Best Windshield Wiper Tools in 2020

Dorman HELP Wiper Pulse Board 88136 Review:

Worked great to fix the windshield wipers in my '03 Sonoma when they stopped working except on high. I tried the internet suggestion of re-soldering the old one first without success, but this worked. The replacement was very easy, the fit was perfect and I am very happy that my wipers work again. I hesitate to give five stars only because there are some subtle differences in the way my wipers work now vs. the original equipment. Everything works, but there seems to be more of a lag when I turn on the intermittent settings, and I'm not sure all the speed settings I had before are still there - it's seems like there are fewer speeds available. That being said, the dealer quoted me $186 for the part. If that's the difference between this and more speeds, I am quite happy with the trade off. Don't get me wrong - there is still plenty of speed adjustment, just not quite as much as I had - I think.

Tatuo Auto Car Windshield Cleaner, 1 Pack Extendable Handle Window Cleaner Brush Kit Comes with 2 Packs Washable and Reusable Pads and 1 Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review:

 Very easy to use, length is adjustable, comes with extra shammy and blue microfiber towel. Helps make reaching a lot easier. Good quality!

Aebitsry Windshield Cleaner Tool,Car Window Windshields Washing Brush, Wonder Cleaning Inside Interior Auto Glass Wiper Kit with Extendable Handle, 2PCS Washable and Reusable Pads (Red) Review:

I hated cleaning the inside of my front windshield as it was so hard to reach. My car is small but reaching the lower part of the windshield killed my old arthritic shoulders. I usually ended up with horrible streaks that made driving into the sun a nightmare. With this product, reaching every part of the windshield is easy and almost effortless. It came with two microfiber mats and I used them both at once, one on top of the other. This gave the pad enough padding to full hit the curve of the glass. I used a liquid cleaner then a paper towel folded and just set against the now wet pad to dry it off. It worked perfectly and I am really happy.

FIRSTINFO Light Windscreen Wiper Arm Remover (Fit Opening Dimension:15.2mm) Review:

I have a 2005 Audi Quattro and needed to get the wipers off to clean out the plenum chamber. Unfortunately, most of these tools are too high to fit under the wiper that is closest to the hood hinge.

I took a chance and this worked great.

A couple of tips:
1. Use the wiper nut to guide and steady the tool's stud on top of the wiper stud.
Loosen the nut as far as you can without taking it all the way off, leaving one turn of thread.
With the nut still in place, center align the stud of the tool into it. it will keep it from slipping off the threaded stud.

2. Use a pair of pliers.
If yours are like mine, they will not come off without a fight. Chances are, you will not be able to turn the knob by hand. Not even if you're a guy with vice grip hands. :))
I'm a female and used a pair of actual vice grip pliers to gently turn the knob until the wiper arm was up under the nut. I then removed the nut and it was able to pry the wiper off. You might need a little add'l help from the tool...

I've had to do this procedure 3 times in a time span of 1 week [it's an AUDI, don't ask :)] and the tool is still in new condition.

Another bit of advice:
They've posted the relevant dimensions of the tool. Please measure your stuff before ordering. Giving it a negative review because you ordered the wrong size tool hardly seems fair.

AutoEC Auto Glass Cleaner Wiper Keeps Cars Vehicles Interior Exterior Windshields Windows Clean, Come with 2 Pads Washer Towel and 30ml Spray Bottle, Use Wet or Dry Review:

With newer cars being more aerodynamic reaching the inside of your windshield required long arms and a few sit ups if you intended on cleaning them thoroughly. This tool eliminates darn near all of this. Since the cleaning pad is a little thin try misting the glass then wiping rather than flooding the glass. This results in a much better result with less applications.

AutoEC Auto Car Windshield Cleaner, Extendable Handle Window Cleaner Brush Kit Comes with 4 Packs Washable and Reusable Pads(2 Wet Use 2 Dry Use) Review:

I originally gave this a one star because I only got one of the blue cloths. Customer service contacted me, apologized, and asked if I wanted a partial refund or a new one. I opted for a new one and a couple of days later, they sent me one. The product itself is pretty awesome. I have a fairly large SUV and I can reach the windshield (from the driver's side) all the way to the corner of the passenger side. I've washed both the red and blue cloths by hand and air dried them and they held up very well. I have not machined washed or dried them though (pet peeve of mine). The handle is very well made and has a slight give to it. This allows it to move with the windshield (no windshield is completely flat - so this is great). I have a fairly large glove box, so when folded, it fits easily inside. 5/5 stars for sure. I would highly recommend this product due it their excellent customer service and due to the product exceeding my expectation. Thank you. I will surly buy this again.

Windshield Window Cleaner Tool, Unbreakable Extendable Long-Reach Handle, Unique Pivoting Triangular Head, 3 Washable Reusable Microfiber Bonnets, Car & Home Inside Interior Exterior Use - Lint Free Review:

This cleaning tool has been great. It made short work of what used to be the fairly daunting task of cleaning the very front inside of the windshield. Unsurprisingly, it also does great on the hard-to-reach rear window.

There was a slight learning curve with it, but once I got the hang of it, everything has been great. To help any future purchasers, here are some tips I learned along the way:
1. After expanding, twist to lock it open. Sometimes it can be hard to twist the padded handle, so grab the end of the hard plastic.
2. Keep the point of the triangle facing away from you, and along the slope of the glass.
3. Front & back is far more effective than side to side (follow the point of the arrow)
4. Spray the front edges of the pad with cleaner to get the corners, rather than overspray all over the dash.

8MILELAKE 7pc Classic Vintage Car Molded Windscreen Removal Tool Set Review:

Just removed the rear windshield from my 65 Corvair using the kit. Wrong seal material had been used (harder than OEM)
plus gobs of silicone and gosh knows what else. Did it alone and between the knife, wire inserter and wire handles, it went pretty easy. The handles are really well designed and executed well enough. The wire inserting tool worked great, just have to be careful to go in at a shallow angle and not chip the glass. Would have been a 5 star but the wire said stainless and is square but broke easily. Piano wire (guitar B string) would have probably been better but 2 breaks is not too bad since the handles work pretty well. I'm experienced so didn't really overstress the wire, it was just weak.

ATG Universal Windshield Wiper Regroover from Perfect.Cut I Auto Windshield Wiper Cutter I Wiper Blades Repair Quickly and Easily I DIY Smart Repair and Car Accessories Review:

Personally I don’t get the negative reviews, I’ve used this thing on a honda, a Volvo, and a BMW, the windshield wipers are different but it worked perfectly on all and really did make the wiperblade smooth and remove the water cleanly. It did leave a little tip of rubber at the end but still renews the blade by cutting off the older worn part, a strip. I guess if you’ve never changed blades and your blade is dry rotting this won’t help. If your blades are worn and just not cleaning well this pays for itself in one use, follow instructions closely. Also blades have a 3 month use, don’t expect it to work on ones that are years and years old.

Windshield Wiper Regroover I Auto Windshield Wiper Cutter I Windscreen Wiper Blades Cutter Restorer New, Cars tools, Glass - Wiper Blades Repair Quickly and Easily I DIY Smart Repair Review:

Worked as advertised. First time use slot number 1, trims off the edge of the blade, new edge not worn out and almost like new. Extends the life of the blade. Once the new edge wears out, then use slot 2 to give another new edge. Once that edge wears out, then you need to replace the blade.