Best Xbox One Faceplates, Protectors & Skins in 2020

eXtremeRate Rubberized Right Left Side Rails, Replacement Rear Handle Grips, Back Panels Faceplates Kits for Xbox One Elite Controller (Model 1698) Review:

The lack of instructions is acceptable only because this product is identical to the manufacturers piece and is easily the best (and for people who want an exact replacement, its the only) solution for pealing grips on an elite controller. While very easy to install, it can be puzzling at first.

My Suggested Instructions:
Removal: Peel off the old panel using your fingernail (or pry it off with a butter knife if your nails are too short). It will take a little bit of force, but don't worry about breaking anything- Its designed to be removable just like the rest of the controller sticks/paddles/parts. If using a knife though, stay away from the trigger as you don't want to accidentally damage the delicate electronics inside.

Installation: The new panel should snap in very easily and without force. If it does not, you may have some of the earlier generation Elite Controllers. THIS IS OKAY. Compare your new panel with the old one you removed. There will be two small clips (may just look like a bump) on the new one that the old doesn't have. There will also be no spot for these clips to plug into in the controller. These two clips are in a slightly indented circle, next to the two larger circles that stick out and fit into your controller. Remove these two clips by pinching them with your fingers and twisting. Regardless of which style controller you have, the panel will now fit easily and without much effort, just snap it into place.

Titanfall 2 with Bonus Nitro Scorch Pack - Xbox One Review:

I'm a big fan of this game and the original version. Now, I haven't played Call of Duty since early PC versions so some might argue I don't have anything good to compare it to, but the gameplay in general on this is really, really good. No one strategy seems to last forever. And the campaign is actually much better and more developed than the original, though the whole "faction" thing isn't as satisfying from a story standpoint, at least for me.
Are you like me and are not a quick-thumb-twitch type? No problem. Survive the early part of a match, get into your Titan and the game becomes much more cerebral and strategic. Over time you'll get better at the early parts too, but there's something immensely satisfying about crunching pilots under your Titan's feet or sniping the snipers with the right type of Titan until you get there.
Now, honestly, there were things I liked better about version 1. In general, you can chalk this up to not being a fan of the "run around the map like a homicidal maniac" approach to FPS games. In version one, the "mines" option for ordinance helped keep this in better balance; made people a little more cautious as actual humans in actual combat tend to be. Also, I liked the broader customization options on the Titans as well instead of sort of dividing them up into classes as v2 does. But pretty much all the rest of v2 is an improvement on something that was pretty awesome anyway. I hope there's a version 3 at some point, but until then I'll keep enjoying the phrase, "Titanfall ready, call it anytime!" with v2.

eXtremeRate Chameleon Top Shell Front Housing Faceplate Replacement Parts with Side Rails Panel for Microsoft Xbox One X & Xbox One S Controller Review:

This faceplate replacement fits tightly on the Xbox One X controller. I can't find any seams or fitment issues.

This mod reduces controller weight (with batteries) from 278 grams down to 274 grams. If you are American and having trouble conceptualizing metric units, 278 grams is the weight of an Xbox One X controller. 274 grams is the weight of a slight lighter Xbox One X controller. You're welcome.

If you weigh just the faceplates, the weight drops from 40 grams down to 36 grams.

The orange screwdriver that comes with the kit was a Torx screwdriver and fit the included screws, but did not fit the original torx screws in the stock controller. I used a flathead screwdriver to remove the stock screws. The included spudger worked perfectly. Note: I see some other reviewers report that the screwdriver worked for them. Your mileage may vary.

The color fade does not align perfectly on one side of the controller. See attached pictures. It's a minor quibble, but given that this is a third of the price of a new controller, I think it's fair to call attention to it.

Very nice looking, no gaps or loose parts
Relatively easy install; included spudger worked great
Does not change the shape of the controller, so accessories will still work with this mod

Included screwdriver did not work, use a micro flathead
Color alignment is slightly off

Slightly lower weight, which indicates either a different material or a different mold, or both. This could either be more durable or less durable, I have no way of telling without testing to failure.

eXtremeRate Wood Grain Patterned Front Housing Shell Faceplate for Xbox One S & Xbox One X Controller Review:

Overall, this is a great fitting faceplate. Taking the old faceplate off and installing this was a breeze, the torque driver and extra screws are included.

