Best Standard Walkers in 2020

Drive Medical Side Style Hemi One Arm Walker, Chrome, Adult Review:

A great product. Very well made. Move one thing to collapse for storage. It can be used on the side under your shoulder or you can place it in front of you to pass through narrow places. Both positions provide excellent stability.
There is an easy learning process (better stability is achieved by holding it in one position). I notice that the hand grip is a little slippery when my hand is wet.
I think this walker is much more discrete than the common two handed models.

Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels Review:

Here’s my personal experience setting up and using the Drive Medical deluxe two button folding walker that I just got from Amazon. And I’ve included my own pictures too, to show you what I’m talking about.

First, I liked that this Drive Medical folding walker came in flat box that was only 4” deep, which made it really easy to lift, carry up steps and into the house.

It was also easy to open the box and slide out the walker. The walker is folded flat, out of the box, and the front wheels and back leg extensions are separated into plastic bags.

Putting the legs on this Drive Medical walker was much easier than I thought. And I really love that I put the whole walker together without any tools! You just slide on the front legs (with wheels), and back legs, onto the existing walker legs. And you can adjust this walkers height by aligning the holes in the leg extensions with the locking button on each of the existing walker legs.

Really, it was very easy to attach all 4 legs and adjust it to my height. As you can see, I’m pretty short, so I set my walker legs to the #2 position.
Now, I gotta say, I was worried about how this walker would fit through my doorways & hallways. A few of my hallways are narrow and I was worried that this walker would be just too wide. BUT, here’s a very helpful solution I really want to share because I think it can help a lot of people: when I was reading reviews of different walkers, I found a great tip on [...] that showed me how to reduce the width of my walker by just switching the wheels!

It’s a really EASY fix: just take the front left & right legs, with wheels, and reverse them. And you’ll see that your wheels are now sitting inside the frame of the walker. Not on the outside. By switching the position of the front wheels, I cut down my walker width by almost 4”! And now my hallways are not a problem. I found this easy fix on [...]

I tried out the push button release, at the top of the walker, to unfold the two sides. I was happy to see that the red release button was easy to press down. I have a little neuropathy (numbness) in my fingers, so I have to avoid buttons or levers that are hard to press down. But I didn’t have any problems using the red release button on this walker to fold & unfold it.

This Drive Medical Walker is light, but it still feels very sturdy to me. The 5” wheels roll smoothly and I don’t see that the wheels have made any marks on my floors. (That’s important to me.)

The hand grips on this walker are cushioned and I think anyone would like the way they feel. I’m going to try this walker for a while, and if the neuropathy in my fingers flares up, I can just get inexpensive, even more cushy walker handgrips covers to help.

All in all, I really love this foldable walker and I would recommend it to any friend of mine. I guess, the only thing that I think could be improved would be to clearly mark the legs with wheels to show that they should be put on the front of the walker. When I first put on all the legs, I put the wheels on the back. Wrong. It was my mistake, I know, and I could easily fix it, but I think the directions/packaging could have been a little bit clearer.

All in all, I think this walker is a winner. In my opinion, it’s a great mix of quality & price.

Carex Folding Walker for Seniors - Adult Walker - Portable Medical Walker with Adjustable Height, 30-37 Inches Review:

There was a small problem with one of the legs (it got slightly dented) but visegrips and leverage fixed that. I am 53 years old and disabled (ambulatory without a walker but sometimes use a cane). I purchased this after looking at the exercise DIP devices (a kind of exercise you can look up on Google). Those items are meant to be used by grown men for that type of exercise (which requires the whole weight of the person to do correctly) but their weight capacity was far less than 300 lbs and sometimes right close to 200 lbs which could be dangerous for some men. Although I am nowhere near even 200 lbs I thought it was weird that a senior walker would have a capacity of 330 lbs and be less expensive and be more sturdy than all but one of the specific purpose DIP exercise devices. I will be using this to do that exercise and a few more (raised push-ups which are easier than regular push-ups is one other exercise you can do if you take the leg extensions off). Later on in life I will use it for it's intended purpose, i.e., helping me walk. Enjoy the mobility and/or take my example and use also use it for some serious exercise!

Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker, Brushed Steel Review:

This rolling walker was recommended for my husband after knee replacement surgery. His physical therapist was very impressed with the quick-release trigger fiction - she had never seen one like it. It's incredibly easy to fold to put in the trunk of a car, and more importantly, you can quickly and easily fold in either side of the walker - for instance, when passing through a narrow space, such as next to the car in the garage, or through a tight spot in a hallway, etc. It's extremely lightweight to carry, and as an added bonus, it's very attractive! We also purchased the add-on 'skis' - be careful (with this and any other walker) if you have hardwood floors, to occasionally damp-wipe the wheels when coming in from outside, to make sure a tiny rough pebble or dirt doesn't scratch your floors (but of course, the person needing this is more important than the floor!)

