Best Yarn Needles in 2020

CLOVER NR-836 Jumbo Tapestry Needles Bent Point 2 Pack Review:

These blunt bent tapestry needles are my favorite for sewing in my loose tails on my crochet projects. The bent tip is the reason for this purchase. They cut your sewing time in half because it's much easier to get in and around my stitches to hide my tails completely. I also like the fact that the eyes of the needles are bigger, making it easier to thread my yarn strands. I would definitely purchased these again and highly recommend these needles to anyone. Bent tip was a wonderful idea.

Lion Brand Yarn 400-5-5002 Large-Eye Blunt Needles, Set of 6 Review:

These came to my home quickly after the order. I used them all the time in my knitting and crocheting. Most of the time I don't need the Clover Threader because the eye on these needles is that large but occasionally I need the threader for very thick yarn but it helps perfectly. These needles are blunt ended and don't separate the yarn threads as you sew up ends. If you are unacquainted with these needles, they aren't for sewing cloth. They are for knitted or crocheted projects. They are perfect for these.

Chinco Knitting Needles Set Includes 8 Pieces Colorful Bent Tip Tapestry Needles 9 Pieces Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Sewing Needles and 20 Pieces Plastic Needle Clips Knitting Crochet Markers Review:

I like the variety of needles and that they come in a plastic tube to keep them all together. I’ve been using them for many projects. They come in handy when doing cable stitches on knitting, just slip your stitches on the needles and hold in from or back then slip them right back on. I also have an embroidery project going too. These are perfect, I like the slightly curved needles for this. I’m looking forward to other projects these will come in handy for.

Dritz 56Y-D Yarn Darners Hand Needles, Size 14/18 (7-Count) Review:

I needed a needle large enough to use to loop back the threads from my serger. The largest of these needles is perfect. Several sizes are perfect, but the largest is easiest to use with wooly nylon threads.

The needles are thick, which makes them durable. I'd broken two other large needles before I got these. I don't anticipate these breaking because of the thickness of the material.

The eye is nice and big--large enough to easily thread four needles through.

When I have a tight serged stitch, it can be tough to push the big needle through because it's so big, but that's something I can live with because of the other great benefits.

Large Eye Blunt Needles 20 Pcs - Big Eye Steel Yarn Knitting Needles with Threader and 3 Clear Tubes Review:

❤️ these needles with large eyes. They are a game changer for my not so young eyes. It is so much easier to thread needles with these.

Cutelec Blunt Needles 15-Pack, Large-Eye Steel Yarn Knitting Needles Tapestry Sewing Needles Review:

I bought this set in hopes of making up for all the cheap plastic yarn needles I've purchased and inevitably broken, and because I was looking into making braided and woven rag rugs. I haven't used the largest needles yet, but the midsize were great for weaving in the yarn ends on woven 7"x7" panels. I used a paperclip to thread the yarn into the needle. So far, no bending has occurred, and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Bohin Tapestry Hand Needles - Size 28 Review:

These are the best embroidery needles I have ever used! The eye in each needle is perfectly formed and smooth inside and out. No bent eyes and no rough places inside the needle eye for thread to catch on. I’ve been doing embroidery for over 50 years. Sure. These are more expensive, but worth every penny. The John James and DMC needles I just purchased were a WASTE of money! I threw EVERY ONE OUT! Bohin obviously has terrific quality control. John James and DMC could learn from Bohin!

Hugesavings 20 Pieces Large-eye Blunt Needles, Tapestry darning Embroidery Knitting Needle Yarn Sewing Needles with Clear Bottle Review:

Very pleased with the quality for the price! These are perfect for putting in yarn projects to make a complete kit. The needles are a pleasant size and the eye is big enough to accommodate the needle threader. The shaft of the needle is thicker than those for regular thread which I find easier to hang onto, but they aren't super fat. I'm using these for plastic canvas crafts. Just ordered a second set!

DMC 1768-22 Chenille Hand Needles, 6/pkg, Size 22 Review:

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