Best Xbox 360 Consoles in 2020

Gears of War 3 Review:

As gears 2 is my 5 for this franchise, this one has to be a 4. I didn't like the story as much, I didn't like losing certain people, and I'd rather fight conventional locust over lambent whatevers. It's neat when they blow up the first few times, but it's ultimately just an annoyance. Other than those few things, this game is among the best in it's class. Would recommend without a doubt.

EDIT: I've been achievement hunting and gave this game a thorough second look. I'm changing my rating to a 5 from a 4. Between arcade, versus, and horde this game really does set itself apart from the other games in the series. It never ceases to be a challenge, and maintains form as something I really enjoy plodding through.

First, I tried the campaign on insane after finally trying the end all be all gears difficulty on gears: judgement, which was honestly a lot cheaper in how it kills you when it does (A LOT of frags). The story is still engaging to me, the game play is every bit as polished as any you could mention, and beating it was honestly satisfying. It wasn't miserable, and it wasn't easy. It was a firm lesson in strategy and pacing yourself. Great campaign, and arcade mode gives that little bit of competitive edge when playing with friends to really push it over the edge into my top 5 all time favorites.

Next thing I tried was versus, where the pace is obviously a bit faster. Granted, there is a firm belief that cheap shotgun blasts to unaware opponents is a skill move, and I'm going to find that to be ridiculous in any game that has that dimension, but it isn't impossible to combat. Otherwise, the versus is engaging and it does seem fairly well balanced. There's not a lot of excessive explosives, there's always a chance of surviving your encounter. It's just a matter of figuring out what it is and if you can come away with a kill in the process. Good stuff.

Then I tried horde, which I can only compare to firefight from halo. Waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult through rounds. The only thing about this that I find annoying is leveling up your ability to do things like building barriers or turrets. Obviously this is overcome with a bit of time, but I'm not a fan of giving advantages to players because they played a lot. Even playing fields are the basis of competition. It's a bit ridiculous when you're in a game with someone who pulls out a rocket baring silverback when you're in there trying to lancer a platoon of heavily health boosted grenadiers. Really cod, and not a fan.

Last I tried beast mode, which is honestly just tacked on in my opinion. It can be fun to run around as a berserker or corpser, but for the most part, if I play much more of this variant, it'll be for instagib melee mutator and medals if I wind up caring to go for seriously 3.0.

All in all, this game is awesome, and if you're into aggressive shooters this is one you shouldn't miss out on. If you're finding it too hard, give it some time, because it's worth it to pick up a little skill in this game. It's made me stronger in the other shooters I play between the recoil and strategy involved. Don't pass on the retro, and learn to play tag.

Xbox 360 4GB Console Review:

First off:
Original xbox games REQUIRE a harddrive on the xbox 360 which the 4GB does not have
Some xbox 360 games REQUIRE a harddrive on the xbox 360 which the 4GB does not have

This console is built exactly like the 250gb slim with the obvious exception of memory size. I won't go deep into the features because you can read that in the product description. Anyway, there's a very good chance 4GB will not be enough to play games. So you have 3 options: upgrading the memory via xbox 360 hard drives, purchasing USB flashdrives, or taking a chance hoping you'll never have to install a game or buy dlc. (downloadable content)

On the back of every xbox game, there is fine print on the bottom for memory usage. Take Halo 4 for example, you'll need to install parts of the game in order to play online. There isn't enough space on the 4GB hard drive, but you can install the information onto a USB flash drive and play online perfectly fine. There are many 16-32GB for around $10-$30 on that would be more cost efficient than springing for a larger hard drive.

Personally, I play many more games on my Playstation 3 than my xbox 360, so I don't see myself upgrading it's hard drive anytime soon. I did buy a 16GB hard drive so I can play Halo 4 online. All in all, if you understand what you're paying for, then the 4GB makes a powerful, affordable home console.

Microsoft XBOX 360 E 250GB Console Review:

I did buy one of the used ones and received it very quickly. I got way before I thought I was going to. Ordered it on Thursday got it early saturday morning. Very quick on that. The console itself it noticeably faster than my old elite. Everything loads faster and the built in Wifi is faster than the wireless network adapter that I had for my Elite edition. I'm very happy with the purchase itself. Some people say it took a step back. But I don't see that. It's very quiet compared to all other versions of the 360 including the slim. I like buttons I have to press instead of the overly sensitive touch buttons. I don't know how many times I was in the barracks hanging out with a buddy with the slim and we turned off the console by accident when we brushed against it. Didn't care for that. The loss of the digital audio out is also not a huge issue for me. The sound runs to my TV through HDMI and my surround sound is run through my TV. It wasn't a huge deal to me. Overall the console it great. It's working way better than my last one. If you're going from any version prior to the Slim and are looking to upgrade go straight for the E. I love it. And recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade to a newer 360 system.

Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console - (Renewed) Review:

I purchased this for my husband and son to replace one that had crashed. This one came packed in 2 boxes the outside box was very damaged but the inside box was intact and the console was packed in styrofoam also. The console came with one wireless controller and was in what I would consider perfect refurbished condition as was stated in the ad when purchased. So my overall rating of this is great!!!

Xbox 360 250GB Slim Console - (Renewed) Review:

I received this in the mail yesterday. It's a 2011 Xbox 360 S with 250 GB internal drive. It came with a Microsoft power supply unit, but the cord to plug that in was the wrong one. Luckily it's a standard plug, and I had several laying around. I do NOT believe that this is actually a "certified refurbished" unit--at least, there's no official indication that it is. It looks like what you'd expect a 6-year-old unit to look like, with substantial wear-and-tear. It came with a newer-looking wireless controller and a cheap-looking HDMI cable. I plugged it in, and it works flawlessly. There were no issues setting it up. I added a Kinect, which it immediately recognized and configured. My boys have been playing it for hours, and it hasn't given us any issues. The power supply unit is quiet, and the unit itself is too. It's noticeably quieter than our old one that recently died. For $120, I think it's a good deal for a used Xbox that's quiet and that works well. If we get a couple of years out of it, I'll be happy. I took off one star because I don't think it's "certified refurbished" and the wrong plug was sent.

Microsoft Xbox 360 20GB Console White Review:

Console and componets worked just fine, but the games I got with it were garbage. There was only one I was slightly interested in (NHL 15), and it was an empty case. This supplier should be more careful with their merchandise, and make sure the right game is in the case (3 of the games had a different game inside, and one of the discs was so scratched, I doubted I could have played it even if I wanted too). But the system works just fine.

Microsoft Xbox 360 S 4GB System Review:

Thank you it works just fine.

Thanks again