Best Dried Cherries in 2020

Member's Mark Dried Montmorency Tart Cherries (20 oz.) Review:

I purchase dried tart cherries to actually help me sleep. I eat 4-5 about 30-min to an hour before bed and I get a nice sound sleep. I'm sure there are other great uses such as adding to salads or baked goods. These cherries were very fresh and had a sweet tartness and nice chewy texture. Nice size bag lasted a long time.

Kirkland Signature Dried Natural Cherries 20 Ounce (20 Ounce Bags (2 Pack)) Review:

A review by Mrs. L-
I had purchased these cherries to use in an oat bran muffin recipe, but when I tried them, oh! My!, I am not sure they will last until I get to use them in muffins. These cherries are wonderfully tart with a perfectly intense true cherry flavor. My favorite use has been to sprinkle them on salads and tossed in a broccoli slaw.

I almost did not order them because of the added sugar comments in some reviews. Now, I am so glad I bought them. I knew Montmorency cherries were tart and without added sweeteners these cherries would probably lock your jaws and make your eyes spin around in the back of your head! The thing that is nice about these cherries is they are not cloyingly sweet like many dried fruits. They are just sweet enough to make the tartness of the cherries palatable and super delicious. I just love the intense cherry flavor. Kirkland products are great. High quality.

(pack of 3) Kirkland Signature Tart Montmorency Whole Dried Cherries 20 oz Bag (total 60 Oz) Review:

We use to get these at Costco for our friend who suffers with gout. It's the best tart cherries he's ever had. So when I was able to find them here on Amazon I was very happy and shipped a 3pack off to him. Just the right sweetness and soft dried fruit texture you're looking for to eat or even bake with. These are really yummy in all baked goods. Price: I believe they were about $9.99 at Costco but given they are pretty heavy to ship I'm able to get them for $11.61 w/tax. It would cost close to the same to drive to Costco. I have to keep it all in perspective on paying for gas, time spent, etc so it's worth it at $33/3pk. If it were to go up, I'd stop buying until it changes or go elsewhere. Until then, thank you for having them on Amazon and all the other Kirkland Signature dried fruit. If they return to the store in the fall, I'll be scooping them up for sure.

Dried Cherries 4 LB (=64oz) Resealable Bag, Tart (Sour) Montmorency Variety - /sweetened Review:

Our family is *addicted* to the sweet/tart chewiness of dried cherries. We use them in muffins, pancakes, and trail mix or mixed into rice or cottage cheese, but you can also find my daughter and me dipping into the cherry container for a tiny treat every time we walk through the kitchen! The only downside of dried cherries is that they can be very expensive, so the bulk sizes on Amazon are a wonderful solution to that problem. We've bought a different brand in the past and loved them, but these were a few dollars cheaper -- I decided to give these a try but was nervous that the cherries might not be as good. Luckily, I needn't have worried. The taste and softness seems to be exactly the same as the more expensive brand. One warning if you're avoiding sugar: I believe these are slightly sweetened. They don't taste overly sweet -- they're really the perfect blend of tart but not too sour -- but it's always good to know about sugars you might not realize are there.... Whether you're already a dried cherry addict or are just considering giving them a try, I recommend both dried cherries in general (in everything, and often!) and this particular brand.

Sincerely Nuts Dried Tart Cherries (1 LB) - Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten-Free Food- Rich in Minerals and Vitamins - Powerful Antioxidants-Make Your Own Trail Mix - Add to Baked Goods, Salads, and More Review:

Ive been buying dried cherries at my local Costco. The last several visits they appeared to be out of stock. I experienced this last year at this time. Perhaps it’s seasonal. Anyway I checked Amazon for a replacement. So there you go. The cherries are quite similar to those purchased through Costco. The quantity is a bit larger. They are just as tart, not overly sweet. And perhaps a bit more supple having more moisture content.

Kirkland Signature Whole Dried Tart Montmorency Cherries: 2 Bags of 20 Oz Review:

For some reason, my local Costco either stopped carrying this or else moved it to a different aisle where I can't find it. This has been a staple for me and I'm glad to find a reliable source at a good price. My Doctor and my nutritionist both have recommended dried cherries for prostate health which may be but I just love the taste on my morning breakfast cereal.

