Best Wooden Colored Pencils in 2020

Prismacolor 92885T Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 36 Piece Review:

I bought this 150 set of Prismacolor pencils before about 2 weeks now and did some drawings .
so first of all it is AMAZING soft , blend easily and the result is great . about the breaking issue honestly I sharpened many colors of the set many times and it didn't break not even once .

a tip before you start using your set take a hair dryer and try to move the heat all over the pencils then leave them for 15 to 30 minutes to cool down . this way you will avoid any breaking issues while sharpening your pencils .

I definitely recommend prismacolor pencils for anyone who loves to draw

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 150 Pack Review:

I can't compare these to other higher quality pencil sets, this is about all I've ever used as they are the standard in the industry. Of course they do not come without flaws, #1 and most widely known is the breakage issue, the lead basically falls out if you sharpen them too much and before you know it your 7.5" pencil is 2" and you can no longer get a grip on it. There is a message under the FAQ section on the prismacolor website stating "If the core slides out of the pencil this generally means the core was not properly glued to the wood and returning the pencil would be advisable" Well heads up, returning them will not fix the problem, they all have this issue. I was aware of this problem before I bought them but I knew these pencils color so well it wasn't worth risking losing money trying a different brand, so I decided to manage. Well turns out there IS in fact a solution. The next day I went to my local art store and talked to a very knowledgeable employee who is owed a well earned pay raise for fixing this problem, she recommended a pencil sharpener made specifically for soft lead made by 'pro art'. I admit I did not have much confidence this would solve the problem but sure enough I got home and sharpened every dull pencil with no breakage. Best part is it only cost me $2.50. This is the pro art soft sharpener (picture below). Part # is above the bar code on the back & reads 'PRO 3083'. This is a MUST HAVE if you plan to purchase these as a regular sharpener just won't 'cut it' (haha get it?)
2nd gripe I have is with the organization, the flimsy plastic holders that hold the pencils slide the pencils out of order and make a mess. Of course I bought this for the pencils, not the container, but I did find, for me personally -and you may have a better idea- the best way to organize them was to simply rubber band the shades together. I separated the different colors (blue, green, red etc) then put black/white/silver/gold separate, gray tones separate and then skin tones (pinks and tans) separate since I frequently use those 2 sets in conjunction with one another. So far it's worked out very well. If you aren't mobile and have a work desk of course it would make more sense to have some kind of fixed holder.

As far as the pencils themselves, they wear very fast but they color and blend very well and that makes it worth the cost if you're serious about your work. They are waxy so they slide on the paper very naturally, I press down hard and they hold up pretty well without ripping through the paper. I used to love art growing up but the past 10 years my life has been work and problems and I got away from my one true talent. I hope if you're dreams are to become an artist you follow them, I regret not following mine but I'm trying to relearn all I lost.

4.5 stars!

Prismacolor 3596T Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 12 Count Review:

I am 200% amazed by the outcomes of these great colors. They are very easy to blend and layer. When I first opens the box, the pencils looked so ordinary that I was a little sad. But after I used them to do some work, they surprised me. The colors are incomparable to those cheap pencils I used to have. It seems that the pencil itself knows how to read my mind, lol! It works with me!
I don't have any broken lead issues at all. It was sitting on the platform when I got home. It was very hot from the hot summer weather. I put it in fridge for like 5 minutes before using it. It consumes fast, though. I need to constantly sharp it to get the wanted details. The Prismacolor scholar pencil sharpener is what I use to sharpen it. It works perfectly.
Here, I added a picture of a black kitty I drew on an A4 size sketch book. It cost me a little more than half an inch of the black color pencil.
I will definetly buy a delux of 150 colors later when I have more pocket money.
All in all, 5 stars! Highly recommend it!

Crayola Bulk Colored Pencils, Pre-sharpened, Back to School Supplies, 12 Assorted Colors, Pack of 24 Review:

Although we haven't used them yet, I purchased these colored pencils for a Bible journaling class we are going to have in the spring of 2020. We need to keep our costs low for supplies and a journaling Bible so everyone can afford the class. Have a nice option of these Crayola Pencils in so many colors in bulk was a nice option for me and they were so much more affordable than an art store.