Medline Junior Two-Button Folding Walker with 5" Wheels, For Users 4’6” to 5’5” Review:

With my current surgery, I was looking for a walker that would be ideal for my short stature (I'm 4'11"). Both in the hospital and at home I tried a few different walkers. This one has a few great benefits - 1) designed for shorter individuals, 2) padded/ foam hand-holds (rather than the hard plastic on others), and 3) VERY sturdy!
The padded hand-holds are great if your hands are wet (will slip on the plastic hand-holds but not on these), and is more comfortable. Also, the walker has less side-to-side "give" than the other walkers I tried (including the one I used in the hospital).
I had to buy a second walker, and thought I would try a different brand - but I prefer this one.

One major downside - I cannot figure out how to remove the rear plastic caps to install a glider on the back. I wound up sticking furniture protector pads on the read legs. Maybe they can come off, but I haven't figured it out. If they do not come off, that is a major downside of this walker.

OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker, with Trigger Release and 5 Inches Wheels for The Seniors [Accessories Included] Narrow Lightweight Supports up to 350 lb Review:

We bought this product because it was the narrowest one to fit through the doors and aisle ways of the house. When we got it and put it together according the instructions we found the wheels as installed made it wider than advertised. The good thing was this is so versatile we were able to reinstall the wheels on the inside without affecting the stability and it fit perfectly. Well made product especially for the price.

Medline Heavy Duty Bariatric Folding Walker with 5" Wheels with Durable Plastic Handles Review:

This is a terrific walker. I wanted the strongest one I could get, and this one is that! It is one of the best made I have seen. The only problem is that I can't get it through my doors. I have to turn sideways and scoot through the doorways, which is not very comfortable. My remedy was to use this one when I am not moving around a lot. It is great to have in the bedroom as an aid to get in and out of bed. I also bought one of the folding walkers that adjusts the width as needed. It can be locked in place for straight walking and unlocked and adjusted very easily for going through narrow spaces. It is also easy to fold up and take when going anywhere outside the home. Both are great walkers, for different purposes. This one is strong and durable, easy to adjust the height. Just be sure you measure the width if you plan to use it to move around your home.

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Folding Walker, Bariatric Walker with 5 Inches Wheels for Seniors Wide Walker Supports up to 500 lbs [Walker Accessories Included]  (Heavy Duty Size) Review:

As I continue to recover from foot surgery, I was nervous about buying a walker that wasn't sturdy enough. That wasn't the case with this walker. I've had no tumbles or even near-misses. It's made learning how to walk again a much simpler process than crutches. And the blueish/teal color gets all kinds of raves wherever I go, and isn't an eyesore in my living room since it matches the color scheme. I know, I know......she's worried about "matching"? LOL! Life is pretty boring without mobility, so ensuring that everything matches keeps me happy in the mean time.

A basket is a must if you want to be able to pick up around the house.

Walker Folding Deluxe 2 Button with Front 5" Wheels, Adjustable Height (Short, Standard, Tall People) by Healthline Trading Review:

I bought this walker for my 95 year old mother to use in the house. She tends to sometimes lose her balance when walking on her own so this walker helps her a lot. It also helps us because we have been walking her by holding her two hands and she often leans heavily. My husband and I are both near 70 and my husband has a hard time walking her because he has arthritis in his hands. Since we got this walker, my mother has learned to use it, and it has made life easier for all of us. We installed the front wheels on the inside of the walker to make it easier to get it through doorways.

We are really happy with this walker. It was very easy to do the little assembly that was required. Basically, it was putting on the wheels and the glides. Most of the area that my mother cover is on ceramic floor, but some is on carpeting. It works equally well on both. This walker is plenty sturdy, and lightweight enough that my mother can easily lift it to steer it. I would highly recommend the walker for anyone that needs one.

Front Wheeled Walker Folding Deluxe with 2 Button and 5" Wheels, Adjustable Height (Short, Standard, Tall People) by Healthline Trading Review:

I recently fell in my backyard, and hurt my leg and knee. When 300 + lbs bounces off the ground, something has to happen. I didn't break
anything, but sure had a hell of a time walking. I was going to rent a walker, but after finding this one on amazon. I decided just to buy one.
It arrived in a couple days, and I was mobile again. It's been a slow recovery, but this walker is the best. Very well made and adjustable.Great
product. A+++++++++++