Best Business Card Holders in 2020

SunplusTrade Professional Metal Business Card Holder Pocket Business Card Case Slim Business Card Carrier Business Card Holders Wallet for Men & Women Review:

This SunplusTrade card holder was a very good buy. It is compact, all stainless steel, and it locks securely. This holder fit fifteen of my cards, which are the glossy thicker kind; cards printed on thinner paper would probably enable a few more to fit. This case is sufficient for what I needed in that it protects the shape of my cards and allows for streamlined carry in a pocket, a briefcase or even a folder.
If you are in the market for an ornate, glorious business card holder this may not fit the bill, but for a basic, stainless carrying case this was a great buy. Below are a few PROS and CONS I can offer for this case after using it:

Fully Stainless steel
Locks tight

Thin metal scratches easily and shows fingerprints (especially by the mirrored finish on the front)
Not lined with felt on inside
Machining leaves a few sharp edges

Overall, this was a good buy. I attached a few pictures for reference of the card holder itself and to show its dimensions.
Standard sized business cards fit properly but snugly inside. Good luck.
I stopped short of including a picture of the case with my business cards inside to limit the impression of gratuitous self-promotion ;)

MaxGear Clear Acrylic Business Card Holder Display Office Business Card Holder Business Card Stand Business Card Desk Holder, Fits 30-50 Business Cards, 6 Pack Review:

I ordered these as I like the look of them. The lucite, clear look makes even a business card holder more upscale looking. I use them to hold my business cards in various locations. Several local businesses have my cards available for potential customers and instead of them laying on a counter, these holders give a clean, fresh look and does not take away from the look of my business cards. Because my business cards have information on the front and an image on the back, the lucite allows people to see the whole card from any angle. I love these! I bought them as a pack and although I did not use all of them right away, I have put them away for future use. The box came a little bent, but that was was shipping with Amazon not from the company directly. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wants a beautiful business card holder but does not want to pay a fortune.

MaxGear Professional Metal Business Card Holder Pocket Business Card Case Slim Business Card Carrier Business Card Holders Wallet for Men & Women, 3.7 x 2.3 x 0.3 inches, Stainless Steel, Silver Review:

I bought two of these cardholders — one silver and one black. Overall, they are very nice. The build quality is very solid. The silver has an all-metal design inside and out. The black, which is slightly more expensive has a really nice velvet interior that is soft to the touch. The velvet interior does mean the cardholder holds slightly less cards, however. But, the difference is very minuscule. My business cards are printed on glossy paper. And, doing a comparison, the velvet interior black cardholder holds about 3-5 less cards than the all-metal silver cardholder. While this is not a very big deal, I thought I should point that out.

Now, on to why I only gave it 3 stars. As I said, overall, this is a great product. However, like all products, it has its flaws. The most notable one I have seen is how the cardholder can scratch the bottom corners of your card. I illustrate this issue in the first image, where the card on the left is the card before putting it into the card holder, and the right is the same card after taking it out of the cardholder. The scratches are more visible on the right corner of the card (also keep in mind the blacked out center is me covering sensitive information as opposed to a flaw with the cardholder). This is an issue I have seen in both variants I have bought. The issue can be resolved by simply not filling the cardholder to its maximum capacity. But, I am not a fan of that solution.

The second thing you need to realize is that this cardholder is a fingerprint magnet. This is not really a big deal. But just be aware of that.

Overall, for this price, it is a great product. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is the fact it can damage your card.

UPDATE: The seller has contacted me and offered to send me an updated version of the product which they say solves the problem I mentioned. Once I receive that product and have verified it does solve the above problem, I’ll update this review.

As mentioned in my previous update, I was recently contacted by the seller, MaxGear LLC, regarding my original review. They noticed the problems I had pointed out and offered to send me an updated version of their cardholder at no additional charge. They mentioned that this updated version solved the problems I pointed out. I have since received this updated product and am ready to give my thoughts on it.

In my original review, I had pointed out two main problems. The first is that, as shown in the above images, the cardholder damages the corners of glossy business cards. Second, which is not a big deal, is that the material used attracts fingerprints very easily. As far as my experience with this updated product so far (which is about a day’s worth of use), this updated version addresses these issues very well. As I got it, I immediately tested it to see if it still damaged the corners of my card. I even tried to purposefully scratch the corner of my card in the interior complement to really test if they had resolved the problem. After these tests, I am pleased to say that my glossy business cards have remained in tact with no damage. On top of that, the material used on this updated version no longer attracts fingerprints as easily as the previous version.

So, over all, I am very satisfied with this product and the customer service provided by MaxGear. While the original purchased products had its flaws, MaxGear wasted no time in contacting me to resolve the issue.

