Best Woodwind Instrument Straps in 2020

Yinama Saxophone Neck Strap Soft Sax Leather Padded for Alto Tenor Baritone Soprano Review:

My son plays a saxophone and I had bought him a really nice neck strap that was cushioned and had a brass connection hook to match his brass sax, well it turns out that the brass hook constantly makes contact with his Yamaha saxophone, as hooks are going to do, and was literally scratching his saxophone. So I told him to get on Amazon and find what he needed, he ran across this one and saw that it said it had a protective sleeve over the hook so as not to scratch your instrument and he absolutely loves it, he says it's more comfortable and the hook no longer scratches his instrument so save your money especially if you have a nice expensive sax and don't go buy some fancy strap with a hook that does not have a protective sleeve over it. I would recommend this strap to any and everyone.
If I had to give one con it would be that when it arrived a couple of the seams didn't have thread that went all the way to the end of the material so 2 little Corners kind of stuck-up and was a bit scratchy on his neck but with a little bit of fabric glue I laid them down and it's been soft ever since. And this was probably just an isolated incident.

Other Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel hook, Black (1901162) Review:

It has unusually thick neoprene for the part that goes around the back of the neck, with a heavy nylon band on its outside, attached to a lighter nylon webbing that goes down to the hook. And the hook is a positive one that looks as though it won't let go of your precious instrument at some inopportune time.

Please note this can be had in three different lengths and with three different hook styles. I recommend this black plastic swivel hook with a positive spring-loaded closure over the open styles. And plastic over metal because bare metal will wear your instrument's clip ring over time. I have a 1928 tenor and the ring is worn to the point that it will need repair, from this friction. Apparently a former owner used a metal hook or clip.

I got the regular length and it has plenty of adjustment, which is important to me as I sometimes have to change instruments quickly. One show I played five different instruments although not all were saxophones requiring a neck strap. Anyway this is an excellent strap and I'm glad reliable Amazon carries it at a good price.

Padded Sheepskin Suede Saxophone Strap - Blue Review:

My son LOVES his Sheepskin Suede Saxophone Strap! It has greatly eased the irritation on his neck from the standard saxophone strap he was using before. He also likes that the color, dark blue, doesn't stand out and his saxophone looks like all the others in his section. This product is exactly as described.

Movo MS-20J-B Music Instrument Neck Strap for Saxophones, Horns, Bass Clarinets, Bassoons, Oboes and More (Blue - Medium Length) Review:

Very nice saxophone neck strap!

It is nicely padded so it will be comfortable around your neck.

It is easy to adjust and I love the fact that the part that hooks onto the saxophone
closes so it won't come off of the instrument when you are holding it on your lap.
Most straps have an open hook that easily slides off, this one has a spring loaded
clip. It will work for any type of saxophone or any other instrument that requires a
strap that clips on.

It is also stylish, I like the way the pad that goes around your neck is a bright color.

I've been playing saxophone for 40+ years and this is one of the nicest straps I've
seen. I definitely recommend purchasing this if you need a new strap or just want
something that won't dig into your neck while you are playing.

This product was provided at a discount in exchange for my honest review which is the
only type of review I will leave. There is no incentive to give a positive review nor a penalty
to leave a negative one. I only review products that I will use and have knowledge of.
I hope you found this review helpful. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have
about this product. Happy Shopping!! (-:

Neotech Soft Sax Strap - Swivel XL Review:

I am new to the sax and started with a cheap Glory tenor sax. The neck strap it came with was too short so I had to make a cord that extended the attachment point just to use it. It was also just a thin piece of webbing so not particularly comfortable. I also found it difficult to adjust the length.

I ordered this one based on those problems. I liked the idea of the wider foam section, the XL length, and the length adjustment looked better.

Having used it for about a month now I can say the neck strap is generally comfortable so that is a win. It is also long enough that I could remove the cord I added to the attachment point.

Where it fails is ease of adjustment. It is definitely easier to adjust than the cheap one that came with the sax, but I still find it difficult to make fine adjustments. Maybe with practice it will be easier but I think there are better mechanisms available.

I'm also a little nervous about the connector durability. It's some kind of plastic or nylon, which isn't totally bad but it seems a little small. I worry that over time it will wear out. Maybe I'm just paranoid though and it will be perfectly fine.

I would recommend it for someone who is tall because it is long and comfortable. I will likely use this for a long while unless I happen to find a recommend for something long, comfortable, AND easy to adjust.

Neotech C.E.O. Comfort, Black Clarinet Strap (2301192) Review:

I got this for my clarinet, because I was having wrist pain, and it has worked wonderfully! I have no more wrist/thumb pain when I play. In addition to that, the strap is cushy and comfortable on my neck.
The locking mechanism is good, but I move around when I'm playing, and prefer to have it unlocked so that I can adjust it.
Adjusting this is very simple, and really can be done with one finger! Just pushing the adjuster up or down changes the length.
For a normal clarinet it is not too short at all, except perhaps if you are 10 feet tall.
I wasn't sure about the tab and hook that attach it to the clarinet, but when it arrived, the tab fit perfectly over the thumb rest, and the hook slides in and out easily while staying secure when I'm playing.
While it doesn't look really fancy, it works very, very well.

Movo MS-20J Music Instrument Neck Strap for Saxophones, Horns, Bass Clarinets, Bassoons, Oboes and More (Black - Medium Length) Review:

No complaints. Fits great on my son's Jupiter bass clarinet that has one loop for attaching a strap. His previous bass clarinet had 2 smaller loops that were made for a strap with 2 hooks, so be sure that you are getting the correct type for your instrument.

He's 5'10" with a stocky build and this strap fits him comfortably, with room to make it smaller or larger. I think it would fit most teens and adults. The neoprene strap is very comfortable. He's only been using it for about a month, so I can't comment on how durable it will prove to be, but at this price point, if we get 6 months out of it, that would be fine.

Neotech Saxophone Strap Regular Swivel hook, Royal (1904162) Review:

It's a pretty good neck strap, well built and definitely strong enough to hold a sax comfortably, but I don't think the fit is best for me. The neoprene pad is a bit wide and the length adjustment piece is a little weird in that it is hard to adjust the strap while on the saxophone and around your neck. The problem is that its flat design causes opens the upper straps and causes them to flip and tangle as you adjust the length. And because the padding is wide I can't seem to find a comfortable position for it on my neck. Otherwise it's a good strap, thick straps and cushy neoprene padding.

After having found an old neck strap in my closet, I decided to give it a try and see if it was any better. The pad on my old neckstrap is thinner and lighter but after playing with it, I quickly realized the benefit of the Neotech strap. The lay flat design may be a bit more difficult to adjust, it helps to keep the plastic adjustor from resting against or hitting your body as you move your sax. I also didn't realize how much better the weight dispersion thanks to the large padding.