Best Wood Polish in 2020

Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil USP, 1 Gallon, Food Safe Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil, NSF Certified Material Review:

Bottle came in with no leaks. Bottle was not filled to the top and I think people here think that means it is missing oil. I measured the liquid in a measuring bowl and found that I actually got a little more than a gallon even though the bottle had enough space for another 5 ounces. I think some people’s equate a bottle not being filled to top as not getting the amount they ordered. Packaging was fine, some bubble material and just a seal under cap. No problems with oil in box when I opened it. Used on acacia plank wood counter top and it did exactly what it is intended for. No complaints here. I am sure this bottle will last awhile, but when I am out I will be purchasing again.

Pledge Lemon Enhancing Polish Yellow,9.7 oz, 3 ct Review:

For as long as I can remember, my Mom or I, as an adult, have used Lemon Pledge for dusting and polishing the furniture. It works best on real wood furniture, rather than the newfangled, ready-to-assemble composite pieces. It shines without streaking and has the yummy lemon scent. I can't see any reason to try anything else when I know this works.

Howard Products FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner, Beeswax &, 16 oz, orange, 16 Fl Oz Review:

Wowza! I live in a 1931 home and my floors have been so so dehydrated. I didn't know exactly what to do and I thought oh I will have to hire someone and have them shine/wax/condition them and it all seemed like such a hassle. So I got on Amazon and looked up 'condition wood floors'. This is what came up as top rated, ordered two bottles used one. I'm amazed! In the past I have used other waxes and the floors would normally absorbed the product...look fine for less than 24 hours then, they would be back to looking dehydrated. I waxed them yesterday and they are still super hydrated. I'm totally in love with this product. From the reviews it said this product should be used every three months. So I will use it again then. I waxed and buffed the floors myself. Next time I do it I'll hire someone. My housekeeper. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But I couldn't stop. I was so so excited.
I apologized to my floors and promised never again will I let them thirst.

Pledge Multi Surface Antibacterial Everyday Cleaner 9.7 oz. Review:

Pledge Multi-Surface is a great product for dusting wood furniture without leaving residue. After using regular Pledge for years, my furniture was becoming streaky. We switched to this and it cleans and attracts dust without the buildup while leaving furniture shiny. It also works well on other surfaces, like formica, stovetops, cabinets, etc.

Old English Furniture Polish, Almond 12.5 oz Can Review:

This stuff smells amazing. It works well however I've noticed it has left some surfaces slightly dull or hazy looking which could be more of an issue with the finish on the surface and not due to this product but thought it may be worth mentioning. At the end of the day it's not enough to stop me from buying it again because I love the smell, the price is swell, and overall it seemed to work fine everywhere else I've used it.

Orange Glo 2-in-1 Clean & Polish Wood Furniture Spray - 16 oz - 2 pk Review:

I love this product and I feel for my needs it works bettter than the other cleaning/soaps I used before. I used this on a door that's over 50 years old in good shape but had lost it's luster. WOW that door came out like new! I am also impressed that it works without having to rub and polish as hard as I did with other products that didn't come out as nice. I am totally sold on this and gave my other products away cause I know I'll never use them again. Thank You Orange Glo!

Pledge Orange Enhancing Polish 9.7 oz, 3 ct Review:

I love the orange scented Pledge. It smells so good and does a good job at retracting the dust from my wood priducts. I also use it on my granite countertops and it makes my kitchen smell good for hours. It's a little more expensive than lemon Pledge but worth the money.

Pledge Lemon Enhancing Wipes 24 ct Review:

These are great for dusting our home. I like that they don't leave a mist of chemicals in the air; as the spray does. The scent is mild but, still lemony fresh. They wipe up quite a large area before needing to be thrown out. I use about 2 for my whole home and so a package lasts quite a while for us. It is great that the package is resealable so that the scent and wetness of the wipes doesn't dissipate over time. I have hung onto a package for about a year though and unfortunately they do dry out but, wetting them with the tiniest touch of water revitalizes them and you are good to go again. The item arrived quickly; within 3 days of my order being placed. The item was as described on the product page. The product was packaged well with large-sized bubble wrap surrounding the item; to ensure it arrived safely. The package was intact without any smashed corners, upon arrival.

Howard Products RF4016 Restor-A-Finish, 16 oz, Walnut Review:

We are redoing our master bath in a 1991 townhouse. All golden oak woodwork, everywhere. And the bathroom vanity is solid oak with space for two sinks. To replace it would have been custom cabinetry costing almost $1000. And probably not as good quality. I tested the finish, determined that it is varnish, and got to work. Using Restor-a-Finish is really easy. I wiped down the cabinets to remove dust and surface grime, applied the RAF as directed and went back over any rough areas with 0000 steel wool. It took about 45 minutes for the whole vanity and looked pretty good. Then the next morning, it looked fabulous. What goes on as a polish hardens into a glossy finish - some kind of magic! It looks like a new vanity. I did the drawers separately since they were in worse shape, and was able to finish areas that had never been finished. Even internal damage from water looked a ton better. I line them with plastic to keep them clean and avoid any stains.
Now I plan to get started on all the woodwork in my house - banisters, door frames, kitchen cabinets, the whole place. I actually did my initial testing inside the kitchen cabinet, and now I want them all to look this good.
Use disposable gloves and cotton shop cloths, and have a glass or disposable container to dip into. Toss all cloths and gloves, since they are flammable. But this was so easy and the results were better than they show online so you should not be nervous. Just match the color to your project and do a little test somewhere inconspicuous.