Sunrise Fresh Dried Fruit Company No Sugar Added Dried Dark Sweet Cherries, 16 oz. Bag Review:

I keep 2-3 of these around at all times, they're that good! No added sugar or preservatives. Be careful though, and chew carefully, watch for pits. There. might only be 1 in the whole bag, but if you bite down too hard, you could chip a tooth. I keep a bag on my nightstand, and one in the living room, stashed. This is the healthiest snack, and super low on calories. My other fruit snack is a bag of dates!

GoMix Organic Dried Cherries 16 oz (1 lb), No Sulphur, No Added Sugar, MiNU Mindful Nutrition Superfood, Raw, Protein, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, NonGMO, Gluten Free No Nonsense! Review:

Great mix for people who like tropical fruits. Since trying the GoMix products, I’ve been waiting for them to release a mix like this one. Tastes perfect. Best macadamia nuts ive ever had.

That being said I do have two notes:

1) I think the coconut chips from the original GoMix would be fire in this product.

2) The size of the dried mango and papaya are inconvenient for a mix. I legit ate all of the pineapple and nuts first then had the mango and papaya as a separate snack later because it was more convenient to eat that way. Cut it up smaller and it’s 6 stars out of 5!

Keep rolling out the awesome products though!

Mother Earth Products Freeze Dried Cherries, 7oz Jar Review:

We again turned to Mother Earth Products to liven up our breakfast bowl In our quest to make oatmeal more appetizing. Yeah, yeah, I know it is healthy for me…

We had previously purchased Mother Earth Products Freeze Dried Strawberries and Mother Earth Products Freeze Dried Raspberries, long before the berries are in season in southern Oregon. The quality of those purchases led us to revisit the Mother Earth Product lineup again.

I add a spoonful of strawberries, raspberries and cherries with a squeeze of HoneyTree's Raw, Organic Wildflower Honey, which balances the raspberries’ tartness. The dried strawberries are sweeter than the raspberries.

I have not detected a chemical aftertaste, nor anything else off-putting from Mother Earth’s freeze dried cherries and berreis. Of course, I’ve only eaten them as we intended, submerged in a bowl of hot oatmeal.

At nearly $12-15 per quart, these freeze dried cherries and berries are a breakfast luxury. I have two sons, ages 13 and 12, who could eat a whole quart in one sitting if given the opportunity. They are welcome to join my wife and I for a bowl of breakfast oatmeal but not to eat these as freeze dried trail snacks.

Personally, I’d rather eat eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. I know oatmeal is a better choice at my age, so I appreciate that Mother Earth Products Freeze Dried Cherries help me eat healthier.

Rating: Five stars

UNSWEETENED 1 lb. Low Moisture Dried Cranberries Review:

I kid you not.

Here's what happened: I'd been snuffling in my century-old house since I walked in. No allergies outside the house at all. I'd experienced nothing like this, not for many many years.

Then it got worse. Bad sneezing, snuffling, never breathing free.

Dust, right?

I did all the things. Every one of them. If you have this problem, you know the drill. From duct cleaning to air filtration to furnace replacements to bedding changes... carpet removal.. the solutions are well-understood, right?

None of them worked.

Then Thanksgiving happened, and i noticed an odd correlation between eating cranberry sauce -- which I happen to love -- and my... not snuffling quite as much.


I had these cranberries on hand. After dinner, I ate some. I ate some more.

I stopped sneezing. I stopped snuffling. Completely.

I ordered another bag.

A month later, I am still breathing completely free. I kid you not: these cranberries solved my in house-allergies. I don't know if they will do it for everyone, of course -- different bodies, different houses, different issues -- but they did for me, and my solution continues to work.

These cranberries are the only ones I use. They are high quality, no added anything. I have learned to love the sour.

Not exactly the typical use of dried cranberries, I'm sure, but impressive enough that I wanted to share. I eat a few handfuls a day, more if I need it. For me, these are miracle food supplements. I've never had any food be this effective for such an intractable problem.

Also, they're a lot cheaper than duct cleaning, never mind a new furnace.

Thank you, Cherry Bay Orchards.