AmazonBasics Colored Pencils - 24-Count Set Review:

UPDATE: I bought the second set of Amazon Basic Colored Pencils. At this point, I would have to say my favorite colored pencils are Faber-Castell Polychromos (oil based,) Colore' Premium Colored Pencils (oil based), Amazon Basics, and Schpirerr Farben Oil Based Soft Core - in that order. CONS: I ordered my sets on 01-27-19 and 02-02-19, the set is now selling for about $10 less than what I paid. I chatted with an Amazon customer support/representative about this and had the WORST experience I have ever experienced. My past interactions with Amazon customer support/representatives have nearly always been exemplary! Not so this time. PROS: I have ordered other Amazon Basic items and continue to do so because they have been decently priced and good-to-great quality. It is no different with these colored pencils. I have MANY different brands of colored pencils and these rank high, in my regard, and in comparable competition with many of the, longstanding "quality named brands." I continue to be delightfully surprised and pleased with these colored pencils. They lay down smoothly, blend well, have good color intensity, offer a wonderful selection of colors, and are well made. I will likely be buying a second set of these.

Colored Pencils Set for Adult and Kids - COVACURE Premier Color Pencil Set With 36 Colouring Pencils Sharpener and Canvas Pencil Bag for Kids and Adult Coloring Book. Ideal for Christmas Gifts Review:

I have not used colored pencils since I was kid. I researched five different brands on Amazon, all with varying prices, & had no idea there was such a vast difference in colored pencils. I've read that some pencils are to soft/waxy, while others require the user to have to press too hard in order to obtain good coloring. The reviews on this particular set seemed to bridge between those two different issues.

Firstly, I want to mention the travel canvas/leather wrap that these pencils are housed in. I LOVE IT! It conveniently keeps the pencils organized, & rolls up into a nice-sized parcel. Secondly, some reviewers have commented on the sharpener that's included in this kit. I have used it a few times, rounding it very slowly around the circumference of the pencil, & it works GREAT!

Lastly, for my purposes, the variety of colors included in this kit are adequate. However, some of the pencils do require me to push harder on them than others in order to achieve any depth of color, so there is some minor inconsistency there. This is why I gave it an overall rating of 4 stars. While I do have to push a bit harder with most of these pencils than what I would like, they are still achieving my overall purpose. I would rather have to push a touch harder, than have pencils that are too soft and break, which seems to be the issue with some other pencils. So on that note, this was a great purchase & I am satisfied.

FUNLAVIE Colored Pencils 24 Coloring Pencils Premium Art Drawing Pencil for Adults Coloring Book Review:

Hello Everybody.

This is just a perfect little set of colored pencils. Now, I was not a big pencil user. I was a marker gal. I have seen the light. (:-D)

This set comes in a very nice round, sturdy container with a lid. It's compact making it ideal as a take-along set. This set has "oil-based" lead in their color pencils. I purchased this set, because I was looking for a softer, oil-based pencil set. I can't say it any plainer, "This set is wonderful to use". The lead is very pigmented, and wonderfully soft, making it just incredibly easy to put color onto paper.

