Best Potholders in 2020

YAMAZAKI home 2406 Plate Magnetic Dish Towel Hanger, White Review:

I freaking love these things. I needed to clean out a spice drawer and was looking for something clean, sleek and modern to hold my 8 or so most used spices within reach. These have a really strong magnet on the back and hold 4 tiny mason jars of spices beautifully on the side of my fridge. I bought two and have 4 jars in each one. I could probably stuff 8 jars in one rack, but I like them spread out a bit. This is just so much cuter than anything else I found - others are all just way too country-crock for my style. These look way more expensive than they are and this is cheaper than the price on Food52 where I originally found them. Highly recommend!

Kitchen Pot Holders Set Trivets Set 100% Pure Cotton Thread Weave Hot Pot Holders Set (Set of 3) Stylish Coasters, Hot Pads, Hot Mats, Spoon Rest For Cooking and Baking by Diameter 7 Inches (Blue) Review:

I wanted to replace all my trivets because I had a random assortment that didn't match and were very old. These work really well with the colors in my kitchen and are a perfect size for serving bowls or plates! I would try not to get any food on them because I'm not sure how they'd do in the washing machine. I've been really careful and luckily haven't had to worry about that yet - but 100% cotton makes me think they may shrink, which wouldn't be good.

Smithcraft Silicone Trivets Mat 9"X12" Big Multi-purpose Drying Trivet Mat, Pot Holder, Waterproof, (Set of 2) Non Slip, Flexible, Durable, Dishwasher Safe Black Review:

Update 2/10/18: I'm back to order another set because I found a way to use them that's VERY useful. I can place cherry tomatoes on them, cover them with a small bread plate, and cut them with a serrated knife. Works like a charm!

I've tried cutting cherry tomatoes between 2 plates, also between 2 lids, but they slip and slide around, whereas the ridges on the trivet mat holds them firm. I would imagine this would also work for cutting grapes. Because there's a hole already punched on one end, I can hang it from my pegboard or on a Command hook inside the cupboard door, to use as a trivet or for cutting grapes, so I'm not stuck with a bunch of one-use gadgets taking up space. Really happy with these trivets!

Original review:
I haven't used these for hot items, for placemats, or tried to put them through a dishwasher, but they're very well suited for my purpose.

I was trying to organize my homeopathic remedies and used these to line a set of Iris plastic drawers. The ridges in the mats make them a perfect liner, and there's just enough room in the back for extras of any remedies. I like how the blue shows through the frosted drawers too.

I was hoping these would be the nice blue that's pictured, and wasn't disappointed-- they're pretty true to the color shown here. I have included a couple pictures.

DII Cotton Adjustable Buffalo Check Plaid Apron with Pocket & Extra-Long Ties, 32 x 28", Men and Women Kitchen Apron for Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Gardening, & BBQ - Black & White Review:

This is one towel, doubled over the handle of a standard 30 inch range. It's big. It's nice fabric. All the seams are straight and complete, with a nice hanging loop sewn into the corner. This towel has been washed and dried probably 5 or 6 times. It might have faded slightly because I frequently add bleach when I wash my kitchen towels. I love it. Black and white is like punctuation that ties various components together and suddenly it all makes sense. It stands out and blends in all at the same time. The other two towels from the set I gave as gifts along with some nice spice gift boxes. The recipients love the cute, graphic towels and said they look great in their kitchens. That's why I selected them! I plan to purchase another set in the near future.

Pot Holders Cotton Made Machine Washable Heat Resistant Potholder, Pot Holder, Hot Pads, Trivet for Cooking and Baking (5, Beige) Review:

 Here I did a simple test with a lighter.
Apparently, the surface will start blackening when being heated over 1 sec or longer. This makes sense cause the temperature of the flame is around 700°C /1300°F. I will not be surprised if there is smoking, deformation or burning during the test. However, no smell of burning, no visible injury appeared on the surface, what would I expect more from these cheap potholders?

Lifaith 100% Cotton Kitchen Everyday Basic Terry Pot Holder Heat Resistant Coaster Oval Potholder for Cooking and Baking 8 x 10-Inch Set of 3 Black Review:

Not very good quality--one of them is falling apart and I only used it once.

8/2/16 Update--company oontacted me to let me know they are refunding my money and they were very apologetic that the potholders were defective.
This shows great customer service. I do appreciate this and will certainly give them another chance should they have a product that interests me in the future.

Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder. Black Silicone Hot Handle Cover for Cast Iron Assist Handles. (Black) Review:

When I see 3,338 5 star reviews out of approximately 6,000 and less than 500 1 star, I had to check. The major complaint was that the handle got hot and or melted. I have used this since April and have never had a hot handle. In fact I just ordered a mini handle cover for my 8” pan. I tried testing my 10” pan on high heat of a recent model electric range. I heated the pan for ten minutes on high heat with the silicone handle cover on since high heat cooking is generally fairly quick. The handle did not get hot. What did get hot was the assist handle even though I had the cover there also. That was because I did not make sure to center the pan on the burner and part of the assist handle was directly over the burner. If you use the correct size burner for your pan the handles should be off to the side of the burner. If you put a pan on too large a burner the handles will be directly over the burner which is definitely over the 450° temp that it is supposed to protect against. Even without the silicone cover it takes a while for the pan handle to get hot IF one uses the correct size burner.

Lodge ASAHH31 Silicone Assist Handle Holder, Blue (2-Pack) Review:

Works well with Lodge 12"(L10SK3), and 13.25"(L12SK3) Cast iron skillets

Warning!! As others have said... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT leave this item connected to the assist handle of the skillet while cooking or baking. It will heat up and become just as hot as the skillet, and you will get burned. Fear not, use it only to move a hot skillet and then remove the item from the skillet assist handle. It works fine when you use that method.

It doesn't fit snug (the reason for 4 stars and not 5) on either the Lodge (12", 13.25") pans, but is usable on both, and safe to carry a hot skillet without it slipping off the assist handle. It's more snug on the Lodge 13.25" skillet.

Given the weight of the Lodge 13.25" skillet, I would say this item is a must. The skillet is already heavy with nothing in it. Imagine filling it half way with oil and frying 10 chicken wings at once. Yes, the skillet becomes extremely heavy, and nothing to play around with when you need to move it.

Beige Heat Resistant Pot Holders 6.5" Square Solid Color (Pack of 10) | Multipurpose Quilted Hot Pads Pot Holders For Everyday Quality Kitchen Cooking Chef Linens (Tan) Review:

My wife has been using the same potholders for many years (30 plus.....but don't tell anyone) that we had gotten when first married. They are starting to look tired so I thought I would surprise her and order a set of new potholders.

The price on this package was very reasonable and the pot holders are just slightly smaller (maybe 1/2" in each direction than those we have been using). The material is fine, the quality seems good, the pot holders are a little thinner than those we have been using , but they still function as you would expect.

She has added these to the "potholder drawer" and these are being used. She likes them and says they are "just fine' and that's what matters. I like the bright red color. They have the loop on the corner if you desire to hang them, but we never have. Functional and the price was hard to beat. This pack of 10 was the price of a couple of individual pot holders at the local kitchen store.

These are fine for grasping handles, etc. If you are going to carry pans, etc and have large hands, its probably better you get the gloves as when these are folded they aren't sized for large hands. At less than $1 each, the value is hard to beat and the quality is better than I expected for the price.