Best Xbox 360 Chargers in 2022

Last update: November 27, 2022

Can I charge my Xbox controller with a wall charger?

Yes, you can charge your Xbox controller with a wall charger. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First, make sure that the charger you're using is designed for the Xbox controller. Second, pay attention to the voltage and amperage rating of the charger. The Xbox controller requires a charger with a rating of at least 12 volts and 1 amp. Finally, be sure to use the correct charging cable. The Xbox controller uses a micro USB cable for charging.

Can I use Xbox controller without batteries?

Yes, you can use an Xbox controller without batteries. All you need is a micro USB cable. You can connect the controller to your console via the micro USB port on the top of the controller.

Can wireless Xbox 360 controller be wired?

Yes, a wireless Xbox 360 controller can be wired. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to buy a special cable that connects the controller to the console. You can also use a standard USB cable, but it must be able to connect the controller to the console in order to work.

Can you charge a Xbox 360 controller with a phone charger?

A phone charger can charge a Xbox 360 controller if the phone charger is compatible with the controller. The controller must have a micro-USB input in order to charge from the phone charger. If the controller does not have a micro-USB input, then it cannot be charged from a phone charger.

2x Black Battery Cover For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Review:

The item arrived on time. It matched the description to a T. I'll keep making purchases.Long-term cost savings from this purchase will be made. Corrosion might happen to the metal components inside the batter cover. You would need to replace the controller if cleaning them didn't solve the problem.When I put batteries in and installed the controller, the battery cover I purchased immediately started working.I no longer need to purchase a replacement controller because they are getting harder to find and are almost as expensive as Xbox One controllers, unless you buy one that is not an Xbox brand.

Xbox One Controller Charger, GAFA Dual Xbox One/One S/One Elite Charging Station with 4 x 800mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs for Two Wireless Controllers Charge Kit– Black Review:

An excellent charger, it seems. If the battery packs last, having charging connectors is convenient. Comes with 4 batteries, which is always a great touch, allowing you to use two of them for charging while using the other two for the controllers. A later update will depend on how they perform. It's a little disappointed that there is no charging brick included, but at least there is a cable. has a pretty small footprint, but it's also quite light, which isn't really a good thing because it could move when you pick up a charger.

Insten For Xbox 360 Wireless Controller 2 Pack Rechargeable Battery with Dual Charging Station Dock Stand Base (Power Kit includes 2pcs 2400mah High Capacity Controller Batteries and Docking Charger) Review:

performs as stated. I also charged a Nyko battery in addition to the two batteries that came with it. I am unable to test an original battery because I lack one. When charging, the lights turn red; when finished, they turn green. One thing to keep in mind when charging your batteries is that if you leave the charger on a carpet or bed, it will grow hot. Therefore, avoid doing this and charge your batteries on a table without a cushion, a hardwood floor, or a kitchen counter to prevent overheating. Really, I can't say anything terrible about this product.

Xbox One Controller Batter Pack, YCCTEAM Xbox One Controller Charger for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite Controller, Xbox One Charging Station with 2pcs 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery Review:

Summary Up Front:This is my second Xbox charger. This one is superior to the other because I can charge either the controller's battery or only the battery.Five stars are denoted by the good combination of price and functionality.1. Shiny and fashionable2. Charge a controller and two batteries simultaneously.3. Good battery; it allows me to play for a week (2-3 hours a day)4. The hub operates at a reasonable temperature and is not overly warm.5. Plug-and-play functionality6. Red charging7. Amber when fully chargedCons: 1. For greater flexibility, the USB charging cord should be a little bit longer.Various Remarks: 1. Showed there on time and performed as promised2. Installation went smoothly for me.3. Clear instructions that essentially eliminate the need for instructions4. Convenient to pack and transport on a vacation

OIVO Xbox One Controller Charger, Fast Dual Charging Station Updated LED Strap, Remote Charger Dock - 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs Included Review:

EDIT 2: I got my replacement, and it's functioning as it should! I'm grateful for the prompt replacement and the contact you made in order to address the problem with the original charging station. Note that this replacement is shown in the picture.EDIT: The product's customer service has been outstanding. They got in touch with me and are sending me a new charger as part of the one-year guarantee. I'm eager to get the new charger after reading other reviews and seeing images of it in use. I'll update once it arrives.ORIGINAL SUMMARY:I mistakenly believed I had purchased the item with the color-changing LEDs that indicated the batteries were charging. Instead, the LEDs remain green and it is difficult to determine if the device is charging or not. It was fine at first, but the battery didn't last as long as disposable batteries, but it was plenty for my needs, so I switched to the backup battery.The packets now only last an hour or less, on average, after around two months. They are nearly useless; I'm not sure if it's the pack or if I can't see if they are charging. I removed the packs from the controllers so they could charge independently, and in doing so, I was able to see a tiny blue light that was hidden by the controller. This has the drawback that it doesn't want to charge both at once.

