Best Xbox 360 Batteries in 2020

HQMaster 10 Pack Black Battery Cover Shell Case for Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Review:

All the rechargeable battery packs finally wore out on our old Xbox 360, and the kids had lost all of the old battery covers. These were a perfect find--$13.00 for 10 covers. I only needed four, but for some reason the best price out there when I purchased was buying 10--go figure.

Have not had a problem with a single cover--fit AA-batteries just like the OEM covers--nothing special about either the OEM or these knock-offs. This is purely a utilitarian purchase. Covers fit perfectly into controllers:no loose, rattling, (or even worse) dodgey power connections!

Excellent value!

YCCTEAM Xbox One Battery Pack,1200mAh Rechargeable Battery [2-Pack] for Xbox One/X/S/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller with 5FT Micro USB Charging Cable and LED Charging Indicator Review:

Bought this so I wouldn't have to keep buying AA batteries. The charging cable is well made and I like how the LED light shows you that it's charging or fully charged from the red and green LED indicators.

The battery pack lasts long after intense hours of gameplay and the best thing about this is that you get not one, but two battery packs. Charging cables, and back covers!

I would definitely buy this again!

Xbox Controller Charger, YCCTEAM Xbox One Battery Pack Rechargeable for Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One Elite Controller, Xbox One Charging Station with 2pcs 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery Review:

Exactly what's needed to avoid endless batteries replacements.
1. The controllers sit face up, making the charging station more stable. Most other chargers require the controllers to sit face down, making the mass center higher than it needs to be.
2. The indicators show clearly which controllers are full and which are still charging.

Cons (kind of):
1. The charging progress is not visualized, but I don't think there's any other charger that shows the actual charge percentage and it's absolutely not needed.
2. The cord is not very long and there's no wall charger (it comes with just the USB wire) - again, this is not an issue, since you can plug it into the USB port of the XBox! Even when the Xbox is off, this USB port still gets current, so it charges the controllers. So you don't need to plug it into an outlet, as long as you place the charger within about 2 feet of the Xbox.

Xbox One Controller Charger, Dual Charging Station for Xbox One/One S/One X, Come with Two 1200 MAH Quality Rechargeable Batteries Pack for Xbox One Controller (Xbox one Charger with Battery) Review:

I purchased this Xbox One controller charger after reading many good reviews, and so far, I have been happy with my purchase. Everything seems well constructed and the base is large enough to keep it from tipping over. I only have the one controller, but I place the second battery on the charger for when I need to replace the one I am using. I have verified one comment I read. When the Xbox warns me that my batter level is low, the battery dies in a very short amount of time. It doesn't give you much warning, but since I have the spare, it is just a quick change for me. The battery does fit very snug into the controller but is not super difficult to remove and replace. Overall, it seems to be doing well so far, and I have gotten maybe 4 hours of game time with a headset connected before I get the low battery warning. Maybe it's a little longer than that, but I have not just timed it. Overall, it seems to be doing what it is supposed to be doind.

2x White Battery Cover For Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Review:

I purchased a used Xbox 360 at a thrift store and the rechargeable battery packs it came with were dead and there was no charger for them included. Not knowing if the unit worked, I gambled and I wasn’t disappointed. Not knowing how well the controllers it came with worked, I ordered these based on price. They arrived the next day. Thought they are very light, they don’t feel all that cheaply made. They snap in place securely and match the unit very very well. If you play a lot, I recommend getting rechargeables, but you can’t beat the price and quality of these.

YCCSKY Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack 1200mah Xbox Play and Charge Kit with LED Indicator Light for Xbox One S/X/Elite Controller Review:

I was getting so fed up with normal AA batteries inside my controller that kept popping out so I bought these battery packs. They don't move around like normal batteries and fit the controller perfectly. I love the charging usb cable that comes with it as its a double ender
When charging the pack make sure you plug the charging cable into the port in the battery pack not the one in the controller. If the charging lead is connected correctly a red and green light on the battery pack will flash.

Y Team Xbox 360 Controller Charger, Xbox 360 Controller Battery Charger Kit, Dual Charger Charging Docking Station Kit for Xbox 360 360E 360S Controller with Two Battery Pack (Charger with Battery) Review:

i purchased this for my son to keep his xbox 360 remotes charged. he is 12 and is in love with his xbox 360 he is always on it and it is hard to keep batteries in his remotes i was literally going through at least a hundreds dollars a month in batteries every month for him alone and hes not the only one with an xbox in his room my daughter also has an xbox 360 but is not as into hers as he is. i have already saved a lot on batteries in just the week he has had it, now i just have to get him use to keeping his controllers on the charger so i can completely stop giving him batteries for his controllers.

Xbox One Controller Battery Pack, YCCTEAM 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery [2-Pack] for Xbox One/X/S/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller with 5FT Micro USB Charging Cable and LED Charging Indicator Review:

They charge fast and last a long time, my only complaint is that they're a little difficult to plug into the controller. You have to use so much force you almost feel like you're going to break it, so I keep mine plugged into the controller and charge it that way. Still much more convenient than the charging docks!

Xbox One Battery Pack Rechargeable, 2pcs 1200mAh Play and Charge Batteries for Xbox One S/X/Elite Wireless Controller with 4FT 2 in 1 USB Charging Cable and LED Indicator Review:

Pretty quick and easy to install. It fits both regular and Elite controllers. Charging the batteries the packs have their own ports to charge them with. You cannot charge these through the micro usb on the controller, you have to use the micro usb ports on the battery packs. Battery life so far holds well, haven’t had then randomly die out or anything.

Xbox One Battery Pack Rechargeable, YCCTEAM Xbox One Controller Charger with 2pcs 1200 mAh Rechargeable Batteries for Offical Xbox One/S/X/Elite Controller, Upgrade Integrated Rechargeable Battery Review:

Works great. Fully charged within just a few hours. Package comes with two rechargeable batteries plus a 2 in 1 USB cable (3 Feet long) that can charge two batteries at the same time, which is very convenient. As advertised, these battery packs are compatible with offical Xbox One/S/X/Elite Controllers. The price for these batteries are much cheaper and just as good as the original. ( They are all made in China anyway! )

Never run out of power again.