms instead.

Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, Blue Frame, 17 lbs, 19" Review:

This transport chair is great in that it folds up and unfolds easily, making it very easy to fit into a car or to store in a closet. It has come in really handy when I take my elderly mother to doctor's appointments and in transporting her around within her assisted living facility. It has a handy flapped pocket and mesh pocket on the back of the chair and handles for carrying it while it's folded up. The only thing I don't like is that one of the brakes is REALLY hard to set and release for some reason. That is the only reason I didn't give the chair 5 stars.

6-month update: I've noticed an issue that other people have also mentioned - the stitching on one of the front corners of the chair seat has begun to tear, with the tear currently at about an inch. My mother only weighs around 110 lbs so I think this would happen regardless of occupant weight but would be much worse if the occupant is heavier. It probably also depends on frequency of use, we've begun using the chair daily. I'll leave my rating at 4 stars, though.

Carex Transport Wheelchair - 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage Review:

I love this transport chair! It delivers on its claims! It is so much easier to haul, assemble, and use than a full-blown wheel chair! It is far easier and safer to move personnel on a transport chair than push them backwards on a roller-walker with handbrakes!

The chair itself cleverly and efficiently folds in a few easy steps into a very small size for easy storage in a trunk or elsewhere. The swing away footrests could not be easier to install, adjust and remove! It is very easy to maneuver, although some raised thresholds require a little finessing to traverse.

Looking at the reviews of others, it seems that some users expect the same performance features or the solo-person propulsion capabilities of a full-blown wheel chair. This is a transport chair which fills a different role than other mobility devices, including full-blown wheelchairs! It is comparably a lightweight, portable, mobile, less expensive chair designed to enable one person to move another person safely and conveniently. Don’t expect it to do more than it was designed to do. It does its job in an exemplary fashion at a very reasonable (if not cheap) price!

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes, Folding Transport Chair for Adults has 12 inch Wheels, Red Review:

Bought this in September 2016, happily was mobile and comfortable for a little over a year when one of the back arms broke. Looked like it was stressed or something about an inch above the lever that allows the back to fold. Called Medline customer service and was given a confirmation number and asked to email a photo of the broken part which I did. That was Monday. On Friday an entire new chair was delivered! That was above and beyond customer service! We were willing to try and repair but of course we're thrilled to get a new chair. So kudos to Medline for standing behind their product and for such excellent customer service!

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes, Folding Transport Chair for Adults has 12 inch Wheels, Blue Review:

perfect chair. this is a transport chair and not a wheel chair. transport chair is one pushed by another person. it has smaller wheels in the rear. wheel chair is one with bigger wheels in the back and with a metal ring around the wheels, so that the person sitting on the chair can maneuver on his/her own. this is a perfect chair that i bought for my mother and it is light weight, easy to fold down and carry in trunk of your car. you can fold the handle, leg piece for easy transportation. wheels are very smooth. i have no complains at all.

Medline Rollator Walker with Seat and Wheels, Folding Walker for Seniors with Microban Antimicrobial Protection, Durable Steel Frame Supports up to 300 lbs, 6 inch Wheels, Red Review:

I got this walker for my grandma who lost mobilization when in a hospital stay. The walker is wonderful. It is easy for her to use. She loves the seat. The basket allows for her to have a place to put some items; however, it is a simple material attached with velcro so I wouldn't advise sticking a lot in the basket. When the walker is folded to place in your vehicle, it is advised to clean out the basket or it will clean itself out. My grandma uses the basket more for keeping things with her from point A to point B as she remains in the same place. The walker was not very easy to put together. Most of the pieces were marked but the instructions were horrible. I decided after 2 failed attempts with instructions to toss them aside and try to visualize how it should be. Once I did that, it went together nicely. It's very sturdy and has helped my grandma so much.

Medline Transport Wheelchair with Lightweight Steel Frame, Microban Antimicrobial Protection, Folding Chair is Portable, Large 12 inch Back Wheels, 19 inch Wide Seat, Teal Review:

This is a very practical wheelchair for someone one who just needs to get around to an appointment or on short outings. The fact that it folds so easily into a compact and light-weight size has sold me. It fits easily in the trunk or back of the car. My husband is nearly 6 feet tall and he does feel that his knees are held up too high (the foot holders are at the lowest level), but for short periods of time (less than an hour), it is fine. In short, this wheelchair is perfect for our needs, and, at about 25 pounds, it is super easy to move.

Drive Medical Lightweight Expedition Transport Wheelchair with Hand Brakes, Blue Review:

Lighter, more compact, and more easily maneuverable than a regular wheelchair. Folds well and goes in back of SUV so much easier than the full size version. Also, compared to the full size drive, the arm rests come forward further, allowing better leverage when the patient tries to stand up.

Brakes can't be activated by the patient; they ARE convenient for the care-giver to apply. No leaning over the patient to push hard-to-move levers against the wheels.

Why 4 stars? The footrests don't have a heel strap to keep the patient's feet from hitting the front wheels; if they slip back just a little, pushing and turning suddenly become difficult. The seat belt would be more convenient if there were a way to stow it out of the way when folded. It just flops around now. Also, it would be a great plus if there were an easy way to stow the foot rests with the chair when folded.
18 months later: still holding up well; we're happy with it, and nothing has broken.