One thing to note is there are 5 screws, one being right behind a sticker in the battery department, when all screws are off the faceplate should come off very easily with no prying needed.

The wood look looks very authentic when installed correctly, however the screws need to be turned very, very tightly or the faceplate will have a bit of creep so tighten those screws as much as possible.

eXtremeRate Purple and Blue Chameleon Front Housing Shell Faceplate for Microsoft Xbox One X & One S Controller Review:

 I got this as a test of the finish and material before I went all out and got replacement shells for my Switch. It was an easy swap out, just pry off the grips remove a few screws to take the front off and reverse with the new front.

The material feels really hefty. It has an... odd.. texture. Somewhere between glass and snake skin. It has grip to it, but it's a slightly tacky grip. So far I don't mind it, but it doesn't feel like any other controller I've had.

The finish is gorgeous. An excellent pearlescent finish. It's green when face on and purple when off angle. Honestly I wish it was the opposite, but I still love it.

So will I go all out for my Switch? Maybe. I play more docked than handheld, so it wouldn't be something I'd hold regularly. That means I'll likely be okay with the texture. My stock back cover can't hold the kickstand anymore and I have one spare joycon that has a broken analog stick. That means I'll likely replace all of it and once and opt to do the shell. We'll see.

I use my Xbox One controller only for PC gaming and it's not my main driver so I won't be daily interacting with the shell. That said, it's looks will keep it on my desk.

eXtremeRate Anti-Skid Sweat-Absorbent Controller Grip for Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X Review:

First of all let me say I am a hardcore gamer and these things are actually very awesome they help hold the controller better, my hand will get a little sweaty sometimes and want to slip these do not at all, no slipping. pretty easy to put on and they come off just as easy and don't leave much residue if any at all. I highly recommend these to any gamer who plays on a very regular basis.

Xbox One Controller Skin, BRHE Anti-Slip Silicone Cover Protector Case Accessories Set for Microsoft Xbox 1 Wireless/Wired Gamepad Joystick with 2 Thumb Grips Caps (Red) Review:

This was for my grandson and he was very pleased with it. His friends were a little envious about how cool his controller looks now. Nicely made & durable.

CHINFAI Xbox One Controller Silicone Skin Case Anti-slip Protective Grip Cover for Xbox 1 with Thumbstick Caps Set (Black) Review:

This controller grip is amazing!! I would give it 6 stars if I could. It fits my Xbox One X controller perfectly. It looks great and feels like a controller should feel when holding it. The comments regarding the RB and LB buttons are wrong, in my opinion. It covers these buttons just fine.

The only one area that will be player-specific are the joy stick covers. It come with 3 different types. These will all be personal preferences. I, myself, do not play with them on. I use the regular controller joystick without any covers. But, again, that is personal preference and should not take away from the quality and hands down best controller grip cover I’ve even owned.

KontrolFreek Performance Grips for Xbox One | Black Review:

I bought this product for one reason and that was to combat sweaty hands during my gaming. Now it does that very well for me and feels pretty comfortable too. The padding is definitely sturdy and feels good when gripping the controller during any situation in the game. No more pausing to wipe my controller or hands to feel comfortable again. I did not know how thick the padding was so I chose the standard version. I may have to try the other two sizes later on if the durability stays good for a long time. I actually had a tiny bit of trouble getting it lined up on my controller but seeing as how it allows you to reposition it whenever and I've worked with this type of material before, I had no worries re applying till I got it just right. I've used my controller several times now and they have no weird bubbles or bumps and stayed stuck right where I placed them. I honestly wouldn't mind if they have more material to reach the entire sides and undersides of the controller. I'd prefer that if I could have bought it and it would have been nice to have more color selection to match my stick extender tops. Regardless great product and priced right.