Best Fan Brushes in 2020

da Vinci Cosmetics CLASSIC Series 4574 - Eyelash Definer Fan Brush - For even application of mascara from the root to the tip & precise defining with a plump effect Review:

Pros: vegan, effective, no shedding, not too much ch excess packaging, gets lashes on hooded eyes without smearing, good for a more natural look
Cons: none so far. It will probably require washing after each use m, but it’s worth it.
This brush helps me apply mascara more evenly and to every lash without clumps. If you want heavy spider lashes, this may not be for you, but for a natural but better look, give it a try.

Fan Makeup Brush, Luxspire Highlighting Make Up Brush for Christmas Blush Bronzer Cheekbones Application Blending Brush, Single Large Soft & Dense Face Bulsh Powder Foundation Brushes Make Up Tool Review:

Very nice, fluffy brush. My only problem was that it smelled very strongly of plastic/chemicals when it arrived. Washing it helped but I'm still a little wary about using it on my face.
*Update*- After I posted my original review, the seller reached out and was very kind. They gave me a full refund for my purchase. Also, after washing it a couple times the smell went away. I've used it since and it works great!

wet n wild Fan Brush Review:

This is seriously such an amazing steal for the price- go buy it now!!! I got this for about $1 as an add-on item, and it is an amazing price for this brush, as I am very familiar with the quality of the Wet N Wild brushes. They are all fantastic quality (extremely soft, no shedding or fallout) and this one is no exception, and for the price it is an almost unbelievable deal!
This contour brush has many uses- as contour (obviously) but since it’s bristles are dense, also for blush, highlight, or precise powder placement. I personally love tapered brushes like these for blush or use with any cheek product as I’ve found the shape to apply makeup in the most natural way. Also different sides of the tapered brush can be used for different purposes (the tip for precise placement of product, the sides for light placement of color, and the bristle part to apply blush/bronzer/contour on cheeks).
I’m so happy I stumbled upon this on Amazon, as I already owned the foundation brush from the same collection but bought it months ago at Walgreens for about $10. Still a good deal for a good brush, but not as good as $1.
Pick this up while it is still available!!!
[FYI: I am just a regular customer who purchased this brush and did not receive any discount or incentive for my review. I just thought I would share my opinions about this amazing brush for other Amazon shoppers as I always look at reviews before purchasing a product. My hope is that somebody finds this helpful :) ]

Diane Fan pik comb, Black, Large Review:

I was reluctant to get a metal tooth pick because of prior bad experiences with pulling. However, based on the reviews this pick received, and my interest in the fan shape, I decided to take a chance. I am glad that I made this purchase because this pick does a great job. The teeth are coated, which eliminates the pulling and instances of getting stuck in the hair as you attempt to prevent breakage and pain. The Diane Fan Pick glides through the hair smoothly and provides the lift that you seek from a pick. I recommend this item and will definitely be repurchasing.

Makeup Brush Sets - 12 Pcs Makeup Brushes for Foundation Eyeshadow Eyebrow Eyeliner Blush Powder Concealer Contour Review:

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS brushes. Like, SO pretty! I had recently seen similar brushes online but as someone who can be a little rough with their brushes and someone who considers herself a thrifty shopper, I couldn't justify the price. I'm SO GLAD I found these beauties! The photos just don't do these brushes justice. Aside from their aesthetic beauty, they're actually really quality brushes for the price! I've owned several cheaper and more expensive makeup brush sets in the past and these rank among some of my favorites. The brushes are a little big and I think that I would prefer a smaller angle brush, but these are super soft and make blending out various pigments a dream.

As a bonus, you receive one of these super trendy silicone sponges and a brush egg for cleaning your brushes. I've been wanting to try out these silicone sponges for a while now, so it was a great addition and I really enjoyed applying and blending out my foundation, concealer, highlighter, and concealer with it. I haven't gotten a chance to check out the brush egg too much just yet, but it was great for removing excess eye shadow and I hear it works as a washboard for your brushes while cleaning them.

Overall, whether you're looking for an affordable, quality multi-purpose brush set or can't resist that unicorn vibe, this is a great set! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a similar product.

Fan Brush Boar 8 Glycolic Lactic TCA Serum Mask by CosChemSupply Review:

Good quality. I originally bought this to go with the lactic acid serum. I was fine during all stages of the serum except the last one when I was at full strength at which point it burned my face. It took a week to heal and I didn't notice any scar fading at all...but I know it takes a while to work. More effort than it was worth in my opinion. I have stopped using it and have gone to a prescribed ointment for my scarring in lieu of the chemical peel route. It was the same price as one bottle of the serum but I use it twice a day with no nasty side effects to my skin and in 2 weeks, I have noticed a substantial difference in the scarring. BUT, I found another great use for this brush.

When my skin is really dry, I will use this to do an oil cleaning routine on my face. I pour some almond, avocado, or vitamin E oil (the Jason brand is GMO free and has almond and avo oils in it) into a small dish and use the brush to spread it on evenly, just like I would have done with the chemical peel serum. I used to do it with a cotton ball but kept finding the cotton getting stuck to my face, especially around my eyes, which was not pleasant.

JewelryWe Pack of 2 Fan Mask Brushes Acid Applicator for Glycolic Peel/Masques, for Xmas Review:

Love, Love, Love these brushes. Soft as a Persian kitty's fur. I use with my serums particularly and just love the feeling of the brush on my face as I move it around to spread my serums in every nook and cranny. The price is excellent. You won't be disappointed for whatever use you may have.

Taklon Fan Mask Brush Acid Applicator for Glycolic Peel / Masques Review:

These worked well. The bristles are a little stiff but they got the job done.