CostBuy XBOX 360 Dual Charging Station Quick Charge Dock Kit + 2 X360 Rechargeable Batteries Review:

I got sick of paying so much for batteries and bought these for my son's Xbox. They will work as long as he really remembers to place them back on the charging station. Well-spent cash!!!

Xbox One Power Supply Brick, [Upgraded Version] UKor Xbox AC Adapter Replacement Charger Power Cord Cable for Microsoft Xbox One,100-240V Voltage Review:

Like you, I studied every evaluation of this power supply and was concerned about the trade-off between price and quality. Additionally, I used it heavily every day for a few months prior to writing this review, so I can vouch for its effectiveness.Other reviewers bemoaned the unit's noise output. I've been using the device for a few months, and during that time I haven't heard a single sound from it.Construction quality: I read a review that bemoaned the poor quality of the building work. Being really picky, I don't find anything wrong with the maker or the materials employed. I found the comparable while holding the old unit and this new replacement side by side. There is very little difference in the quality of the materials or construction.The only aspect of this power brick that could raise questions is the usage of a cable that is notably thinner or smaller gauge. It may have been altered to eliminate the need for a thicker cable, as stated in the product information, or they may have skimped on the copper wires to save money. (You'd have to find out what an engineer or electrician thinks.)However, despite this, I find that my continuously used Xbox One performs exactly the same.As far as I can tell, it works just as well as the original, thus I advise you to purchase this one rather than the more expensive versions. If one of my other Xboxes experienced another power supply failure, I wouldn't think twice about purchasing another one of these as a replacement. (Of the three Xboxes I own, the original power supply has now failed in two.)At this stage of the Xbox life cycle, all you need is a device that will last you for about a year before the next generation is released. Taking that into account, two of these are less expensive than purchasing an original used unit from GameStop.On Xbox, my name is Midnight562, so feel free to message me if you want my opinion or to find out how it's holding up. (I personally struggled to determine if the pricing was too low to be true, especially considering that several buyers had complained about noise difficulties.)

For Xbox 360 2 Pack Rechargeable Battery Pack with Dual Charging Station Dock Charger Stand Base Review:

This was among the best things I've ever bought for my son's XBox. He consumed AA batteries at an alarming rate. He appeared to be pleading for additional remote control batteries every time I went to the store. He experienced great lack since I was unable to recollect. I chose to give it a shot. I gave him the duty to keep them charged; if he forgets, he can't participate. Now it's his fault, not mine. I thank God! It also saves a ton of money.Regarding the product's specifics, the rechargeable batteries suit the remote controls flawlessly. Moving the remote would occasionally cause the AA batteries to lose connection. These rechargeable ones are snugly fitting yet still simple to put on and remove. A few days pass while the charge is on. He charges them overnight when they run low so that they are ready to use the following day. With this buy, I am quite happy.

OBVIS for Xbox 360 2 Pack Rechargeable Battery Pack with Dual Charging Station Dock Charger Stand Base (White) Review:

I bought these rechargeable batteries since I was always using packs of regular cells to power my Xbox controller. It attaches to the controller's back wonderfully. The charger has been working flawlessly so far. Simply plug it in and wait for the red to switch to green on the lights. It is incredibly simple to use.

Do wired Xbox 360 controllers need batteries?

No, wired Xbox 360 controllers do not need batteries. They are powered by the Xbox 360 console via the controller cable.

Do Xbox 360 controllers use USB?

Xbox 360 controllers use a proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology. They do not use USB.

Does Xbox 360 controller have a charger?

The Xbox 360 controller comes with a charger, so you don't need to buy one separately. The charger plugs into the controller and into the Xbox 360 console.

How can I charge my Xbox One controller without a charger?

If your Xbox One controller is running low on power, there are a few ways to charge it back up. You can connect it to your Xbox One console via a USB cable, use a power pack, or purchase a separate controller charging station. If you don't have a charging cable or power pack handy, you can also use AA batteries to give your controller a boost.

How do you charge an Xbox 360 wireless controller?

To charge an Xbox 360 wireless controller, you will need to connect it to the console via a USB cable. Once it is connected, the console will automatically begin charging the controller. The controller will take approximately two hours to fully charge.

How long does a Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack last?

A Xbox 360 rechargeable battery pack will last for around 30 hours. This will depend on the game that you are playing and the settings that you have your Xbox 360 console set to. If you are playing a game that requires a lot of battery power, then your battery pack will not last as long.