While this cardholder will work very well for non/glossy business cards, those with glossy business cards should purchase the updated version of this product which can be found here:

SourceOne 8-Pocket Desktop Business Card Holder Rack Review:

Someone on Youtube suggested getting a few of these if you play board games, card games, or "Euro games" with a lot of stacks of cards all over the table. These are perfect for keeping things tidy, saving precious table space, and helping to prevent "card spillage". As others have noted, the packaging is absolutely minimal (mine came in thin plastic bags inside the Amazon box). This did not cause me any problems or damage. I was actually glad I didn't have to use a knife or utility scissors to get something out of an impenetrable blister pack for once.

5 New Medicare Card Holders Protector Sleeves Clear 6mil Review:

I purchased this for my mother as a surprise. She was delighted and told me the Dr’s office receptionist was amazed at the great condition her card was in. (It’s new) The receptionist said the Medicare cards are usually dog eared and hard to read. So my mom took extra care to put her card in a sheltered spot in her wallet. She was so surprised, happy, and now relieved that her card is well protected. She has another card made from paper that also fits perfectly into the sleeve. Now they both fit into her RIDF wallet without trimming as some of the other reviewers wrote. I also tested the sleeves on credit cards and two can fit into one sleeve with no problem. (The sleeve are not RIDF)

MaxGear Professional Business Card Organizer Business Card Holder Book, PU/Vegan Leather Journal Business Card Binder, Business Card File Name Card Holder for Office & Home, Capacity: 240 Cards, Black Review:

Let me get my biggest gripe out of the way up front. The front cover has "Name card book" embossed on it - a bit tacky for two reasons - it looks junky and isn't proper English.

My second gripe is that it isn't "PU leather". By definition, PU leather is leather that is PolyUrethane coated leather. This is just plain plastic.

That said, you can't really expect "real" leather for anything near this price, so I wasn't surprised when I got plastic.

The sleeves themselves are fine and aside from the embossing the outside looks fine too.

These card holders come with a page of stickers - not really sure where you would use them on this folder but they may be useful for other things..

The bottom line is that it does the job, won't get you laughed out of a meeting, but probably won't garner any accolades either.

MaxGear 3 Pack Acrylic Business Card Holder for Desk Plastic Business Card Display Clear Business Card Stand Desktop Business Card Holders for Home & Office, 3.8 x 1.9 x 1.4 inches Review:

Great product and I bought three! My business cards have information on both front and back and these holders allow me to advertise twice as much. They really stand out and shine and customers do a double take since there are two holders being displayed. By the way, the third holder is a backup I keep full of additional cards. I strongly recommend these card holders and the advertising method in which I use them.

Sooez Business Card Holder, Metal Business Card Case Slim Design Stainless Steel Card Holders Name Card Box Credit Card Carrier for Men, Black Review:

Exactly what I was looking for. I love how the item was a very delivery. Thank you so much for everything. The packaging came in and it was wrapped in a nice bubble envelope. I appreciated the attentiveness. Highly recommended if you are looking for a nice and inexpensive graduation gift.

MaxGear Metal Mesh Business Card Holder Stand for Desk Business Card Display Holders Mesh Collection Organizer for Name Card with 50 Cards, Black Mesh Business Card Display, 3 Pack Review:

This is going to sound silly, but do you know what I use these things for? We travel quite a bit, and at night in strange hotels with lousy cable, I generally prefer to bring up Turner Classic Movies on my phone. This was always problematic, in terms of how to set up the phone, even harder when I got an Apple 6, which is larger. Also harder when I used plug-in in-ear headphones. But my new Beats are bluetooth and work well, so I don't yank the phone off the nightstand by accident if I fall asleep. And the phone itself cradles beautifully in these, at a perfect angle. I keep one in my luggage and another in my RV. For years it was tough to find them in black in office supply stores, and I think black is less likely to be an annoyance if it sits at the very edge of the picture, which it does with these. Perfect solution.

New Medicare Card Holder Protector Sleeves, 12Mil Clear PVC Soft Waterproof Medicare Card Protector for New Medicare Card Credit Card Business Card, Heavy Duty Card Sleeves (6 Pack) Review:

This is the best cardholder I have ever seen. What amazing luck for me to choose the SOEEZ brand! I recently changed auto insurance and my new company has access online for customers to print their Insurance ID , which is necessary to carry in vehicle at all times. To print ,from home printer, is on regular print paper but something as important as insurance information , I believe should be a very durable substance, So my thought was a card protector to keep the information safe was the answer. SOEEZ fills the bill much better than I could have hoped for. Love it Love it Love it!