So, most of you are probably thinking that this set is too small to worry about. Please, look at what I've been able to achieve with them. I am not an artist, I just love colors, and coloring. This particular set has made me love colored pencils. The vibrancy is so bright that when I was coloring my first page, I was getting a lot of color while just barely touching the paper with the pencil. Normally I color with gusto, very heavy-handed, but I wanted to be able to show everyone how well they worked with the lightest pressure, and how intense the color got when I burnished. So, I've got a couple photos for you to look at. The first page is a little mermaid taking in a bit of sun. She has a stained glass styled background and she's holding her "trident" and sports a crown. (This page is from "Whimsical World" by Molly Blakemore.) I was using as little pressure as I could, and I was getting a LOT of color. I put 3 light layers into the "ocean" area, starting with the light green. Dark green, and the teal went on next, and I aded some light brown to the bottom. The mermaid herself got all of the blues and purples for her tail, her hair got 2 shades of brown. The rock she's sitting on is not black and white. This set has a beautiful darkest brown, and it worked perfectly for coloring and highlighting the rock that she is sitting on. The stained glass styled background got all of the colors that I did not use on the bottom of the page. I used every colored pencil on this page, all 24.
My next page is in considerable contrast to the mermaid page. This page is from "Yoga Lounge" by Vision Street, LLC. It is the first page in the book, so it was also the first page that I colored in the book as well. As you can see, I put my muscles to work. I started with the vase on the left, and I used that "color grouping" for the entire page. The set has a very nice flesh color, and the best blonde I've used so far. You see the blues, purples, reds are so VERY vibrant. When I felt I needed an additional color, I simply "stacked" my colors. Using this technique, I was able to make 14 additional shades to choose from. The background was done using only slight pressure. I overlapped the colors, making new ones. Quite the psychedelic trip, I must say.
I have also made a color chart where each color is burnished so that I can see the full intensity of the colors. I have also included on my color chart, the "recipes" for making the 14 additional shades.
My last page is the 2nd page in the "Yoga Lounge" book. You see 2 hands with a flower in the center, and a mandala, some stripes, and some dots. This page was done according to a challenge in one of my coloring groups. We were granted 9 colors, which we were given 1 day at a time, and we didn't know what the colors were to be. We were just to guess and jump in. The colors could have been markers, pens, colored pencils or watercolors, whatever we wanted. I used pens, water and alcohol markers, and 4 colored pencils. All of the pencils came from this set. (light gray, light peach, true green, and pumpkin orange.) You can see that the pencils blended in with the other media beautifully. The background was once again done using overlapping light layers of colors.

Okay, so what I have to say about these pencils...................... I say get a set. The vibrancy is so bright, and the lead is so soft that this set is very easy to color with.

The only thing I might mention, is that like all other softer leads, they can break while sharpening. Don't get frustrated. Just use a sharpener that is stationary, like a school sharpenpener, and the breakages are more infrequent. (This does not deter me from using them.)

As always, let me know if you found what I've said here helpful. If not, I want to know that to, always room to improve.


Crayola Colored Pencils, 36 Premium Quality, Long-Lasting, Pre-Sharpened Pencils Non-Toxic Colored Pencil Set For Adult Coloring Books or Kids 4 & Up, Great For Shading, Gradation, Line Art & More Review:

I purchased these colored pencils to do some coloring only to be informed by a 6 year old little girl that adults can't color. When she saw my box of colored pencils it gave her a fit of the giggles made her point at them then at me. While giggling she managed to tell me that I was to old to color and that she only had 5 pencils in her box.
Well suffice it to say she now has a box of colored pencils and I learned a valuable lesson that I'm to old to color unless I want to endure a 6 year old little girl laughing at me.
By the pictures I've watched her color in envy, the pencils work great.

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 24-Count, Assorted Colors (20517) Review:

I actually prefer these rather than your normal graphite pencil for sketching since I tend to draw darker and thus making an impression on the paper. These go on pretty light, and if you want something REALLY bold and dark you'd either had to switch to a real colored pencil or press down really, really hard.

However, I only gave it 4/5 stars because many of the eraser caps kept falling off because they were poorly secured in place. Also, they're erasable, but they still leave a trace of pigment behind that is similar to light sketches with the pencil which interferes with my work. I also found them hard to put back into their case as some of them didn't actually fall all the down to the bottom and poked out like a sore thumb.

This doesn't affect the performance of the pencils, but the box's image design looks like something from the early 2000's when VCRS and VHS tapes still existed. Couldn't hurt to update, could it?

Prismacolor 2428 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 36 Piece Review:

I have a complete set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils (150 set), but I find this set of Verithin indispensable for creating detailed art. The 36 set offers a great range of colors, and because of the transparent nature of the colors, you can layer colors to create texture. I like this set so much that I am actually using them more than my huge set of Premier pencils. The leads are thin & hard, and can go a long time without sharpening. So I find this to be a perfect set for traveling or sketching outdoors. There are really no other colored pencils I've tried that can do exactly what these do.

When you buy this you should also buy a Prismacolor blender pencil, or odorless mineral spirit. Those will make your drawings even more vibrant. I have to say these pencils re-ignited my love for drawing.

I use these with Sakura Micron Pigma drawing pens and Moleskine notebook.